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Potlatch Project #4 Anthology publiched by Angry Dog Press.  Cover by Joanne Mutch.



Prowl by Pat Lewis


Slam Bang #6 --40 page digest, color covers, $3.00.
This is the Explosive Comic Anthology--Slam Bang, and this is the
fake advertising issue! Fake ads and stuff with an advertising slant that will make
you laugh by: Christina Wald (cover), Dean LeCrone, Jim Siergey, Roger Langridge,
Tyler Sticka, Edward Pun, Brad Foster, Ryan Estrada, Eric Weems, Nathan Bisset, 
Scott McClung, Russ Maherus, Christopher Weller, Lawrence miller III, Nate Corrigan,
Chris Bailey, Shane White, John Carlton, and the illustrious Allen Freeman who also
is the editor, with help from Todd Ritter from time to can't possibly
go right...I mean wrong, with this issue!


Stars by Bob Corby

16 page mini-comic salute to Van Gogh's Starry Night. With a block print cover. (Not actual cover shown)



Rawboned #2 compiles the weekly one-hour comic strip
by Matt Dembicki featured at The
book's 82-pages are packed with comics that are based
on observations, contemplations and exaggerations.
Three-color silkscreen cover. $2.


114pg. - Color - $25
Whisp is a drug that can grant glimpses of the future. Curtis Blake is 
a whisp addict obsessed with the past. Trapped in a government run 
rehabilitation center without trial or due process, Blake is forced to 
confront old enemies, haunting memories, and the creeping broken glass 
spider legs of withdrawal. Collecting the first three issues, WHISP: 
LYING THERE, BLEEDING ushers you into a weird noir world where one 
injection can show you your future just before it's taken away from you.

by Damian Duffy & Dann Tincher

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