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TINY LIFE by Nick Jones

Banished from his foster family for his bizarre actions, Jed searches out an old friend and a new place to live. Unfortunately, in order to find this friend, Jed must journey to the most miserable place he’s ever known: his childhood home. Eccentric characters – including an all-but-invisible old man, a former nun who had an extraordinary relationship with his late father, and an oddly morose narrator - line the way. Ultimately, his search leads him to learn divine truths about both his father and his own unusual existence.

TINY LIFE is a radical departure from conventional comics. There are no super-heroes, there is no manga. There are no post-apocalyptic vampire-cyborgs who terrorize the zombie populace while simultaneously falling in love with the one shy yet very attractive girl who’s just coming into her own. It is the completely original story of Jed, a stick-figure in a world of flesh, who must eventually learn – like we all do – the truth about himself, about relationships, about God, and about reality. TINY LIFE is about the world behind things.



The Death of Ginger Fierbusch by Rickey Gonzalas

Synopsis: The death of Ginger Fierbusch has not only rocked the world of the local drag scene, but also that the extreme Christian right and the news media. This has left her two closest friends, Camero Rouge and Teta Rosa in it's wake to expound upon her death in an attempt to make some sense of it all.


HOUR 72!
by Marek Bennett

Marek Bennett's three-part romp through some rather bizarre corners of the 24 Hour Comic universe, featuring:

Dog Bless America ~ When a washed-up secret agent hound-dog finds himself betrayed by an incompetent Commander-in-Chief, he reaches for the ultimate top-secret weapon…

Cuppy and the Gang… Go on a Date! ~ A talking cup takes the entire household out on a blind date… with disastrous consquences for everybody’s sanity and sense of self!

The Making of… ~ What happens when a 24 Hour Comic sets out to document its own creation? (Lots of strange surprises, apparently!)





APPEELING: The Best of Bo Nanas" by John Kovaleski (MAD Magazine) Thrill to the adventures of a three-foot talking monkey as he makes his way in the human world. This volume collects the cream-of-the-crop of this syndicated comic strip seen in newspapers from the US to Norway, from Australia to Taiwan. Each book is personally signed with a little drawing. Fun for the entire family! Makes a great gift! Contains no trans fat! Get more info at:

Lost Kisses #9 & #10 by  Brian John Mitchell will premiere at SPACE .


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