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"Dare" is an eighty-page adult graphic novel set in the world of espionage.
Sylvia Dare is a U.S. government weights and measures division agent who is far 
more than she seems.  No background, no name, and no back-up when things get hot
and heavy.  It's just the way she likes it.
Dare is written and created by Nik Havert and brought to life by Renatus - the one-man
art team from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  They're the same team who created the
sold-out sensation, "Big Breasted Vampire Death."  "Dare" sells
for 8 bucks and is ad-free.


"Cerebus Readers in Crisis #2", an Effing Magnifier Publication, will be premiered at SPACE 2007.  It will be in the 'zine format (or, 8 1/2 X 11"), black and white with a color cover, and will be an anthology.  At the time of this writing, the anthology consists of illustrated stories of varying lengths by seven different artists.  In addition, Dave Sim will be contributing all new cover art to the project.  Limited editions, signed by some of the artists and numbered, will be available at SPACE, as well as by mail.


Cornelia Cartoons by Kel M. Crum

Cornelia Dodson decides to enter the world of small
press, helping to create a minicomic that proves more
potent than she anticipated. All that and a bunch of
one-page items. 20-page zine for $2.00


The Orgasmic Faces of Lucifer by Ryan Gelatin

"Keeping it weird"

Salvager Kain #1
In the world of Salvager Kain, everyone "on the outside" is an exile of 
The Kingdom, a great veiled empire that seems defended and defined only 
by its impenetrable, infinite wall. Some outcasts struggle to get back 
in, some struggle to survive being cast out, but all have to cope with 
the same induced condition: wiped memories of one's life inside, and an 
overwhelming yearning to return.
Kain's story begins like all the others' -- dragged out and left with 
just the clothes on his back. He doesn't know anything of who he was 
before, or if he'll live long enough to answer who he'll be tomorrow. 
Monsters want to eat him; hunters want to recruit him. Nature itself is 
actually betting he'll fail. Kain's only hope of survival is to salvage 
new strengths, from whatever he can find... and to avoid the crazies, 
wherever possible.
A humorous mix of fantasy and mystery, Salvager Kain is a new ongoing 
minicomic series from Fool's Gold Press creator Paul Sloboda. The first 
issue is 24 pages of black & white art with a color cover, sells for 
$3, and will be premiering at SPACE. Other minicomic titles available 
from Fool's Gold Press include Exit At The Axis, Fool's Errand, Power 
Moves and Tales Of October.
The Haunt of Horace by Ken Henson, Mark O'Neill, Matt Wright,
Paula Menetrey, and web designer Clay Smith
Issue 1:
This premiere issue begins the journey of Horace the vampire boy and
his Big-Dumb Hell. This issue contains one 25 page story and other
goodies!  28 pages/saddle stitched
Issue 2:
Horace's world is turned upside down in more ways than one with the
arrival of satanic alien clones!  Four short stories and other
goodies.  28 pages/saddle stitched
Ghost Girl #1 Ashcan Premiere Space Edition
Writer Kreig Alkire 
Artist Keith Newsome
Everything was fine until Alex turned 11 years old. Then she
disappeared...but what they didn't know was that she was still there... all
ISSUE 1 (ashcan starter) of what will be graphic novel 
Black & White, Ashcan has 8 total pages | $1.00

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