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Lil' Dude
Lil Dude is an all ages comic strip about an imaginative kid in a nuclear African American family that sees the world as know one else does.  There is a large cast of supporting characters that all represent the different funny ways that different types of people interact in the real world.  Reminiscent of "The Simpsons" and "Calvin and Hobbes" meets "Everybody Hates Chris."  Loosely based on the life of the creator, Lil Dude is an everyday kid in an everyday world and seen through his eyes nothing is quite as normal as you may think.  This is where comedy ensues.  You never know what he might say or do.  Lil Dude has crazy comic twists and turns that make the comic unique, his best friend Terry is the typical "I don't care what you think" kid and a mysterious Pig Samurai that lurks in the neighborhood.  Ok, Lil Dude's world may not be all THAT normal.  



BY Doug Baron

64 pages  Black & White interior

$6.95 cover price


3 Comedy/Adventures stories in all.

First--we find New Orleans detectives "The Flying Quasimodo Brothers" out to stop "Zombfear" and his Pan Flute of Terror.  The brothers are following the  trail of stolen Michael Jecksin articles and are deadset of keeping Zombfear from his prize possession---a life-size, wax figure, of the pop superstar. 

The second story finds alien Boxer "Sugar Ray Finhead" up against the difficult decision.  After accidentally putting an opponent in the hospital--Ray must face the difficult decision of a possible early retirement from the ring. 

Finally---Little Jim-Bob Big Foot and his pal are being hunted....and it's all for a wild life television show.  Can they avoid the persistent encounters of "Stosh Earwig the Critter Stalker" and his entourage of Crocidilemen Camera Crew?



by Eric Adams


In the continuing story: Fahrenheit recruits Cog into his roguery and 

vandalistic acts, but their alliance is short-lived when Kelvin 

broadcasts to the world that Fahrenheit, his own brother, is the so-

called 'phantom vandal.' Charged up on media-hype, The City erupts 

into riots causing Fahrenheit to question his actions and the 

resulting chaos they have created.


ISSUE 4 of 7 | BLACK & WHITE | 40 PAGES | $5.00



Onyx City Limits presents Lil' Nikke, Ninja Smasher. The police are at a loss to keep the criminal element from over taking the town, but by peculiar circumstances a 9yr old Girl comes to the forefront. She's a hip hop superhero - Lil' Nikke, Ninja Smasher. B/w $5.00

50 pages of bonecrushing action.



Title: Fabricari, Ad Hoc
Creators: Steve "Fabricari" Harrison and Adam White

In a post-industrial cyberpunk future in which humans have been rendered obsolete by robot labor, Myron Makere is the wunderkind scientist known as the Fabricari the architect and creator of the machine men that enforce the new world order. However, Makere's mechanical children have little respect for their "father." The same cyborgs and robots he designed for a quick dollar have turned against him. Now he is running for his life, hunted down by the bloody dictator who has risen to power using Myron's creations. In a hell of his own devising, can the Fabricari find redemption

Fabricari: Ad Hoc collects the first year of the webcomic of the same name drawn by Steve Harrison and written by Adam White. The comic strip started as an artistic experiment in spontaneous collaborative cartooning. However, artist and writer soon found their tale developing quickly into a dense, multi-layered cyberpunk thriller exploring the themes of synthesized humanity, artificial experience, and the problem of human culture's technology outracing its ethical and moral integrity.

Website: (Available in it's entirety)
Available from Lulu:




Miracle Force 18 is a 20 page digest with a color cover. This long overdue issue is penciled and inked by the great Joe Gravel. The gang does battle this time with a walking brain named The Optimizer! This

issue oozes with fun! Story by Jerry Smith. $3.00 cover price. Special SPACE price, 2.00


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