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The 2002 Howard G. Day Memorial Award winner is

MISA by Tom Williams

as chosen by Dave Sim & Gerhard

The official announcement and a excerpt of the book are contained in Cerebus #285. 

Copies of MISA can be obtained for $4.50 directly from Tom at
Inkblot Farm Studio
730 Riverview Dr. Apt. #C7
Columbus OH 43202

Congratulations, Tom, from everybody at SPACE and Back Porch Comics!



The Short List has been selected by Gerhard from those works submitted for consideration by the exhibitors at the 3rd Annual Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) in Columbus, Ohio.

The Winner of the Second Annual Day Prize will be selected by Dave Sim.  The prize consists of a five-hundred-dollar cash award, a commemorative plaque and an eight-page excerpt from the winning entry to appear in the December issue of Cerebus (issue 285).

The Short List nominees have all agreed to make available to anyone mentioning the Day Prize in their letter an autographed copy of their nominated work for the price (in U.S. dollars) indicated below their listing.  The works are listed alphabetically by title.


Amelia Rules! #2
Jimmy Gownley
Renaissance Press
2906 Duke St.
Harrisburg PA 17111
(two dollars and ninety-five cents)


Askari Hodari #2
Glenn Brewer
(three dollars)


Insignificant Gods#1
Evan Derian
Deadcity Comics
277 Hague
Detroit MI 48202
(two dollars)


Tom Williams
Inkblot Farm Studio
730 Riverview Dr. Apt. #C7
Columbus OH 43202
(four dollars and fifty cents)


Myth of 8-Opus #5
Thomas Scioli
Thomas Scioli Publishing
5645 Hobart St. #1
Pittsburg PA 15217
(four dollars)


Stand on a Mountain, Look Back: Sequential Book Seven
Paul Hornschemeier
2324 W. Walton, #3F
Chicago IL  60622
(six dollars and ninety-five cents)


Teenagers form Mars #1
Words by Rick Spears Pictures by Rob G.
609 President St. #2
Brooklyn NY 11215
(two dollars and ninety-nine cents)


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