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Here's a list of comics which will premier at SPACE this year.

"Baka-Geta" A mini-comic by Onsmith outlining his trip to Japan and his long admiration of Japanese cartoon iconography. 24 pages complete with drawings also by Ryoko Oguchi. Includes strips about traveling to Japan, a dream in Japan, Onsmith's take on San-X styled characters, and other nonsense.

Dog-Eared: Cartoons of a Random Nature by Millard Draundt

A collection of Millard's single panel strips.


"Gag-Hag" An 32-page anthology entirely made up of one-panel cartoon gags put together by Onsmith. Contributors include Ivan Brunetti, Chris Cilla, John Hankiewicz, David King, Ted May, Johnny Ryan, Dan Zettwoch and Onsmithhimself. Gag-Hag will also be carried by Last Gasp distribution.


Max Hamm Fairy Tale Detective Vol. 2 #2

by Frank Cammuso

The Long Ever After
Part 2: The Glass Slipper

Why does everyone in Storybook land want to get their hands on the glass slipper? Where is Prince Charming? What does the Fairy Mafia have to do with it? And what does Snow White know? Itıs up to Max Hamm to find out who the shoe fits, and with step-sisters involved you can bet things are sure to get ugly.

(2 of 3) 48pages... B/W painted...perfect bound

Mini Vittles #1  by Tyler Page:

 A 36-page mini-comic collection of Tyler's unpublished work, including the original 10-page first chapter of Stylish Vittles: I Met a Girl


Potlatch #3 Great small press anthology.  Edited by Steve Noppenberger.


Seamonsters & Superheroes #3 By Scott Mills

"In the tradition of such anthologies as EIGHTBALL, DORK, and MAGIC WHISTLE comes the latest issue of the best-selling series by Scott Mills.  You'll have  to have your ass surgically reattached after you read these stories, 'cause you're gonna laugh it right off!"


Watusi the Talking Dog #9 and 10: The latest two issues of Dale Martin's

all-ages jam comic will debut at SPACE! Featuring comics by Hector

Casanova, Travis Fox, Billy McKay, Larned Justin, Matt Corrigan, Nate

Corrigan, Tom Cherry, Steve Peters and more! (16-pg. B&W digests, $1.00 each)


Happy Town #9 by Justin Madson 

More lives become entangled in the "lost gravity" mystery...this time with terrible results.5.5" X 7.5"

44 pages - B&W w/full-color cover


Apophenia #2 by Ray Earles

"...I think one thing you have always had trouble seeing is that people are people and none of them are perfect. People are always going to fail at times and let you down. That's why the Bible says to keep your eyes on Jesus not people. He does not let you down. I think people let you down, who profess to be Christian, and you consider it that Jesus failed you, somehow. I am sorry for however I may have contributed to your disillusionment with Christianity."


"Animal Stew," by Matt Dembicki a
compilation of Matt’s periodic strip which adds humorous
(or disturbing) illustrations to weird-but-real animal

"The Promise." By Matt and Carol Dembicki

A one-shot erotic comic.

Gabagool! #6 - 40 pages, black and white, $3.00

 "Hedonism" chapters 3 and 4. In this, the sexiest issue of Gabagool! yet,  Christopher Vigliotti and co. finally get Hedonistic. Laughs abound as they discover the pleasures and suprises found on the nude side of the resort and make all sorts of brand new friends! Mature Audiences, please.


Untitled: Art Explorer Post 407 Comics Anthology

Untitled will feature work by the post members and advisors.  All proceeds from this book will be used to fund post trips and buy art supplies. 

ARROWS BRING COMFORT -- An illustrated alphabet book of broken household items, by John Hankiewicz and Onsmith.  56 pages, quarter-size, silkscreened covers.  A limited edition etching will accompany some copies.   

HANDBOOK -- A small compilation of short comics by John Hankiewicz.  30 pages, quarter-size.

Fan-Atic Press will have hot-off-the-presses, their latest small press explosive anthology: SLAM BANG #4, at SPACE CON! The book is a meager $5.00 at the show ($6.00 postage paid). 44 pages of digest excitement! With a cover by Hilary Barta, comic strips from Christina Wald, Hilary Barta with Jim Siergey, Eric Weems, Bryan Heyboer, centerfold by Doug Chaffee, John Lustig, Anton Bogaty and more! Whew, what a line up! Edited by Allen Freeman with comic relief, co-editing assist and tour security by Todd Ritter. Allen and Todd will be at the show along with Christina Wald! Yeah, this is the Slam Bang you knew and loved back in 1995-1990. It's back!


The 3rd
edition of this great
anthology by Columbus creators.


Misfit Part 01 by Megan Corby


Small Press Parody - 8 pages, black and white, $1.00

  What do you get when you mix MAD magazine and Small Press Comics?..

You get this funny and to the point book featuring

some familiar small press faces.

By Master Cartoonist Jeffery J. Manley

Vaudeville Comics:

"A collection of "experimental" strips by the creator of Wasted Potential"

20 pg. digest  $1.00

Wasted Potential: Gold

"A new  Wasted Potential collection featuring newly re-drawn versions of some of the earliest strips which originally appeared in Ray-TV."

8 pg folded mini on Gold paper Free

Fan-Atic Press has yet another book to first show it's face at the SPACE! SLAM BANG GREATEST HITS #1 (of 4). Digest, 40 pages on red cover stock covers. $5.00 at the show ($6.00 ppd through the mail) or mention you saw it here on the SPACE con site at the Fan-Atic Press table during the show, and get it for $4.00!! New cover by Erik Weems! Plus some of the best of the first 8 issues of Volume 1 of Slam Bang from back in the golden years of 1995-1997 or so...Contributors include: Tim Corrigan, Joe Hutchinson, Allen Freeman, Ted Bolman, Bill Fitts, David Miller, Donnie Jupiter, Brad Foster, Steve Willis, Robin Ator, and Quinton Hoover! (Laid out by Todd Ritter. Grunt work by Allen Freeman!)

Look for new books from Sean Kelley McKeever, and Steve Black,Check back here for info on these books and all the comics which will debut at SPACE 2004

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