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F.E.D.s #12 by Steven Myers

Issue 12 of a comic is an important milestone!  Though F.E.D.s #12 does not indicate a years worth of monthly publication, I'm still rather proud I got this far!  Issue #12 tells the story of how the F.E.D.s battled King John and his minions in Burma in 1988.  20 pages of story for $1.





Yuri the Gypsy Hunter is a modern day tale concerning an orphan, a band, and lots of teenage angst. At its heart it’s a revenge story. We meet Yuri, discover his quirks and imbalances, and follow him on his journey to avenge his parents and figure out just who exactly he is.

written by Doug Hufford and drawn by Todd Beistel




Killer robots, Catholic school truancy, unhappy goats, massive explosions, cryptic wino revenge, termite invasion, and homicidal cavemen! Welcome to Mixed Feelings 3, an Urchin Collective comic anthology. True to its title, MF3 is a mixed bag of genres and styles by comic talent hailing from St. Louis, Missouri.  56 pages, b&w, standard size.


Publisher: G2 Comics
Title: Raptor Sniper
Description: ‎"I�m a trained killer… a hit-man… gun for hire…
Call it what you want, I kill people… and I�m good at what I do.
There�s just one problem, though...
Daniel Gracey
G2 Comics



The Moses and Bean series chronicles the lives of two characters with striking parallels. In volume 4 “The Animal Issue,” young Bean carelessly makes friends with the animal kingdom while her parents' marriage falls apart.10 pages, b&w, mini.


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