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Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire


Conquering the world is a tough business. To stay competitive, a villain needs a team of competent professionals. These highly skilled men and women handle every detail of the business of Evil. They genetically engineer monsters, build orbital laser platforms, tie up captive heroines, and blow stuff up. It's a difficult job, but for minions Zephyr DeCastle and Reginald Ertz, it's a calling and a way of life. Now, at last, their story can be told. Dandelion Studios presents Zephyr & Reginald: Minions for Hire #1: The Untimely Demise of Cold Shoulder, by Rick Silva and Gynn Stella. Debuting at SPACE 2005.

Corkey Comics is proud to present Zed: Backstage Pass, a collection of the 
whimsical self-syndicated comic strip. Zed is the tale of a "laundry 
dweller" retiring from the world of dryer lint and fabric softener to pursue
his dreams. He rents a mailbox from a loving family and then begins his 
adventures. Zed is a comic strip with touching charm and has been called a 
"warm hug" by readers.

Sgt Death, the time traveling grim reaper, takes you through macabre tales of  brutal combat in the steaming jungles of Viet-Nam.  This two part series is in the spirit if G,I, Combat, SGT Rock and Weird War of the famous DC and Marvel comics series of the 1960’s. By John Clellen

Look for issue three “Back In Iraq”  as the on-going saga moves into modern warfare and current controversial issues 


Flummery has returned to reclaim its place in the opulent world of mini-comics. Sans Scott Mills, Jeff Sharp has been working overtime to bring you 40 entertaining pages in this new 10th Anniversary Edition. A real bargain at $3 postpaid. E-mail us to inquire about our limited hardbound edition. Premiering at SPACE 2005....preorder yours today.


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