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The Three Paradoxes by Paul Hornschemeier

An intricate and complex autobiographical comic by one of the most talented and innovative young cartoonists today. The story begins with a story inside the story: the cartoon character Paul Hornschemeier is trying to finish a story called "Paul and the Magic Pencil." Paul has been granted a magical implement, a pencil, and is trying to figure out what exactly it can do. He isn't coming up with much, but then we zoom out of this story to the creator, Paul, whose father is about to go on a walk to turn off the lights in his law office in the center of the small town. Abandoning the comic strip temporarily, Paul leaves with his camera, in order to fulfill a promise to his girlfriend that he would take pictures of the places that affected him as a child.

 As the walk with his father begins, and Paul starts to record the places of his childhood, the story leaps forward and backward through time, revolving around the events leading (and subsequent) to a beating near a funeral home in fifth grade. Amid these temporal bounces, we are taken from the law office to a convenience store to a debilitating car accident to the time of Zeno and the pre-Socratic philosophers, where we abruptly dissect Zeno and Parmenides' relationship and their refutation of the existence of change. Really. And with each step, Paul is trying to figure out how he will end his story, which he will finish when they return to the house of his youth.

 Each "chapter" of the story is drawn in a completely different style, with strikingly unique production and color themes, and yet, somehow, despite (or perhaps because of) this non-linear progression, it all comes together as one story: a story questioning change, progress, and worth within the author's life.

retail price - $11.95

Paper Flowers Story and Art by Megan Corby
Not actual cover shown
Big Ears and Flat Feet
(Bunny Blues Collection 1988-1995)
by Bob Corby

A collection of Mike Blues Mysteries including "Shell Game" published in Nuance #1 and "The Dead Rabbit" published in the first Bunny Blues limited series plus shorts from Oh,Comics! Find out how Mike became the neurotic mess he is in the present "Leaves" limited series.

104 pages 6"X9" trade paperback

Wasted Potential: Fit 2 Print by Ray Tomczak
Price: 50 cents
From: Ray Tomczak
4050 N. High St.; Apt. #33
Columbus, OH 43214

Wasted Potential: Fit 2 Print brings together the Wasted Potential comics strips that appeared in Columbus, Ohio newspapers The Atomic Tomorrow and Columbus Alive! in 2005 and 2006, along with the never before reprinted Pop Darts strips from The Atomic Tomorrow and previously unseen bios of Wasted Potentialís main characters. 24 page mini-comic.


19th Century Detective " The Graybridge Terror" is a solid detective story set in 19th Century London. Forget about electric lights, cell phones, and computers. Travel back in time to when the detectives hi-tech equipment consisted of a magnifying glass and his powers of observation. The Comic is 32 pages, standard comic book size, with full color covers. By Larned Justin.


Potlatch 6 - SPACE EDITION
Chad Lambert and Joe Gravel return with an all-new Possum At Large story--their first in over two years! To celebrate, Angry Dog Press is offering a special Possum At Large variant cover of Potlatch #6 exclusively for SPACE 2007...complete with the SPACE logo! Only 25 copies will be available, so snag one early!



Slam Bang the Explosive Comic Anthology #2 vol III

Hey, kids it's time for another great issue of Slam Bang the Explosive Comic


This time it's #2 vol III. With lots of the same fabulous cartoonists you know and love plus a gaggle of new talent! Just like #1 vol III, it sports 200 pages of fine, square bound, digest goodness, from about 40 contributors! There will be 20 questions with none other than Tim Corrigan!  Great comics and art by artists and cartoonist such as Doug Chaffee (Scary color cover!), Chuck Haspel (Old time contributor now back at last!) Brad Foster (In almost every single issue since 1985!), Jeff Gaither, Stan Yan,

Christopher Moshier, Tim Corrigan, Craig Boldman, Edward Pun, Dan Taylor,Michael Mozart, John  Lustig, Anton Bogaty, Dean LeCrone, Mark Martin, Allen Freeman (of course) and lots more! It'll sell for $10.00 + $2 postage from but of course the very first place to get a copy will

be @ the Fan-Atic Press booth - SPACE 2007!



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