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Here's a preview of some of comics which premiered at SPACE 2002

Worlds Apart...sci-fi stories by Scott Mills and illustrated by all his cartoonist friends. Suzanne Baumann, Pam Bliss, Ben Catmull, David Crosland, Bill Knapp, Thomas Scioli, Jeff Sharp, Robert Ullman, and Todd Webb.




Bunny Blues / Leave #3 by Bob Corby

The long awaited 3rd chapter of  Mike, Kit and Marcel's road trip. The gang reaches their first gig. Rex visits old friends. Mike runs into an old "friend" of his own. We learn a new game. Yet another bathroom scene. Thousands of tiny dots!!!

Also a recap of the Mike Blues saga with art by Ray Tomczak (Dr. Bob and Irving) and a pinup section with art by Tyim Courts, Kel Crum, Billy Mckay and Matt Levin.



Silent Devils is a six issue series written by Christian Beranek with art by Chris Burke.  It is a martial arts epic set on a world torn apart by warring kingdoms.  Prince Harbeten's palace has been destroyed. Cloud Runner, of the conquered land Kuntac, has come to Quantacticali to enlist the aid of the Quantis army.  One ruler commands that the world will be his, but is Vicindus of the Nodori devious enough to prevail?  One ruler has found a way to maintain peace, but how long can King Jahlis of Quantacticali make it last?  Will his main enforcer, Lon, discover the secret of the 3 silent devils? 



All-ages adventure for the 21st century!! Phaser-Face and the Infernal Equinox tells the story of Copeland Drake, an ordinary kid with the supposed ability to breathe fire. What do these abilities spell for his future, and for the futures of those around him? And who is this Goblin Funny guy? Told in an anthropormorphic style, Phaser-Face and the Infernal Equinox is perfect for fans of children's literature, classic adventure, and good old-fashioned fun!! Digest-sized, 24 pages, $2.



Cornelia Cartoonz Issue #3" by Kel Crum. Dangerous Bird Publications. Features an all new story accompanied by the unexpurgated version of a storyfirst published in "Oh, Comics".  

Dungar #48: A 24 page minicomic Written by Ian Shires, Drawn by Damien Ashton. Back after a 7-year hiatus! Dungar is following the trail of a thief and it leads him to a small town on the outskirts of civilization. A new adventure is about to begin!





Smiley #6: A 16 page minicomic written and drawn by Ian Shires. Smiley,Herman, and the Flaming Hot-Dog talk to Satan about multiverse theory!







ATOM BOMB BIKINI #2 another collection of spot

illustrations, wacky sketches, and pictures of sexy

ladies by Robert Ullman!



Stories of Kiwi #1 -This issue is a rebirth. The phoenix is rising again.  Like a flower through concrete. This book will truly amaze. It will astound. A book this great will surely stand the test of time. You must have this book. Please, Please, Please check out this book. Somebody,
Anybody... check this out..."





Bomb Time for Bonzo #5-  Bomb Time for Bonzo is a Chicago based independent comics anthology published by Comixwerks, Inc. The latest issue of the anthology, issue number five, contains some of the best up and coming artist in comics today. Several of them have appeared in other anthologies such as Expo 2001. These artists include: Paul Hornschemeier (Sequential),
John Hankiewicz (Tepid), Matt Kapolczynsk (Marled Up) and Henry 
Ng (Non).



BRILLIANT MISTAKE #1--The creator of BOX OFFICE POISON returns to his mini-comics roots with his first ever 24 hour comic (24 pages of comics done in 24 consecutive hours)! Caprice, a waitress, is curious about an enemy she had in high school and is surprised to find out what became of her. The story features all the pathos, nudity, cursing and awkward sex scenes that Alex Robinson's readers have come to expect. Plus, it's a flip-book with Mike Dawson's 24 hour comic DEATH ROW JUNKY!




FLUMMERY-The 2001 anthology of comic shorts by Jeff Sharp, Scott Mills. Special guest artists include: Matt Feazell, James Kochalka, and Todd Webb. 80 pages of mini-comic madness. A true classic for only six dollars. Get it now!



"The Book of Judith" is a
16-page, silk-screened mini-comic adaptation of an apocryphal Biblical story: a pious widow beheads the general whose army is attacking her city.




Insignificant Gods #1
True Love Killer - part one Two men search the inner city of Detroit for a young girl named Agnes Simpson. One man searches for her for love while the other needs to find her
for an unknown reason. Meanwhile, a series of bizarre murders begin to take place. 





Gabagool-"Creators Mike (Cabaret, Death Row Junkie) Dawson and Chris Radtke pull out
all the comedy stops with their new comic "Gabagool!" Not only is it fun to
say, it's funny to read too. Checks it. Cheap laffs for just a buck."




The Spring 2002 issue of Tepid features two small stories by John Hankiewicz, as well as an illustrated poem.  Fifty copies of this issue include a limited-edition etching.  Tepid was an Ignatz nominee for "Best Minicomic" in 2001





Little Black is the brand new collection of Reporter. It is all stories shorter than the regular comic collected in an 80 anthology. Some of the stories have seen print in anthology comics like Top Shelf, Modern Industry and Typewriter. Much of it is brand new, long out of print or never printed work.(Revised printing.)



Something's up in the back woods of Montana. A neighborly visit to a sick friend develops into a nightmare for Mrs. Nikki Sanders. Oh, so she should be surprised!
Never mind that she is a Russian refugee with psychic powers so vast that her protection is guaranteed by secret government treaties! Oh, but that's the next issue.

Experience the terror when Nikki's past catches up with her and her quiet life is shattered in this premiere mini-comic by Crossover Comics. Written and drawn by Robert Gavila, who we think came back to drawing comic books just because
he can't afford to have a real mid-life crisis."


Ray-TV 2: More Comix & Stuff by Ray Tomczak
20 pages Digest $1.00


(Not actual cover)