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SERIES FINALE! Fahrenheit has to confront his brother, his world and finally himself. After seven years of production creating 7 issues totaling over 250 pages, Eric Adams brings the LACKLUSTER WORLD series to a close.


52 pages, $6.00


All Hallow's Eve #1

"The Gathering" 

Once upon a time, the world was a dark and supernatural place.  Things often went "bump" in the night.  But in the modern world, cold logic and science have replaced the creatures of the night.  But no longer.  With the turn of the new century, Dracula himself calls upon the monsters of myth and legend to take back only one night in the entire year ... All Hallow's Eve.

 Written by Todd Goodman

Illustrated by Kevlen Goodner

20 pages of text with illustrations


The Powers That Be! #2  "Let's Get Serious!"

 The Malcontent storyline comes to a close as the newly formed Powers That Be! must find some way to defeat the 50 foot tall metal giant!  Meanwhile, who's protecting Pentagon City from the villainy of Bugaboo, Mad Rant and Papa Cap?  All this and a new cosmic being as well!

Written by Todd Goodman

Art by Cory Butler

20 page in full color



Wall Street Cat - Money Takes Naps by Sara Lindo

"Wall Street Cat - Money Takes Naps" asks (then answers) the question "What would it be like if my cat worked on Wall Street?"  Follow Ike the Cat as he makes his way through a typical day at his high stakes job, navigating public transportation, distraught co-workers, and, of course, naps.  A must read if you like adorable and silent main characters!  To see a preview, go to, and keep checking back for more updates!


Crackerstacker by Stephen Hines 

The 1st installment in a serial memoir about Stephen’s  12 year career in the grocery industry.


Clown Town #0.

The circus has come to Dusty Gulch, Kentucky, and children are vanishing. A body count of parents and caretakers skyrockets in the wake of these disappearances, as does the roll of dead victimizers of children - those known to abuse and neglect. Panic grips the townspeople, and reports of clowns at the abduction sites lead a few desperate citizens to the circus for answers. Led by El Goro, a retired rodeo clown with more than a few tricks up his sleeve, these unlikely defenders include a down-and-out single mom and her daughter, a reformed alcoholic who lost custody of his own children, and a moonlighting birthday party buffoon with a quickly dwindling customer base. They must conquer a primal fear of clowns in order to live long enough to learn a way to stop them and to answer the question:  Are the imbalanced clowns simply face-painted monsters wantonly murdering for their own amusement, or are they nightmare-spawned avengers of wronged and innocent children?

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