Premiere Comics P.2

The New Time Log (1 of 3) by  Nick Marino

Picking up immediately after the events of 2010's Time Log one-shot, The New Time Log takes you from present-day Pittsburgh to Neil Diamond's 1966 Manhattan music studio to the decimated future of 2069! This full-color sci-fi adventure features strange twists, wild humor, and tons of time travel fun. Learn more at 

Pangaea: The Mongoose Phalanx
by Kevin Wolf

Pangaea is a comic strip about the day to day idiocy of a monkey, a koala, and an alligator that live
together in the jungle. They have poor eating habits, sometimes drink in excess, and are generally silly.
Best described by one critic as, "Calvin & Hobbes on drugs, and very moody."

The Mongoose Phalanx is Pangaea's second compilation, featuring the further adventures of
Zephyr, Henry, and Kyle amidst the smoldering rubble of young adulthood. Lucid dreams, awkward romances,
day-job grumblings, artistic ridicule, Skynet, Malcolm X, and gruesome dogfights all in the second volume of Pangaea.

130 pages.
240 comics.

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Pangaea: Coloring & Activity Book
by Kevin Wolf

Based on the comic strip Pangaea, this activity book is fun for artists of all ages!
a variety of coloring sheets, word searches, puzzles, mazes, jumbles,
writing activities, weird birds, poetic tigers, angry owls, pop art, and much more!

50 pages

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"Steve Seck's
Life is Good #4 & 5

Hey!! It's issues 4 & 5 of Life is Good - a comic about an unemployed beer bottle and his homeless alligator friend - in one easy to purchase package! In issue #4, it seems like Brownie the beer bottle is finally getting his life back on track after being fired. To celebrate, he meets his pal Charles the alligator at their favorite bar for cheap drinks only to find out that the extremely unwelcome Sewer Gator has tagged along. Droll hilarity (and, regrettably, a pee joke or two) are present in abundance!
In issue #5, we get a look at how Unity Flower & Dr. Peace Rock first met & the evolution of their relationship over the years. Droll hilarity makes several appearances.

A 36 page comic magazine for $4.00!"


I'm not from here (volume 2)

by Kenn Minter

Published by Near Mint Press

128-page trade paperback


"Kenn Minter's comic strip I'm Not From Here is part autobiography, part commentary, and always amusing. Dry wit and sly humor await readers inside. The strips are about relationships, day-to-day life, cartooning, and an occasional digression into existential realms. Some of the strips are downright hilarious, while others are simply observations, commentary, or even reportage. It makes for a nice mix that works primarily because you feel like Minter is drawing the strip just for you. But you never know for sure where he's going to take you next."



Cornelia Cartoons #12 " A Pill Battle Part 2" by Kel M Crum

The new wonder drug Psychiatrex turns out to be more of a lightening rod than Cornelia anticipated in the conclusion of "A Pill Battle".

14 pages.

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