2012 Exhibitors:
Eric Adams (Lackluster World, Reflection) Cincinnati OH
Troy-Jeffrey Allen (The MOKA) Chevy Chase MD
Bryant Alvarez
Leslie Anderson (Maybe Too Metal / White Out) Newark OH
Jarod Anderson (Casting Shadows) Newark OH
Lara Antal (Tales of the Night Watchman) Brooklyn NY
Crystal Ash (Midnight Oil) Fairborn OH
Chris Arndt (Black Rose) Elkhart IN
Alex Barth (Big Daddy Press Presents) Sandusky OH
Glenn Baskin (80 Proof Comix) Lakewood OH
Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions) Hamtramck MI
Patrick Baumgardner (Liberty (Hells) Bell) Urbana OH
Derek Baxter (Drunken Cat Comics, Satan Halloween Spooktacular) Columbus OH
Todd Beistel (Yuri Gypsy Hunter) Columbus OH
Larry Blake (Psychozort, Kevin Cool) Reedsville OH
Pam Bliss (Kekionga Minicomics) Valparaiso IN
Craig Bogart (The Ineffables, Allied Powers, PANEL) Columbus OH
Troy Boyle (Pinnacle)  Elsmere KY
Verl Holt Bond (World Without Love) Kettering OH
Tressina Bowling (Hate Ink) Lexington KY
Brent Bowman (Panel) Columbus OH
Caitlin Boyle (Unicorn Mountain) Bethel Park PA
Lee Bradford (Cannibal Coalition) Muncie IN
Rachael Brady (Aloof Comics) Columbus OH (Sunday Only)
Travis Bramble (Side Quest Comic) Lake Orion MI
David Branstetter (Straw Man) Evansville IN
Matt & Jeanie Bryan (Moses & Bean, Mixed Feelings, Post -Apocalyptic Bake-Off, Fish, Veggie High) St. Louis MO
Diana Busby (Whistle Pig) Lansing MI
CCAD Explorer Post 407 (Post Impressions, Untitled) Columbus OH
Brian Canini (Ruffians, The Adventures of Plungerboy, Drunken Cat Comics, Satan Halloween Spooktacular) Santee CA
Mike Carroll (Accidentals, AsthmaAttack!, Cinemall 101 Presents) Columbus OH

Dustin Carson (No Gods) Lancaster OH
Chris Charlton (Assailant Comics) Cincinnati OH
Tom Cherry (Those Funky Idiots, Double Dip) Muncie IN
Bruce Chrislip Cincinnati OH
Ryan Claytor (Elephant Eater Comics, And Then One Day) East Lansing MI

Ray Coffman (Quarantine Comics, The Ashes of Araura, Ninja VS Samurai) Lexington KY

Jed Collins (Champ) Brooklyn NY

Comic Book Connection Initiative

 Leighton Connor (Laser Brigade) Cincinnati OH

Danny Cooper (Mutant Cactus, MC Comics) Grove City OH

Matt Corrigan (White Stallion Comix) Houghton NY

Nate Corrigan ( Augh!) Syracuse NY

Tim Corrigan (Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories) Fillmore  NY

Salim Cortes Miami FL

Megan Corby Roberts (Paper Flowers) York PA

Keith Cousineau (Unlikely Heroes) Columbus OH

Jeremy Creecy (Black Cats:  Paranormal Exterminators) Columbus OH

Kel Crum (Cornelia Cartoonz, Ed Thud Comix) Fairborn OH

Keith Cunningham (Stale Popcorn) Springboro PA

Shy Custis (Publication: 13crowns studio, Artbook Junk-o, Little White and Little Dark, 13crowns Collected Artists Vol. 1) Columbus OH

Frank Cvetkovic (Punch-Up, Skottie Rocket) Reynoldsburg OH

Kevin Czapiewski (Spoilers, Puppyteeth, The New Pushups) Willoughby Hills OH

Victor Dandridge (Vantage:Inhouse Productions) Columbus OH

Joe Davidson (Homegrown Alien) Ames IA

Paul Dobry (Side Quest Comic) Lake Orion MI
Greg Donchatz (Unlikely Heroes, Muchogusto) Columbus OH

Millard Draudt (Dog-Eared Cartoons) Columbus OH

Gabriel Dunston (FunnyThingComic.com) Greenville NC

William Echard (Black Cats:  Paranormal Exterminators) Columbus OH

Elyria Comic Book Initiative

Ken Eppstein ( Nix Comics Quarterly) Columbus OH

Mike Eshelman  Columbus OH

Matt Feazell (Not Available Comics) Hamtramck MI

Fred Frances Toledo OH

Andrew Fraser (Bridgette's Belly) Fort Wayne IN

Tim Fuller (Zombie Marge Comix Group) Cincinnati OH

Marnie Galloway (In the Sounds and Seas) Chicago IL

Melissa Spence Gardner (XO, Plink Comics) Madison WI

Jeff Gibbons (Pretty Jeff) Toledo OH

Gary Gibeaut (Mothman Museum, Five Star Comics, Guard Dawgs) Pt. Pleasant WV

Asif Gill (48 Days in Harajuku, Tokyo) Ann Arbor MI

Tony Goins (Downs, PANEL) Columbus OH

Todd Goodman (Old World Comics) Banner KY

Gene Green (MOKA podcast)

Steven Hager (Dutchy Digest) Emmaus PA

Terence E. Hanley (Mothman Coloring Book, Monster & Aliens of America Coloring Book) Athens OH

Jim Harris (Velvet) Cochranville PA

Nik Havert (Scared Ya!, Big Breasted Vampire Death, The 3 Keys) Nappanee IN

Alex Heberling (Alex's Guide to a Life Well-Lived) Columbus OH

Tara Helfer (Unicorn Mountain) Bethel Park PA

Taylor Hicks Columbus OH

Stephen Hines (Hocus Focus, Valedictorian USA, Clyde the Redneck) Troy OH

Heather Hively (Dots) Columbus OH

Doug Hufford (Yuri Gypsy Hunter) Columbus OH

Max Ink (BLINK) Columbus OH

Joel Jackson (Radio Free Gahanna, The Toyetic Adventures of Coco Fiasco) Columbus OH

Harold Jennett III (Creative Compassion Shelter, Variety Smack, Geek Syndicate, M.I.M.E.S.) Allentown PA

Stephen Janusz (The Creature Shop) Columbus OH

Elliott Junkyard (The Adventures of Vampire Kitty and Space Bat) Chicago IL

Josh Juresko (Bad Breath Comics) Portland OR

Indie Ladies Comic Anthology

PB Kain (Peeling Glass, Purge, Bat Boy, Soaked Moist Comics ) Dayton OH

Richard Katterjohn (UVN: Behind the Counter) Kenton OH

Dave Kelly (Tales of the Night Watchman) Brooklyn NY
Cara Kennedy Columbus OH

Ryan King (Stale Popcorn) Cincinnati OH

Matt Kish (Spudd 64, Moby-Dick in Pictures) Dublin OH

Nathan Kissel (Inkcells) Norwood OH

Blair Kitchen (ThePosum) Carlisle Ontario

Mike Kitchen (Spy Guy) Burlington Ontario

Brenda Kirk (Geektress) Columbus OH

Jack Knifely (Haunted) Columbus IN

Andy "Shaggy" Korty (The Manor) Delphi IN

Coey Kuhn (13crowns studio -- CoeyBook, LavaPunch 1 & 2, 13crowns Collected Artists Vol. 1) Columbus OH

Jon Kulczar (Wicket and Imp) South Bend IN

Ronald Lacour (Inkcells) Cincinnati OH

Kris Lachowski (Mean Goat Comics) Cleveland OH

Jon Michael Lennon (Product of Society) Montgomery IL

Sara Lindo (Carl Finds Love) Jersey City NJ

William Littlepage (a depression era reader) Henderson KY

Christiann MacAuley (Sticky Comics) Arlington VA

Phil Machi (Retail Sunshine)

James Maddox (Panned, Nightmare Unknown) Marietta OH

Mike Madsen (Space Ace) Toledo OH

Michael Marcus (IF-X ) Hamtramck MI

Mark Martel

Nancy McSwiney (Freelancer) Columbus OH

Christain MiKzie (Save the Man-Eating Arctic Unicorn, own MIA Word for the Wet, The Zombie Penguin Alphabet) Brownstown MI

Kenn Minter (Near Mint Press Books) Lexington KY

Brian John Mitchell (Lost Kisses, XO, Worms, Just a Man) Raleigh NC

Chris Monday (Drink More Water) Columbus OH

James Moore (Radio Free Gahanna) Columbus OH

Joseph Morris (TORC Press) Clay City IL

Shawn Padraic Murphy (Padraic Productions--The End, Displacement) Columbia MD

Steve Myers (F.E.D.S.)
Sandusky OH

Dara Naraghi (PANEL anthologies, BigCityBlues) Columbus OH

Mari Naomi (Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22) San Francisco CA

Michael R. Neno (The Signifiers) Columbus OH

Maryanne Papke (Ghost Castle) Columbus OH

Brandon Peat (Black Rose) Fort Wayne IN

Leo Perez (Product of Society) Montgomery IL

Steve Peters (The Comicverse) Willow Grove PA

Cody Pickrodt ( TBA) Levittown NY

 Morgan Pielli  ( Indestructible Universe Quarterly) Brooklyn NY

John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics and Stories) South Beloit IL

Elaina Porter (Little Fencer) Springfield IL

James Porter ( A Head In Life) Springfield IL

Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole, Sounds of your Name, Please Release, Walkie Talkie) Bloomington IN

B. A. Richardson Columbus OH

Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) Hagerstown MD

Marcus Rollie (Liberty (Hells) Bell) Urbana OH

Bruce Rosenberger (Dutchy Digest) Hellertown PA

Donovan Scherer (Fear & Sunshine) Kenosha WI

Tom Scioli (Godland, Unmortals:The Myth of 8-Opus, American Barbarian) Pittsburgh PA

Steve Seck (Steve Seck's Life is Good) Jersey City NJ

Chad Sell (Manta-Man, Shadow Play) Ann Arbor MI

Ian Shires (Obscurity Unlimited, Mysterious Visions, Dungar) Madison OH

Eric Shonborn (Carpal Tunnel) Dayton OH

Lee Smith (Ohio Chronicles) Columbus OH

Rick Smith (Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery) Shaker Heights OH

Shawn Scott Smith (Daytime Ghost Hunter) Asheville NC

Danny Sosa Kenosha WI

Beth Sparks (Digital Native) Lansing MI

Talcott Starr (Rescue Archaeology) Columbus OH

Dean Stahl (Headlocks and Headaches) Mason OH

John Steventon (Knight & Day) Westerville OH

Justin Stewart ( Pop Stew Comics) Nicholasville KY

Kristina Stipetic (14 Nights) Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Chad Strohl (Did Somebody Call for a Hero / New Comic Day) Moxahala OH

Stephen Strohmenger ( Lemonslug comics )

Sunday Comix  Columbus OH

Dan W.Taylor (Weird Muse Productions) New Lebanon OH

Evan Thomas (Freelancer) Columbus OH

Ben Thompson (NoRightsProductions.com) Mansfield OH

Ray Tomczak (Wasted Potential) Columbus OH

Aaron Trudgeon (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) Centerline MI

Carol Tyler (You’ll Never Know Book Two: Collateral Damage, Late Bloomer) Saturday only

University of Cincinnati DAAP Comics Studio Class Saturday only

Katie Valeska (The Little Monsters EP)

Bill Volk (Stranger Knights) Sewickley PA

Eric Watkins (Chosen & Forsaken) Marietta OH

Paris Watkins (Spangler) Hazel Park MI

Derek Watson (Mutant Cactus, MC Comics) Grove City OH

Thomas Williams (Comic Book Tattoo, Hide, Lifelike, SPB:Rise!, No Dead Time) Columbus OH

Katherine Wirick (No One Is Safe) Athens OH

Jessica C.White (Daytime Ghost Hunter) Asheville NC

Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn) Dayton OH

M Young (The Kindlin' Quarterly) Yellow Springs OH

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues, Vugz, Oh,Comics!) Columbus OH



  Now in it's 13th year, S.P.A.C.E. is the midwest's largest exhibition of small press and creator owned comics. Sponsored by Back Porch Comics, the show's held in Columbus,Ohio.  

Next Show:
April 13 & 14, 2013

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SATURDAY 10am - 6pm
SUNDAY 11am - 5pm

DAY: $5
weekend pass: $8

discount passes available.




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