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Panel: Work

The proactive writers/artists collaborative known as Panel don't outsource their work. The just-in-time delivery of the 11th volume of their popular anthology was actualized in Columbus, Ohio. PANEL: Work is an inter-office envelope full of client-focused, best-of-breed publications created by a synergistic group of talent. This impactful volume offers a new paradigm for this organization and yours. Guaranteed to provide a high return on investment, this low-hanging fruit debuts at SPACE late in the first quarter of the year.



CONCEPCIÓN by Rickey Gonzales

Connie is sad. She has a right to be sad though. It seems as if she is losing all the people around her who mattered most. But when she seeks comfort by delving deeper into the one thing that's gotten her through all the rough moments of the past sixty years, her faith, she finds that the answers aren't so black and white as the bible stories of her childhood.



"Super World"
by Kenn Minter & Clarence Pruitt
Published by Near Mint Press
24 pages, Black and White
$3.49 each

"Super World" is a new, one-shot anthology featuring
short, snappy, satirical tales of self-absorbed and
pathetic superheroes. In "Super World" you'll meet
"Incredo-Lad," "the Z-Squad," "the ZZZip," Love
Lantern,' plus many more!

From the same creative team that brought you "the



Paper Flowers: Book One by Megan N. Corby

Young Chad is the one to give the bad news to his friend, Ziya. Eleven years later Chad is asked to help stop the kidnapping of young women. 24 page digest with full color covers.  $2.00



Cornelia Cartoons #10 by Kel Crum. Dangerous Bird
16 pages. B&W. $2.00. Cornelia Dodson witnesses a
crime and considers the Witness Protection Program,
then later discovers a particularly intense brand of
ice cream.

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