2013 Premiere Comics P.1


The End #3

If the world was going to end in seven days, how would you spend your last week? This is the concept behind "The End", as each story deals with how normal, everyday people react (or don't react) to the end of their world. This issue contains 3 different tales:

Change of Mind: Chris will fulfill every dream he's ever had; he will win the heart of his best friend, and he will reunite his broken family. He will make his dreams reality.

Must Play: The end of the world is a minor inconvenience for David. David had only one goal for the rest of his life; play video games. Now he has only one week to play them all.

Child's Play: What is reality at the end of the world, when it is viewed through a child's eyes?

Writer: Shawn Padraic Murphy (http://www.shawnpmurphy.com)
Artists: Jacob Warrenfeltz, Wu-Gene Hong, & Marcella Kim

ISBN: 978-1-9369-21-00-3


 Mechanaflux #1

 Descriptions: The world of Flux is being shaped into a metallic wasteland by the living Mecha, Gaudra. Only the amulet invented by Gaudra’s creator holds the key to victory, but it can only be used by the creator’s son and daughter.
Cory, Arad, & Jackson (3 earth kids) find themselves in the magical, and dangerous, world of Flux, and together with Princess Maria, a master sword fighter, Gluss, the Centaur general, and Darius, the last female spellcaster, they must find a way to put a stop to the evil consuming their world.

 Writer: Shawn Padraic Murphy (http://www.shawnpmurphy.com)
Artist: Ava Berman

 Color Comic Book
Pages: 24
Price: $4.99




The Adorable Mini Adventures by Heather Breckel

52 Pages
Black and White
The day to day lives of a girl and her cat monster girlfriend.




Winter #1 by Heather Breckel

28 Pages
A long forgotten family member shows up in Angela and Julia's lives and intends on making them suffer.






The Possum At Large 10th Anniversary Craptacular

40 pages, $5.95

Ten years ago, Chad Lambert wasted a bunch of money making his own comic called Possum At Large. He debuted that book at SPACE 2003, and now he's back with more crap! The Possum At Large 10th Anniversary Craptacular is 40 pages of rarely seen prequels, spin-offs and crossovers that celebrate the spirit of Possum At Large. The new book is exactly like the old one: It ain't Shakespeare. You've been warned.




Zombie Marge Comix & Stories #1

ZMC&S collects the first year of Tim Fuller’s innovative webcomic series about the after-life of this lovable undead curmudgeon as she attempts to figure out the meaning of her existence and kick-start the zombie apocalypse. Zombie Marge digs up a pet, tussles with some holy ghosts, riffs “Night of the Living Dead” and meets Stephen Hawking. All this, plus bonus features, sketchbook pages, pin-ups and zombie-related ads. 40 pages, color, All Ages


SHAM Comics #3

The third big issue of phony Golden Age comics has arrived! Tim Fuller takes more public domain comics from the40s & 50s and rewrites them as post-modern tales of satire. This time out, the anthology issue stars "Skunky McGee" the smelliest private eye ever, in “The Strange Case of the Lethal Sleepover,” and “Tangle Wits with a Killer.” Several short horror and sci-fi tales are included, such as "The Girl of my Screams," "Hilda Hogthrottle's Haunted Honeymoon," and "The Planet of the Pooches." The issue also features the epic story of "Conad the Aryan Barbarian" as he goosesteps across the ancient world. Rounding out the issue are some new ads for old products, like the Gahoon, government surplus Body Bags, the Buck Wilde Bully-in-a-Minute Method and live animals through the mail. It’s a blast from the past. 40 pages, color, Mature Reader


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