The Howard E. Day Memorial Prize

The Day Prize has become part of the Joe Shuster Awards

It’s good to see that the Day Prize will continue and the memory of Gene Day will be preserved. Good luck to all who enter and thanks to Dave for bringing the Day Prize to SPACE for all those years.


About the Day Prize

The 2007 Day Prize Winner is...

Mr. Big
 by Matt & Carol Dembicki

Available at
Little Foot Comics
3148 Hartwick La.
Fairfax VA 22031
 Congratulations Matt & Carol!


2007 Day Prize Short List

The winner of the 2007 Day Prize will be announced in February. A copy of any of the Short List books is available from the respective publisher  for the price listed below.  The prices include postage.

Skull Pen #1
in absentia press
Robert James Algeo
P.O.Box 18034
Philadelphia PA 19148


Mr. Big
Little Foot Comics
Matt & Carol Dembicki
3148 Hartwick La.
Fairfax VA 22031
$12.00 each


W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G Techinical Pamphlet
Ed Piskor
4106 Fairfield Ave.
Munhall PA 15120


The Ineffables: Political Science
Mystery City Comics
Craig Bogart
2714 Ruhl Ave,
Bexley OH 43209


Victims at the End of the World
Pretentious Comics
Rickey Gonzales
PO Box 14376
Chicago, IL 60614

Day Break Vol.1
Brian Ralph
45 River Dr. South Unit 1515
Jersey City NJ 078310

Junior Day Prize Recipients

The Adventures of Marky
Madison Shires (age 6)
Dimestore Productions
1884 Meadows Rd.
Madison OH 44057

Zack Flippo’s Monster Bomb
Zack (age 10) and Terry Flippo
20 S. Breezewood Ct.
Mt. Airy MD 21771


Dave Sim has reviewed the 2007 Day Prize entries on his blog. Book title and date reviewed indicated below.

PLASTIC FARM volume one, SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL by Rafer Roberts11/20/07

19TH CENTURY DETECTIVE: Book #1 THE GRAYBRIDGE TERROR and Book #2 AN INSANE ARMY by Larned Justin 11/20/07

L'IL DUDE by Randolph Gray II 11/21/07

CHEETAH STORY & NEW VENUS by Kris Lachowski 11/21/07

BACKSEAT DRIVERS  by Clint Basinger11/21/07

SAKI THE PANDA #2 & 3 by Stephen Polczynski 11/21/07

"Possum At Large: The Origin of Flyboy" in OMNIBUS #2 by Chad Lambert 11/21/07

"Bliss" in Digital Webbing Presents #16 by Chad Lambert & Amanda Morley 11/21/07

"American Patriot: The Enemy Within" in HOPE NEW ORLEANS by Chad Lambert & Ryan Scott 11/21/07

OZARK MEAT #1 by Christopher Dunsmore 11/22/07

RUFFIANS #6 by Brian Canini 11/22/07

RACECAR by Matt Dow 11/22/07


DAYBREAK Vol. 1 by Brian Ralph 11/22/07

MySpace & THE W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. TECHNICAL PAMPHLET by Ed Piskor 11/22/07

PANEL 9 FROM OUTER SPACE by Andy Bennett, Steve Black, Craig Bogart, Tim Fischer, Tony Goins, Tim McClurg, Sean McGurr, Dara Naraghi and Tom Williams 11/23/07

MINI RING KING by Sean  McGurr, Tim McClurg and Steve Black 11/23/07

FL!PPED: JOURNEY TO SPACE by Terry Flippo  11/23/07

ZACH FLIPPO'S MONSTER BOMB by Zack Flippo 11/23/07

BREAK-UP BOTS by Robert James Algeo 11/23/07

VICTIMS AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Rickey Gonzales  11/23/07


WEIRD MUSE MINI COMIX by Dan and Carrie Taylor 11/24/07

A STOOPID PIGEON TREASURY by Brett Neveu and Richard Sparks 11/24/07

HOME by Jason Butler 11/24/07

Mr. Happy Pants by Tony Miello 11/24/07

GAPO THE CLOWN by Tony Miello 11/24/07

THE ADVENTURES OF MARKY #1 by Maddie Shires 11/24/07


POWER MOVES #1 by Paul Sloboda 12/3/07

S.P.B.:RISE by Tom Williams 12/3/07

BURNING BUILDING COMIX #1 by Jeff Zwirek 12/3/07

SUPER IFFY – MYSTIC FIST & THE MIGHTY OM ROD by Yuri Duncan and Micah Hornung 12/3/07

SIHM by Maria "Wakka" Ciccone 12/3/07

SPINDLETONS by  Josh Johnson 12/4/07

SPADEFOOT #1 by Matt Dembicki, Andrew Cohen and James West 12/4/07

SLAM BANG #2 Vol. III edited by Allen Freeman 12/4/07

SAFEWORDS 2007  by Brendan Firem, Hodges and Carey Maynard, David Watt, Giles Johnson, Jennifer Gordon, Jay Fife and David Watt 12/4/07

ZYGOTE IN MY COFFEE #3 by Amane Kaneko 12/4/07

LOOKING OUT TOWARD THE SEA by  Michael Wood 12/4/07


PANEL TRAVEL FALL 2005 by the Panel Collective 12/4/07

ZEPHYR & REGINALD MINIONS FOR HIRE by Gynn Stella and Rick Silva 12/5/07

ACT OF CONTRITION by Nik Havert, Wes Sweetser and Craig DeBoard 12/5/07

"Depression" in POTLATCH PROJECT #6 by Chad Lambert, Amanda Morley and Jaymes 12/5/07

"Possum at Large: the Broken Record" in POTLATCH PROJECT #6 by Chad Lambert and Joe Gravel 12/5/07

LACKLUSTER WORLD by Eric Adams 12/5/07

MR. BIG by Matt and Carol Dembicki 12/6/07

HATE YOUR FRIENDS  by Kristin Blank and drawn by Michael Wood 12/6/07

T'DIRK TODURKEY by  Nate Higley  12/6/07

SYMPHONY OF THE UNIVERSE Book 1, Chapter 1: "The Mad Prophet" by Molly Durst 12/6/07

Day Prize 2006