Premiere Comics P.1




By Charles Brubaker
Kat and Jackson prepare to go to Gladdie's birthday party. Can the two have fun without revealing to everyone that Kat is a talking, feline princess?

Full color, 24 page comic book.






Oh,Comics! #25 “Monsters”

The annual small press anthology featuring monstrous tales by Billy McKay, Troy Vevasis, Aleksandar Jovic, Steven Myers, Matt Levin, Kel Crum, Pam Bliss, Sue Olcott, Dale Martin, Canada Keck, John C. Bruening, Michael C Carroll, Bob Corby and more to come with cover by Billy McKay. Page count not yet determined.



Radio Ga Ga by Chad Lanbert

Take a journey from the cellar of midwest radio to the...well, the first floor or two of midwest radio. But take that trip with an idiot who wasn't quite ready for this brave, new world. From panic attacks and the secret service to transition jobs and team building, this is the story of a career in radio - from the cradle to the grave.



'Landslide Cursed Ground'
Writer - Nichi Hawkins
Artist - Armando C. Rillo Sr.
Color - Bolaji Olaloye
Letters - Michael Neno

Massive malicious Monsters! From the beast under your bed to the creepy crawlies in your head, the very perspective of what defines a “Monster” is fascinating. Especially the big ones! Would it still be considered a monster if it was your compadre? What if you could manipulate a civilization crushing behemoth to do your bidding? If you could control your own monster, who would die first? These are questions explored in 'Landslide Cursed Ground' as our main character Cecil happens to befriend an over sized earth devil. The Landslide setting is embedded in vibrant folklore, where it intertwines history with mythos to create a world where the arcane can walk again.




'Right on Time'
Writer - Landon Faulkner
Art/Color/Letters - Paul Spencer

Journey back in time for an adventure during a time when the expansion of the west was as wild as the land itself. We follow one cowboy as he braves the wilderness, elements, Indians and time itself. Right on Time ask the question, 'How far would you go to get through?'.




Stuck-Up Unicorn Comics #1 

Stuck-Up Unicorn Coloring Book

By Flor de Canela


SUUC #1 collects the quirky and funny webcomic series into print, offered at the price of “Pay What You Want.” The Coloring Book is filled with art waiting to be colored by kids of all ages. Available for $5.





















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