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Amiculus Volume I

In A.D. 476, Rome fell. the last emperor of the West, a 12-year-old boy named Romulus, was deposed by barbarian conquerors and exiled, disappearing from history. Sixty years later, the Eastern Roman army of Byzantium has come to reconquer the West. With them is the historian Procopius of Caesarea, who in his search to discover Romulus's fate, discovers something else: an account of Rome's last days, written by the boy-emperor himself. Romulus's story is a mosaic of conspiracy within conspiracy, bloodshed and betrayal, tragedy and loss. At its center is AMICULUS, a mysterious cloaked figure manipulating the fates of kings, generals and all of western civilization. With an empire in the balance, and a dark age on the horizon, Procopius must learn the truth of Romulus's history: did Rome fall...or was it pushed?


"Sour Milk" is an original comic written and illustrated by Max Bare.

Follow the sad tale of Count FangMallow and his series of unpleasant tasks to market the next hot mascot in the cold cereal industry.



Amazing Tales of Entropy

A collection of science fiction and fantasy stories by Bob Corby.  This collection includes Gremlin, Fire Fang, Abacus, Mr. Flower Pot, The Devil & Mr. Rifft and many other short stories that appeared in a number of anthology comics over the year.  182 pages.
































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