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Candid Cartoons presents " Charlie Chong" ( The worlds
greatest Chinese detective) in CHONG vs KONG
Art by Larned Justin Story by Larned Justin. A large
GOrilla is terrorizing the city, Charlie is called in
to help solve the crimes, however things get
complicated when Charlie's number one daughter is
kidnapped by the Gorilla!


Whistle Blower Book Four by Steve Noppenberger. $2.95

"Plato's Republic: Out of Nowhere" by Alexis E. Fajardo
 collects the first year and a half of comic strips from
this daily online comic. Currently in it's fourth year
online, Plato's Republic centers around Plato, a platypus
and his gang of post-graduate pals who ruminate on
politics, philosophy, pop-culture an pandemonium.
When all esle fails...grad school. Published through
Plan 9 Publishing.

Attic Wit #4: The Polish Anthology
Matt Dembicki brings together some of the best
small-press talents in Poland with work by Marek
Turek, Rafal Gosieniecki, Mariuz Zawadzki and
Krzysztof Kaluszka.
32 pages, B&W, color cover (by Gosieniecki) 
$1.50 ( 


Francis, Prom Queen Maggot by Jason Young 50 cents


Alone with My Thoughts by Bob Corby
A stand alone 8 page Mike Blues story.   8 page mini-comic. Block print cover limited to 16 copies only $5.00.  Cheap photocopied cover version also available for $1.00

dementian comics is proud to announce the release of the second volume in the Stylish Vittles saga, 'Stylish Vittles: All the Way.'

Meeting someone and falling in love can be easy.  Going beyond
just dating to form a committed relationship, however, is an altogether different and more complex part of life's journey.  Tyler met Nanette and everything began to change.  Recognizing a deep love for one another, their desire to become more intimate-emotionally and physically-drives them toward developing a real relationship.  As they juggle friends, homework, and campus life, Nanette and Tyler enter fully into each other9s worlds.  They must come to terms with their families, ex-lovers, and pasts as they attempt to form a new identity as a couple while maintaining their own as individuals. If Nanette and Tyler can get through it all: learning everything about one another, reconciling their ideas and beliefs, discussing birth control and sex, and getting to class on time they just might go All the Way. 

Chad Lambert brings an 8-year small press odyssey to SPACE this year with Possum At Large #1, a self-contained 32 page epic tale of the paradox of life as seen through the eyes of a short, fat and sassy omnipotent possum named Jake.  Beautifully illustrated by Canadian small press wizard Joe Gravel (Strange Tales of the Unusual), Possum At Large #1 picks up where the 1994 University of Rio Grande comic strip left off: at the beginning. Jake is having constant nightmarish visions involving cyborg assassins and a time-traveling stick figure superhero named FlyBoy. Does Jake hold the key to human existence, or is he just a jerk with a wild imagination? Find out at SPACE '03!

The Calling incorporates fantasy and the supernatural with just a touch of fanboy heroism for the seasoned comic reader. Six people from all ages and walks of life have mystical encounters
with the afterlife that change them forever, and bring them together with varying "gifts" and a common cause to resist the armies of hell and their minions on earth. Here the battle will
affect not only all our lives, but our very souls. 32pgs, B&W color
cover, $2.75. 



Bomb Time for Bonzo #6: "Blast Off to the End!"

Chicago area Comixwerks gang have published their final anthology after a two year stint.  This one has a great cover by Marc Crisafulli, back cover by Paul Koob (of Hamsterman fame) and comics by: Dylan Graham, Ben Chandler, Onsmith Jeremi, Bryce Somerville, and John Hankiewicz


Eleanor E. Is Home is a 52-page quarter-size comic book, featuring the title story, plus "You or I" and "Miller School."  Twenty copies will include an etching inserted into the front cover.

Jeff Manley has done it again!!!! What that is we don't really know. Ha Ha!! Seriously folks, Jeff is bringing you the latest book in his Autobiographical Series Agri-Culture. These 44 page comicbooks chronicle Jeff's life growing up on his parents 80 acre farm. It's a must read for city slickers and red necks! And all this for only $6.95. If you cluck like a chicken while buying the book Jeff will take off 2 Dollars


The new 2003 mini-comic by Jeff Sharp. First Semester Chronicles of the Classroom is 80 pages of gag panels that are guaranteed to make you laugh! Available now in either green (pictured) or blue, squarebound with black cloth tape binding. Convention debut will be at SPACE 2003. Check out some sample pages. And yes, these things really happened in my classroom! All of this for a mere $6.00 ppd. The first 100 sold get a free "Can I Borrow a Pencil" pencil...



Watusi the Talking Dog #3 (16-pg. B&W digest; $1.00) 

Jam comic fun for all ages! Join Watusi for "Special Delivery", "The Look-alike" and "1 Dog's Trash" - jam comics by contributors B. Winter, Dennis B. Harrell, Tim and Matt Corrigan, Mike Munshaw, Steve Willhite, Mike Hall, James Bruntz and creator Dale Martin.

PANEL is the debut anthology of the Columbus-area writers' and artists' collaborative of the same name. 40 black & white pages of dynamic stories and artwork by some of the area's brightest talents.  Featured Panelists include:  Andy Bennett, Steve Black, Tim Fischer, Tony Goins, Tim McClurg, Dara Naraghi, Dansen T. Stahl, and Tom Williams.  Pick up this digest-size anthology and discover the future of sequential storytelling.