All minicomics are traditional 4-1/4" X 5-1/2" size. All by Bob Corby.
Why I'm Not Musical

  A childhood auto-biographical story which answers the musical question. Original artwork was done in linocut. Color! 20 pages $2.00

Por Que No Soy Musical

Spanish version of WINM.
Color! 20 pages $2.00


A Tribute to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” The painting which appears in the background of this comic is a copy of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” which I painted in high school back in 1973. The cover is a block print of a detail of the painting which was executed in 2005. Color! 16 page mini with hand printed block print cover. $2.00

Las Estrellas

Spanish version of Stars.

Garnet & Ruby

Post-Apocalyptic tale crafted from words suggested by social media friends.
16 interior pages Color!

Granate & Ruby

Spanish version of Garnet & Ruby $1.50


A 24 hour comic about alternative worlds, bad poetry and packing peanuts.
comes with an apology pre-printed on the cover. 24 interior b&w page mini-comic.


The failed 24 hour comic. The complete story with a block printed cover. Bill is a hard working grad-student. See what happens one evening when he comes home for a surprise visit. Linocut cover. 24 b&w page mini comic. $2.00

Not a Clue?

Calling people out.  Done for a zine excange. Single panel gags and (holy crap) Poetry? Parental guidence suggested. Horrible ink linocut cover. Only 8 freakin' pages! $1.50


A collection of 5 Un-offical Minicomics Day minicomics. Mostly Easily Drawn Character League stories because hey they're easy to draw. 40 b&w  pages. Linocut cover comes in yellow or orange. $2.50

Pig Thief

Auto-bio story of two character forming incidents from kindergarten.
Color. 12 pages. Linocut cover. $2.00


Comics interpetation of Emile Pierre Branchard's painting "Moonlight" done for the Comics vs. Art exhibit in 2017. Color. 4 pages. $1.50

E.D.C.L vs Stupidity

The Easily Drawn Character League faces their toughest battle ever as they try to free the country
from the grasp of stupidity! Can they prevail before the lattes run out? 12 page full color minicomic.

Randolf the Run-down Reindeer

A collection of strips featuring Randolf a slacker reindeer Santa's sled wanna-be.
20 b&w pages. $2.00


A little 16 page experimental mini. B&W. $1.50

BPC Minicomics Special!

8 of my best selling minicomics in one package. Includes Why I'm Not Musical, Stars, 342, Pig Thief, Minicomics, Not a Clue (parental guidence  required),Garnet & Ruby and  E.D.C.L. vs Stupidity. Some of the books have linocut covers and color interior pages  

$9.95 including postage.