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F.L.O.C. (Feelin' Left Out Con) Tee Shirts

are now available.  All the proceeds from the shirts will be donated to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.
If you didn't  attended the FB cyber con back on March 13 to March 15 you can still see it at the link below. Alot of great comics artwork and demos.

Shirt prices includes shipping and handling.

Small $15.00

Medium $15.00

Large $15.00

X-Large $15.00

Oh,Comics! #27 Moon

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing we bring you 20 stories featuring the Moon!

Featuring the work by Pam Bliss, Billy McKay, Matt Feazell, Matt Levin, Carlos Rivera, Joel Cramer,

Troy Vevasis, Aleksander Jovic, Brent Bowman, Ross Wood Studlar, Flor de Canela, Max Ink,

Michael Carroll, Brian Canini, Kel Crum, J.M. Hunter, Steven Myers, Drew Scheeler, Sue Olcott,

Dale Martin, Canada Keck, Jonathon Riddle and Bob Corby.

A whopping 108 pages! $6.95 including postage.


E.D.C.L vs Stupidity

The Easily Drawn Character League faces their toughest battle ever as they try to free the country

from the grasp of stupidity! Can they prevail before the lattes run out? 12 page full color minicomic.

$2.50 including postage.



Oh,Comics! #26 “Money”

The annual small press anthology featuring evil rooted world going round tales by Billy McKay, Matt Feazell, Jim Mackay,

Troy Vevasis, Aleksandar Jovic, Sami Marshal, Ray Tomczak, J.M Hunter, Brent Bowman,

Steven Myers, Matt Levin, Kel Crum, Pam Bliss, Sue Olcott, John C.

Bruening, Michael C Carroll, and Bob Corby with cover by Brent Bowman.

 72 pages. $6.95 including postage.

Oh,Comics! #25 “Monsters”

The annual small press anthology featuring monstrous tales by Billy McKay, Troy Vevasis, Aleksandar

Jovic, Steven Myers, Matt Levin, Kel Crum, Pam Bliss, Sue Olcott, Dale Martin, Canada Keck, John C.

Bruening, Michael C Carroll, Ben Small, John Pirog, Jonathon Riddle and Bob Corby with cover by Billy

McKay. 90 pages. $6.95 including postage.

OH,Comics! #24 "Machines"

13 mechanically enhanced tales by Sue Olcott, Matt Feazell & Jim Mackey,  Kel Crum,
Steven Myers, Kate E. Lore, Michael A. Carroll, Alu-Marr, Steve Peters, Troy Vevasis,
Aleksandar Jovic, Dale Martin, Canada Keck, Pam Bliss, Brent Richardson and Bob Corby.
Cover by Ben Small 74 pages $8.95 including postage

Amazing Tales of Entropy

A collection of science fiction and fantasy stories by Bob Corby.  This collection includes Gremlin,
 Fire Fang, Abacus, Mr. Flower Pot, The Devil & Mr. Rifft and many other short stories that appeared
in a number of anthology comics over the years.  182 pages. $8.95 including poatage.

Sample Pages


Now Available


Oh,Comics! #23 “Music”- The 2015 edition featuring comics by Bianca Alu-Marr,
Steve Peters, Craig Bogart, Pam Bliss,
 Matt Levin, Kate E. Lore,  Jared Wenzel,
Erik McAlister, Steven Myers,
 Michael Anthony Carroll,  Kel Crum, Ben Small,
Troy Verasis, Tanmoy Das, Nick Schley and Bob Corby.


Leaves by Bob Corby

The Leaves volume collects all six issues of the Bunny Blues / Leaves and many short stories that appeared in Oh,Comics! Leaves is a romantic comedy / road trip comedy chronicling the lives of Mike Blues, a formed private detective, Kit Jones, the women he secretly loves and Marcel, who's only there for comic relief. 190 pages. $7.95 Including postage.

Oh,Comics! #22 "Time"

15 time-based strips by Craig Bogart, Tony Goins, Kel Crum, Bianca Alu-Marr, Steve Peters, Matt Feazell, Ben Small, Derek Baxter, Brian Canini, Michael A. Carroll, Pam Bliss, Steven Myers, Dale Martin, Sue Olcott, Matt Levin Brent Bowman and Bob Corby. 84 pages. $6.95 including postage.




Bunny Blues / Leaves #6 -the final chapter of the mini-series!  Now available .
 24 page digest only $2.00 including postage.

  All 6 issues of Bunny Blues / Leaves are available for just $9.00

Charge- 3 science fiction stories about robots and an one about some nonsense.
24 pages digest with a hand printed linocut cover $3.50.

The 10th Anniversary Printing of Why I'm Not Musical. 20 pages completely done in hand printed linocut.
Magazine size signed and numbered $10.00.


Oh,Comics! #21 "Magic"

The 25th anniversary  edition featuring
Blink: Oh, the Magic of Musicals by Max Ink
 First Lady in The Magic Spear by Steve Myers
The Box Elder by Canada Keck
Do You Believe in Magic? By Matt Levin
 Montag the Magnificent By Jonathon Riddle
Clark’s Third Law by Pam Bliss
A Cornelia Story by Kel Crum B.O.W.  Ninja Wizard Smackdown by Michael Carroll
Onion City by Sue Olcott

Bunny Blues: Marcel, the Amazing by Bob Corby
and a great cover by Pam Bliss
60 pages $6.00 Postage Included


Lump of Coal #6

The 2012 edition of the anthology of holiday stories with an attitude.
Just in time for stocking stuffing. The 4-1/4" X 5-1/2" minicomic fits easily in most stockings.
Brought to you by Art Explorer Post 407.
All the proceeds form this book will be used to buy art supplies and to fund trips for the post.
24 interior pages $1.50 (postage included)

LOC # 6 will also be available at fine comic shops in the Columbus area.


Oh,Comics! #20 "Air"

This years edition of the annual Small Press Anthology finishing the elements run with "Air". Featuring 14 strips by David Baxter, Pam Bliss, Mike Carroll, Brian Canini, Kel Crum, Robert Gavila, Canada Keck, Sue Lenses, Matt Levin, Steve Myers, Steve Peters, D. Skite and Bob Corby. Cover by Max Ink. 82 pages $5.00. Available on  CreateSpace and Amazon.

Vugz: Fragments

A collection of all the Vugz strips from the SPACE Anthology and Oh,Comics! Printed in full color for the first time including a painted version of the SA12 strip. 20 pages $2.50 postage including. FULL COLOR!


Now available as a TPB! on Amazon & and digital on Kindle

It's free in the Kindle Lending Library if you are signed up for Amazon Prime



X MSU Comics Forum East Lansing MI Februray 21 & 22, 2020

X Indie Comics Fair Columbus OH  March 7, 2020

Kentucky Fried Zine Fest Lexington KY April 11, 2020 (postponed until fall)

Gem City Comic Con Dayton OH April 25 & 26, 2020

Free Comic Book Day- Laughing Ogre Columbus OH May 2, 2020

Zinecinnati Cincinati OH May 23, 2020 (postponed)

Kenton Comic and Toy Fest Kenton OH June 13, 2020

Tiny Papers Gahanna OH June 2020 (canceled)

 SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) Columbus OH July 11 & 12, 2020

Art on the Lawn Yellow Springs OH August, 8 2020

CXC (Cartoon Crossroads Columbus)  Columbus OH October 1 to October 4, 2020 (tentative)

Yo-Ice Youngstown OH October 10, 2020

Ratha Con Athens OH October 17, 2020

Champion City Comic Con Springfield OH October 2020 (tentative)

Genghis Con Cleveland OH November 29, 2020 (tentative)

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