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While brothers Fahrenheit and Kelvin are away in prison for separate
crimes, we take a trek into their childhood. What events have shaped
their lives? Why is Fahrenheit angry and defensive? Why is Kelvin
sadistic and insane? And how did Fahrenheit get his cat? Questions
answered! Secrets revealed! Well, sort of.




Wasted Paper by Ray Tomczak

Wasted Paper collects the first year of Ray Tomczak's popular comic strip Wasted Potential, chronicling the life and not so hard times of aspiring cartoonist, Norm Burns, and his friends and family.  On these 51 strips you'll meet Norm, his roommate, Bill, and his sister, Amy, and follow Norm to his 10 year high school reunion, after which we go back even further to the 1980's-- for a look at the college comic strip where Norm and Bill first appeared.



Untitled: Art Explorer Post 407 Comics Anthology #5

Untitled features work by the post members and advisors.  The book was put together specifically for SPACE 2008.  All proceeds from this book will be used to fund post trips and buy art supplies. 


Black Gold Black Water
by Robert James Algeo
in absentia press

BLACK GOLD BLACK WATER by Robert James Algeo, (creator of Skull Pen), is the newest comic from in absentia press. It takes place in a dark room while two friends talk trash about bands and try to burn one
another. And while there are no wailing guitars, we promise that there is a ton of noise in this comic. Seriously. Bring ear plugs.


Grimstone - Issue 3
March 2008
24 pages / full color

“Dawn of the Morningstar” - Part 3 of 3
The fate of Sara Morningstar rests in the hands of the evil demon Krulor! Will Sara end up the bride of a monster? Or will Ribcage and her newfound friends rescue her from Krulor’s fiendish clutches? And who is Mongo the Warlock?

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