2014 Premiere Comics P.1



PARITY by Steve Harrison

In the vein of a Phillip K. Dick novel, PARITY, explores addiction and the hunt for eternal life by way of technology advancing faster than we can make sense of it. Steve Harrison writes and draws comics, develops software, and plays a little banjo. Hailing from Ojai, California; he has migrated to Avon, OH with his family.




Aciculus by Travis Horseman and Giancarlo Caracuzzo

Aciculus is a quasi-historical epic telling a “lost” history of the Rome’s fall through the eyes of its last emperor, a 12-year-old boy named Romulus. Through him we see Rome at the moment of its collapse, besieged by a vast barbarian army. Yet within Rome a secret war rages, part of a mosaic of conspiracy within conspiracy, of bloodshed and betrayal, tragedy and loss. At its center is AMICULUS, a mysterious cloaked figure manipulating generals, kings, and western civilization. As the mightiest empire on earth crumbles, we are left to wonder: did Rome merely fall, or was it pushed?





Leaves by Bob Corby

The Leaves volume collects all six issues of the Bunny Blues / Leaves and many short stories that appeared in Oh,Comics! Leaves is a romantic comedy / road trip comedy chronicling the lives of Mike Blues, a formed private detective, Kit Jones, the women he secretly loves and Marcel, who's only there for comic relief. 190 pages!




Fear of Flying by Brian Canini 

A collection of daily journal comics from April 2012 to April 2013 with an introduction by Chris Monday. "Brian Canini gives us a glimpse behind the panels of Drunken Cat Comics and into his brain and heart with a year of journal comics which will leave you wondering, "What made him tear the shower curtain down?" and "What exactly is he censoring with that blackout square?" Arousing hope for the future, Canini reminds us dreams do come true,and that we need to clutch that can of Cheez Whiz ever tighter to our chest and keep plodding along, because even if it feels like our hearts are going to explode along the way, in the end it'll all beworth it." - Heather Hively, comic artist/author





Ruffians #9 by Brian Canini 

Scar's "lawyer" is back in the nick of time but, can she keep Scar alive? Can she change the course of his path of self-destruction? Is a woman's love enough to bring someone back? Or is Scar already dead?






Never Stop Drinking by Derek Baxter and Brian Canini

A collection of Daily Shot comics from June 2012 to October 2013

A drunken sketch is a terrible thing to waste. That's why we followed
the Drunken Cat around as he went barhopping across the country. Give
him a few shots, hand him a crayon and a stack of bar napkins and you
never know what you'll get. We've put together this collection of what
we thought were some of his better (read: more legible) sketches. The
comics inside range from the absurd to the self reflective, depending
on what he was drinking, with plenty of pop culture references thrown
in for good measure. He was drunk when he made them but you don't have
to be drunk to enjoy them... but, of course, it doesn't hurt!


Drawing Under the Influence by Derek Baxter and Brian Canini

A collection of Mixed Drink Wednesday comics from June 2012 to October 2013

Every legend has a beginning. In this book you will see the evolution
of Drunken Cat Comics weekly strip, the Mixed Drink. Included in this
book is the epic three-part origin story of everyone's favorite
inebriated orange feline, the Drunken Cat. You'll also see the
historic first appearance of now iconic staples of the Drunken Cat
stable, including Marty the Maggot, Big Puff and Junkie Jake! But
that's not all! You'll also find out where babies come from and why
velociraptors make terrible babysitters! And as if that wasn't enough,
we've included a rarely seen story from the vaults entitled "Because
of Air". We even go all the way back to the very early days before
Drunken Cat Comics was even a thought, with the first issue of
"Bugman". So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle and start



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