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2015 Exhibitors (to Date):
new since last update

Sherief AbouElSeoud (Two for One Comics) Holt MI
Eric Adams (Lackluster World) Fort Thomas KY
Casey Anderson (Wafflecus, Champion of Breakfast) Bellefontaine OH
Leslie Anderson (Maybe Too Metal / White Out) Newark OH
Jarod Anderson (Casting Shadows) Newark OH

Steven Arenius (The Panoptic Press) Webster NY

Juan Argil Columbus OH

Art Academy of Cincinnati
Max Bare (Mystery Afoot) Chicago IL

Glenn Baskin (80 Proof Comix) Westlake OH

Jeremy Baum (Postland, Extravagant Traveler) Pittsburgh PA
Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions) Hamtramck MI
Derek Baxter (Drunken Cat Comics, Daily Shots Columbus OH
Larry Blake (Psychozort, Kevin Cool) Reedsville OH
Pam Bliss (Kekionga Minicomics) Valparaiso IN

Cassidy Bogart (TBD) Columbus OH

Craig Bogart (Cosmo-Simian) Columbus OH

Hannah Bogart (TBD) Columbus OH

Sequoia Bostick Cleveland OH

Brent Bowman (PANEL anthology, Persia Blues) Columbus OH

Jess Boudrie (Dax) Newport MI

Lee Bradford (Cannibal Coalition) Columbus OH

Mandie Brasington (Obsessive Comic Dames) Minneapolis, MN

Glenn Brewer Columbus OH

Nora Burghardt Bethesda MD

Ryan Burns (RUN Comics) Chicago IL

Mike Burridge (Truth Dart) Detroit MI
Mathew Calvert (When the Heart Betrays the Blood) Delaware OH
Brian Canini (Drunken Cat Comics, Ruffians, Mixed Drink Wednesday) Columbus OH

Mike Carroll (Accidentals, AsthmaAttack!, Cinemall 101 Presents) Columbus OH

Kirk Carter (Life Was Hard, You Can't Do That With Comics) Christiansburg VA

Caitlin Cass Buffalo NY

King Chan (Zombie Overkill Death Squad) Mansfield OH
Bruce Chrislip (Some New Mini-comics) Cincinnati OH

Ryan Claytor (Elephant Eater Comics, And Then One Day) East Lansing MI

Nikita Coleman Columbus OH
Columbus College of Art &Design

Marie Condenzio (Brutal, Bad Grammar) Baltimore MD

 Alexis Cooke (Obsessive Comic Dames) Minneapolis, MN

Megan Corby Roberts (Paper Flowers) York PA

Joel Cramer (Adventures of Honzy and Joel) Galloway OH

Kel Crum (Cornelia Cartoonz, Ed Thud Comix) Fairborn OH

Shy Custis (GoreBook,GhostBook,Breadcrumbs) Columbus OH

Victor Dandridge (The Samaritan, Origins Unknown, The Trouble w/Love, Wonder Care) Columbus OH

Kenton Daniels Pataskala OH

Jason Davis (Not Dark Yet) Tollesboro KY

Samuel Dealey (Woohooligan) Dayton OH

Amalia DeGirolamo Cleveland OH

Matt Dembicki (Wild Ocean) Fairfax VA

Sean Dempsey (Illustra-Sean) Chicago IL

J.T. Dockery (Despair)

Molly Durst (Symphony of the Universe) Columbus OH

* Nick Dutro  (Multi-) Tiffin OH

Kevin Eckert (Truth Dart) Detroit MI

Terry Eisele (With Only Five Plums) Columbus OH

Ken Eppstein ( Nix Comics Quarterly) Columbus OH

Mike Eshelman (DuskBunnies Comics) Columbus OH

Matt Feazell (The Amazing Cynicalman) Hamtramck MI (Now for Full Two Day!!!!)

Janusia Figueiredo Cincinnati OH

Fred Frances (Cowboy House) Pittsburgh PA

James Ford (Womb Mates) Hartford, WI

Jason Ford (Womb Mates) Hartford, WI

Tim Fuller (Zombie Marge Comix Group) Cincinnati OH

Rodney Fyke (Peanut, Puddin' n' Jelly) Independence KY

Marnie Galloway (In the Sounds and Seas) Chicago IL

Jeff Gibbons (Cowboy House, Helper Bot, Pretty Jeff) Pittsburgh PA

Dustin Goebel (Beyond Dead) Columbus OH

Sophie Goldstein Pittsburgh PA

Jack Gonzalez (Out Of Time Studios) Chicago OH

Todd Goodman (Old World Comics) Banner KY

Sami Gyekye (South, North, Whatzis?, “Untitled") Columbus OH

Steven Hager (Dutchy Digest) Emmaus PA

* Terence Hanley (Monsters & Aliens Coloring Book, Five Star Comics) Athens OH

Tom Hart (The Sequential Artists Workshop) Gainesville FL

Alex Healey (Dawn) Cincinnati, OH  

Dave Hearn (Empire Comics Lab) Hilliard OH

Robert Hendricks (Stranger Two Stranger) Haslett MI

Ian Higginbotham

Missy Hines (Sawdust & Paint Splatter) Troy OH

Stephen Hines (Hocus Focus, Valedictorian USA, Cracker Stacker, Zombie Fabulous) Troy OH

Daniel Hogan (Clattertron) Lansing MI

Liz Holzer (PockWasHere) Columbus OH

Travis Horseman (Amiculus: A Secret History Volume I: Roma Aerterna)Columbus OH

Matthew Houston Columbus OH

JM Hunter (Outhouse) Washington Il

Max Ink (BLINK) Columbus OH

Joel Jackson (Radio Free Gahanna, The Toyetic Adventures of Coco Fiasco) Columbus OH

Canada Keck Columbus OH

 Pat Kain

Richard Katterjohn (UVN: Behind the Counter) Kenton OH

Gideon Kendall ( Whatzit ) Brooklyn NY

Kilgore Books & Comics (Blammo, Root Hog or Die, I Hope This Finds You Well)  Denver CO

Jeremy King (Not Dark Yet) Tollesboro KY

Matt Kish (Spudd 64) Beavercreek OH
Andy Korty

Clare Kolat (Spiffy the Spacegirl) Lakewood OH

Coey Kuhn (GoreBook,GhostBook,Banquet) Columbus OH

Seth Kumpf (Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy) Springfield
Joe Kuth Emberley Galaxy

Kris Lachowski (Mean Goat Comics) Cleveland OH
Chad Lambert (Old School Comics) Hamilton OH (Sunday Only)

Patrick Lay (Multi-) Tiffin OH

Juan Lara (Robot Bully) Columbus OH

Josh Lindner (RealWorld Dropout) Mason OH

Kat LoGrande Streetsboro OH

Tyne Lowe  (Tyne Lowe Draws) Wilmette IL

* Trico Lutkins (Jack of Spades, Serial, Source Point Presents)Shelby Township MI

Sarah Machicado (00-Series) Miami FL

Mike Madsen (Cowboy House) Pittsburgh PA

Steve Mancione (Career Suicide) Chicago IL

Manneristic Studio (Redemption Draws Nigh, Beacons In Darkness, Armourbearers ) Rochester NY

Lauren McCallister (True Life Comix) Columbus OH

Angela Melzak (King of the Web (KotW)) Toledo OH

Andrew Meyerhoefer (Ragged Rider: Tales of a Cowboy Mummy)  Massillon OH

Brian John Mitchell (Lost Kisses, XO, Worms, Just a Man) Raleigh NC

 T. Perran Mitchell (Chronicles of the Tal Nor) Phoenixville PA

Chris Monday (Drink More Water 3) Athens OH

Monkeys Retreat Columbus OH

James Moore (Radio Free Gahanna) Columbus OH

Joseph Morris (TORC Press) Clay City IL

Steve Myers (F.E.D.S., Mutant Elf) Sandusky OH

Dara Naraghi (PANEL anthology, Persia Blues) Columbus OH

Michael  R Neno (The Signifiers, Nix Comics Quarterly) Gahanna OH

Jeremy O'Ryan (Peanut, Puddin' n' Jelly) Independence KY

Christopher Orndoff O'Fallon IL

Maryanne Papke  (Ghost Castle) Columbus OH

Randall Pare (Speakeasy Primates) Windsor Ontario

Chris Passabet Columbus OH

Christopher Pearce (Teachable Moments) Mason OH

John Porcellino (King-Cat Comics and Stories) South Beloit IL

Nate Powell ( March, Any Empire, The Silence of Our Friends, Swallow Me Whole) Bloomington IN -Saturday Only

Frank Provenzano (Career Suicide) Chicago IL

Stu Rase (Teacher Strips and The Undad) Plymouth MI

Jonathon Riddle  (With Only Five Plums) Columbus OH

Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) Hagerstown MD

Rori! (Tiny Pink Robots) St Louis MO

Rosarium Publishing

Lorenzo Ross (Ninja Bunny Assassin) Chicago IL

Bruce Rosenberger (Dutchy Digest) Hellertown PA

Emily Routt Cincinnati OH

Alissa Sallah Columbus OH

Amelia Sealy Westerville OH

Ian Shires (Indyfest Magazine (previously Self Publisher!)) Madison OH

Ted Sikora (Apama - The Undiscovered Animal) Akron OH

Christine Skelly (Mt.Olyphant)  Richmond VA

Lee Smith (Ohio Chronicles) Columbus OH

Thomas Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter, CXC) Silver City NM

Sarah Sobole (Doctor Cat, Babyfrog) Lakewood OH

Lauren Sparks Erlanger KY

Brandon Spicer (The Spicer Brothers Spotlight) Adelphi OH

Brian Spicer (The Spicer Brothers Spotlight) Adelphi OH

Dan Stafford (Frantastic Four, Bakerstown, Blindspot) Denver CO

Kris Starlein Columbus OH

Talcott Starr (Rescue Archaeology, Dinosaur Weather)  Mansfield OH

Valerie Starr (Octopus Story, Folk) Mansfield OH

Ben T. Steckler (Stand-Up Comics Presents: In-Bred) York PA

Steve Steiner (Mullet Turtle Comics, Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs) Columbus OH

Jason Strutz Lansing MI

Tim Switalski (For Soon I'll be Dead) Lakewood OH

Sunday Comix  Columbus OH

Studio Akumakaze (Scrap) Dayton OH

Carrie Taylor (Karmic Book) New Lebanon OH

Dan  W. Taylor (Weird Muse Productions) New Lebanon OH

Evan Thomas (Evan Thomas Illustration and Design) Columbus OH

Ray Tomczak (Wasted Potential) Columbus OH

Gibson Twist (Pictures of You) St Louis MO

Ann Uland (Grave Impressions, If The Shoe Fits) Savannah GA

Katie Valeska (The Little Monsters EP) Columbus OH

 Bill Volk (Stranger Knights) Sewickley PA

Chrisitna Wald (Pop Smoothie) Cincinnati OH

Heath Walkemeyer (Stand-Up Comics Presents: "In-Bred") York PA

Jack Wallace (Disposable Fiction Comics) Columbus ) OH

John M. Waller Sewell (Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things) Canton GA

Paris Watkins (Magna Man) Hazel Park MI

* Joshua Werner (Classic Pulp, In Search of..., Rampant, Adoration for the Dead)  Shelby Township MI

Max Wheeler (Gnarly As I Wanna Be!)

Anthony Whitten Columbus OH

JT Wilkins (JTW) (Thinktank RX) Washington DC

Lily Wilkinson Columbus OH

Thomas Williams (Comic Book Tattoo, Hide, Lifelike, SPB:Rise!, No Dead Time) Columbus OH

Emily Willis (Grave Impressions, If The Shoe Fits) Savannah GA

MC Wolfman Columbus OH

Bruce Worden (Woodstalk: 3 Days of Peace, Music, and Zombies) Ann Arbor MI

Daniel Wyke (Wykery) Pittsburgh PA

Lee Xopher (Rock of Pages) Cincinnati OH

Nate Xopher Cincinnati OH

Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn) Dayton OH

Jeff Zwirek (Burning Building Comix) Chicago IL

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues, Vugz, Oh,Comics!) Columbus OH
Last Update 3/19/15

Exhibitor Table Info 

Before registering for a table read the Exhibitor Info below. Exhibitor Tables are $65.00. Each table comes with two chairs and two passes unless you order extra passes($3.00 each) in which case you’ll get the same amount of chairs up to 3 (Can’t fit more than 3 chairs behind a table.) The tables are 6’-0” long by 2'-6" wide. To register either download, fill out and mail in the exhibitors application below or go to the on-line form and fill out and submit the form on-line. You can pay with a check or money order made out to Back Porch Comics or use the Pay Pal buttons below. (If you register with the on-line form you will need to return to this page to use the PayPal buttons.)

Downloadable Application

On-line Application


Exhibitor Table   $65.00



Additional Exhibitor-$3.00


Fill out the exhibitor application online or download exhibitor application & mail it to:

Back Porch Comics
P.O.Box 20550
Columbus OH 43220

Exhibitor Info

2015 SPACE Prize:
If you would like to be considered for the 2015 SPACE Prize, Please bring the book(s) you would like to submit with you to the show. An entry form will be provided there for you to fill out. Books and forms will be collected at the Back Porch Comics table. There will be prize catagories General, Minicomic/Short Story and Webcomic. (We're not sure if we have the funding for the graphic novel category yet). See the SPACE Prize page for more info.

We expect to have a full day of panels scheduled including the 2014 SPACE Prize Award presentation.

Each table comes with two chairs and two passes unless you ordered extra passes in which case you’ll get the same amount of chairs up to 3 (Can’t fit more than 3 chairs behind a table.) There will not be any table coverings. If you want one bring your own. The tables are 6’-0” long X 2'-6" wide.

Program Book:
The program book will be about 24 pages with an 8 page insert covering the exhibitor list and table locations and program. The main book will be filled with articles and comics.

Vendors License:
We are recommending that anybody selling at SPACE get a vendors license. If you do not have a regular vendors license than you should get a Transient Vendor’s license by filling out form ST-1T from the Ohio Department of Taxation website. There is a one-time application fee of $25.00. There is no further fee except for the sales tax you collect as long as you file every six months even if you have made no sales in Ohio.
The form can be obtained though the mail by writing to the Ohio Department of Taxation P.O.Box 182215 Columbus OH 43218-2215
Please Note: If you are coming from out of state you can apply for  Seller's License UT-1000 which does not have an application fee.

Although my comics are pretty mild I’m very anti-censorship. Columbus like every other city has obscenity laws, which basically state what you can get away with, is based on this undefined thing called the “community standard”. Since I can walk into the local mall and pick a Playboy (or Playgirl for that matter) I don’t know where that leaves the line. One thing I can say for sure is nothing considered “objectionable” can be openly displayed. Also nothing that is “objectionable” can be viewed by children. Example: A comic with “Mature” material inside can sit on the table if there is nothing “objectionable” on the cover (which is usually the case if you want to sell stuff at comic shops). If a kid picks it up it’s up to you to stop them. I’m anti-censorship but pro-responsibility. I believe the responsibility of what children view is the responsibility of the parents but in this environment you the comic producer know best what is in your publications and can make that judgment. I think the fact that we are sitting right there monitoring who has access to our material should be enough to keep us all out of trouble.

If anybody has to cancel I’d appreciate it if you could let me know as soon as possible. Refunds will be made minus paypal charges or postage up to two weeks before the show.

You can always contact me via the internet or at Back Porch Comics P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220