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Urban Paper

A collection of 25 paper toys by an international group of artist, ready to be cut out and build. This book includes step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and a section about how to design your own paper toys from scratch. Plus, a bonus CD-ROM features patterns for all 25 toys and even more templates to print out. Complete with interviews from the toy designers, this fun guide gives you everything you need to build and even design your own cutting edge urban paper toys


By day he is CAPTAIN SPECTACULAR: mild-mannered super-powered hero. But by night, cloaked in the gloom of the darkened city, he stalks the streets as THE JANITOR, an obsessive custodian who has vowed to use his mighty power to clean up a city rife with vermin and lint. Catch his latest adventure, available at S.P.A.C.E. '09 for the first time!

Story & art by Nathan Corrigan

Published by Gumshoe Comics

$2.00, 24 pages, b/w + color cover




The Cosmic Norseman Versus New Super Duper Fun Comix #1.


"The Deadliest ice-sculpture contest in years!"

Creators: Clint Basinger of Cosmic Moustache Comics and Joseph Morris of Torc Press, combine their incredible might into one Stupendous comic. The Coolest characters from both universes collide!

Cover price: $3.00.



Haunted Heroes #1.


"Created in 24 Creepy hours."

What happens when fan-boys get locked in a haunted comic book shop?

--Ghostly super-heroes, with a hint of Monster.

--Learn each of their odd origins.

--Battle a new monster menace.

Cover price: $3.00.

Dawn's Dictionary Drama by John Blintz

Dawn's Dictionary Drama has a simple concept -- take random words and stick them into dialogue, signs, or sound effects -- that yields unpredictable and silly results. This all-ages Minicomic collects the first 55 installments of the first Dawn's Dictionary Drama story. Learn more at

Post Impressions

Vol. 1 Issue 1

The Art of Art Explorer Post 407

48 pages Magazine size $5.00


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