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Slam Bang #3, vol III (or issue #43) from Fan-Atic Press. Editor/Guru- Allen Freeman. 200 pages of black and white (some with gray tones) comic stories, digest, full
color covers, $9.99. This issue is sporting the theme: Mostly True Stories, and includes an interview with the massively creative cartoonist, Mark Martin, and an
interview with actor/publisher Mark Innes!

See some mostly true stories (some are clearly not true, but still good) from such talents as: Michael Wurl (also did the cover), Brad Foster, Clint Basinger, Mark Monlux, Chris Moshier, Giancarlo Lima, George Hartman, Jim Siergey, Jeff Sorrell, George Hartman, Gord Cummings, James Stanton, John Lustig, Dan McConnell, Mark Martin, Marianne R. Petit, Allen Freeman, Matjaz Bertoncelj, Max Ink, Patrick Hickey, Rodolfo Buscaglia, Roberta Gregory, Joyce Glasgow, Rory McConville, Brent Giles, Wes Huffor, Jaymes Reed, Spyros Verykios, Steve Keeter, Larry Blake, Steve Rasnic Tem, Tim Corrigan, Tommy Reeves, Travis Legge, J.T. Blevins, Dan Lauer, Chad Lambert, Louis Ivan Flores, David Johnson Jr., Allan Strong, Quinton for all the details.


Plastic Farm : Sowing the Seeds on Fertile Soil

by Rafer Robers

Chester Carter has issues. He was abandoned as a baby,
raised in a haunted psychiatric hospital, has a
dinosaur-riding cowboy living inside of his head, and
just might be the most important person who has ever

Now, he sits in a nameless airport bar telling his
life story to a bunch of people who really couldn?t
care less.

These are the stories about Chester Carter?s reality,
and the people (a washed-up celebrity, a foul-mouthed
four-eyed demon monkey, a pair of zombie cops,
cannibal farmers, religious zealots, an assassin with
a heart of gold, an airline baggage handler) who have
to live in it...



Plastic Farm: Fertilizer

by Rafer Roberts

There are an infinite number of tales to tell from the
world of Plastic Farm. These are three of them.

April, 1972. Living on a compound surrounded by those
who have rejected the reality that modern society has
imposed upon us all, Jonathan Picanos has begun to
experiment with new forms of meditation and
self-mutilation. His friends, while recognizing that
Jonathan has become adept at his mastery over nature,
do not realize the depths to which he has gone. When a
new threat to their way of life emerges from the
shadows, will Jonathan?s mastery over reality save his
friends and family, or will he lead them all to death
and damnation?

April, 1997. Eliza Dorne is an assassin and, while she
is quite good at her job, wishes to retire. She has
completed what she hoped was her final mission, but
her employer (a man known by many names, but most
commonly known as The Reverend or The Smiling Man) is
not so eager to let her go.

April, 1994. Frank and Benny were two honest cops
killed while staking out the handoff of medical files
between a junky and The Smiling Man. Now they find
themselves resurrected and performing menial tasks as
an undead zombie-like janitorial staff.

Three seemingly unrelated tales detailing three
separate events that will reshape the lives and
realities of all who dare enter the world of Plastic

"Cerebus Readers In Crisis #3 is a new anthology from Effing Magnifier Productions. This year's issue, as usual features new art by Dave Sim, the eight-page "Crisis? What Crisis?" by Elizabeth Bardawill, a one-pager entitled "Job Opportunity", and an interview with Dave Sim by Jeff Seiler, about Glamourpuss, Sim's new comic book. The interview also contains the first mention and description by Sim about his soon-to-be released "Secret Project #1"."
Lapses in Judgment
by Kathy Peterson

The complete collection of the first year of Kidnapped by Gnomes comics.
"Lapses in Judgment" chronicles the absurdness of American life through
the eyes of Ed and Wilson, two little gnomes whose propensity for mischief
is not limited by their size.

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