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Arcana:Vaquero by Eamon Hill & Lish Crossland-Hill

 A small town undertaker is forced to become mankind's last defense    against an ancient evil in this gothic horror western.







The Umbrella Chronicles - Flor’s Premiering Comic for SPACE 2019

Flor de Canela is presently working on a new autobiographical comic book series, The Umbrella Chronicles, in which she’ll explore different aspects of her life’s past and--through the surreal landscape of her artist’s soul--delve into chapters of self-discovery, self-acceptance and finding her self’s place in the universe. Flor will be launching a fundraising campaign this year to drum up support and help fuel her ambition to scale the heights of this story that she's always wanted to write, draw and share.




Cap'n Catnip #3-The Tenacious Twosome tackles an epic-length mystery as they unravel the secret to “The Many Ghosts of Doctor Nein.” Plus Bad Rat enlists his cousin to help him build a robot for a crime spree that goes horribly wrong in “Don’t Tread On Me.” Join Cap and Womble for all new adventures, featuring stories by Craig Boldman and art by Tim Fuller and Daryll Collins. It’s all-ages, a full-color fun fest for the whole family. Bring the pets too!




New from Sham Books, the latest novel from the tattered files of Johnny Sassback, the smart-ass detective. It’s his most existential adventure yet, the one that he insists on calling, “A Case of Mistaken Indemnity.” Johnny tickles the seedy underbelly of crime while searching for the stolen plans for the Ultimate McGuffin. What a McGuffin, you ask? You’ll have to take that up with Johnny, but don’t expect a straight answer. Buckle up for some hard-boiled action as only Johnny Sassback can dish it out. For mature readers, daddy-o!



Oh,Comics! #27 “Moon”

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing we bring you 20 stories featuring the Moon! Featuring work by Pam Bliss, Billy McKay, Matt Feazell, Matt Levin, Carlos Rivera, Joel Cramer, Troy Vevasis, Aleksandar Jovic, Brent Bowman, Ross Wood Studlar, Flor de Canela, Max Ink, Michael Carroll, Brian Canini, Kel Crum, J.M.Hunter, Steven Myers, Drew Scheeler, Susan Olcott, Dale Martin, Canada Keck, Jonathon Riddle and Bob Corby. A whopping 108 pages!






EDCL vs. Stupidity by Bob Corby

The Easily Drawn Character League faces their toughest battle ever as they try to free the country for the grasp of stupidity! Can they prevail before the lattes run out? 12 page full color minicomic.


The Adventures of Ninny, Nanny, & Noo: Issue 2 by Alli Cali

The second issue of this series follows our three young sisters through their adventures in the haunted forest. Ninny, Nanny, and Noo put their heads together along with some new found friends to try to figure out how the mysterious button works while they search for a way home. 

God Complex published by Truck Stop Comix.   Written by Mike Eshelman/art by Jason Gilmer/colored by Angela Gilmer 

 Can a reader be an antagonist?  What if the “fourth wall” is there for protection? From you?
 Can you choose the fate of a character just by continuing to read?
 Can reading a story make you a better person?  If so, can finishing God Complex make you a monster?
 A man awakens in a cell, a prisoner unaware of any crime.  He looks around and sees a large metal door, a bed, and, just out of reach, a window.  Beyond the window he doesn’t see freedom, or even any indication of night or day.  He sees what he believes is his captor.  He sees you.





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