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Liquid Revolver ($6 cover, 60 B&W pages, various artists) In 1944, two young scientists at the University of Gdansk were researching the deepest realms of the human brain. But what started as a way to better human kind unexpectedly turned into warped experiments of mind manipulation to further the Nazi cause. Matt Dembicki (Mr. Big, Animal Stew) writes this science-fiction/adventure thriller with art by a team of high-octane artists from the D.C. Conspiracy, including Scott White, Chris Piers, Malcolm Jone, Dale Rawlings, Mike Short and Izzy Iszard.


Besides Slam Bang #4 vol III, Fan-Atic Press will also release issues #3 and #4 of the four part comic book series: Rock and Roll Death Wagon by Edward Bolman and Cat Noel. This series follows a girl working at a very busy tattoo parlor. The art and story will blow you away! Ed has really pulled out all the stops on this series and it all wraps up in issue #4. "Difficult cover-ups! Asbestos cupcakes! A sinister use for a litter box! Preppies! Junkies! Recovering Nazis! The Grim Reaper! It's business as usual in North Hollywood." Full size black and white comics with color covers. 28 interior pages. Be sure and pick them up at the Fan-Atic Press booth at SPACE!



Euni the Unicorn #1 by Kris Lachowski (Mean Goat Comics) A Magical story of a young woman's struggle to defeat the common cold with the help of her new "friend". Despite bright pretty colors and the unicorn on the front cover this comic probably isn't appropriate for young children. At least not young children with parents that would try to sue me for damage to their child's fragile psyche. This is ironically due to childishly gross humor and also oxymoronically due to mild adult language.




IF-X #9 is our APRIL FOOLS issue this year, celebrating fools, foolishness, and folly, featuring: Tony Miello's "Gapo the Clown" Adam Wilson's "The Spoils of Work" Dan Rafter's "The Baby Button" and Michael Marcus' "Seven Tiny Epics"


Cerebus Readers in Crisis #4, from Effing Magnifier Productions, will be another anthology comic with submissions from:  former Day Prize winner Steve Peters; regular SPACE vendors Max Ink, Matt Dow, and Jeff Seiler; previous CRIC contributor Elizabeth Bardawill; and a preview of the animated Cerebus 3D project from Oliver Simonsen.  Look forward to a return to stories of actual Cerebus readers in actual crises!  The cover will once again feature new art from Dave Sim, along with autographs of all of the creators in the limited signed and numbered edition

Tim Corrigan’s MIGHTYGUY –Out To Lunch! $3.00, 28 pages of stories in black and white, color covers. Full size comic.

This crazy, comedy comic is a joint effort (First time ever!) of New Voice Publishing and Fan-Atic Press.

Tim Corrigan has pulled out all the stops with 6, count them, 6 stories in one comic book! "Mightyguy in a New Reality", Large Marge "A Villain is Born", Betty Hogsome in "the King and I", Marvin Ferble in "Hat’s off to Larry!", Fred and Marvin in "The Power of Persuasion!", Fred ‘n’ Marvin in "First Contact!". Funny, mixed up stories of Mightyguy and his publishers Fred ‘N’Marvin plus some other characters you’ll love to love. Yeah, this is the same Mightyguy that Tim Corrigan has been writing and drawing stories of for years! See the back cover of this comic for a way to get many more of Tim’s great books! Look for the Fan-Atic Press booth at SPACE! And visit: of course.

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