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St. George - Ashcan edition

Created by Brad Bellmore
Cover by Steven Howard & David Marshall
Art by Dave Micheals
Written by Brad Bellmore
Lettered by David Marshall

Can one man be right and everyone else be wrong?

  From the time George was a small boy, he has always been able to see the demons that walk amongst us. His profound faith in the Lord led him to enter the seminary and become and Anglican Priest.

 When the Angel Uriel appears to George and charges him with the duty of destroying these demons, wherever he finds them, George gladly accepts his commission in the army of Heaven. The sword he receives looks like a simple wooden cross to most people but to George, the demons he battles and those possessed, it is a fiery blade of holy judgment.

No one believes the tales George tells. Defrocked by his church and disowned by his family, George never wavers from his commission. He takes on the persona of Saint George the dragon slayer, enduring the taunts of the people around him.  

  The rest of the world believes he is a madman, butÖ

  George Jacobs is on a mission from God.


Buddha Monkey # 1

Created by Stan Nelson & R.J. Pare'
Cover by Stan Nelson & David Marshall
Pencils & Inks by Roger Price
Colours by Jon Biermann, Steven Howard, Drew Bird, Stephen Cely & Stan Nelson
Written by R.J. Pare'
Lettered by David Marshall

Set in an alternate timeline where the Japanese Emperor fled the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with his forces and set up his government in Manchurian controlled China. In order to ensure his survival he enters into a pact with the Dark Kitsune, demons of the void. They provide him with powerful warriors, the Kabuki Samurai, to do his bidding.

A simple monkey is transformed and empowered by the Buddha to stand against these dark forces and free China from the threat of Manchurian conquest.

Our hero, Buddha Monkey, travels the globe with the performing Shaolin Monks in order to help spread knowledge and good will for China as they seek heroic allies in order to thwart the Japanese Emperor.

They are pursued by the Kabuki Samurai, relentlessly.

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Into the Dark - Ashcan edition

Created by Nathaniel Baker
Cover by Lee Roy Lopez & David Marshall
Pencils by Lee Roy Lopez
Inks by Roger Price
Written by Nathaniel Baker
Lettered by David Marshall

Welcome to Woodrow Asylum

Story One: Into the Dark

Into the Dark is a horror/suspense story that follows Kaleb Grey. Kaleb is your everyday under appreciated father, husband, fellow employee, and human being. Unbeknownst to him however heís also something else. As the worst day plays out in front of him a minor lapse in time brings him to a room locked away from the world. What happened? How did I get here? Is this real? Am I going crazy? As Kaleb faces nightmares in every form, he must also face the truth thatís hidden somewhere deep in the darkness, maybe even his mind. So many questions, so little light...

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"The Cornelia Collection". 60 pages, black and white with a color cover. Printed by the Self Publisher Association. The best stories of Cornelia Dodson and Ed Thud crammed into one handy volume.


Gulliver Brimstone - Ashcan edition

Created by Scott Claringbold
Cover by Brian Typhair & David Marshall
Art by Brian Typhair
Written by Scott Claringbold
Lettered by David Marshall

Long, long ago a warring tribe of Britons sought a mystical advantage in order to defeat their enemies. A secret society of Druids summons, for them, the services of an angelic force.
Sensing evil in all mortals, the angel lays waste to every man, woman and child. The Druids use their magic to capture the angelic host and bury him in the Earthís core. As the centuries pass by the hate and rage disfigure the angel, replacing his heavenly visage with a demonic appearance. He is released during the Second World War by Churchillís Occult Advisers and is convinced that his only path to redemption is in serving and protecting mankind.

Gulliver Brimstone is now Britainís first line of defence against the supernatural.


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