Premiere Comics P.4


Candy or Medicine Volume Thirteen
Edited by Josh Blair

The thirteenth installment of this very fine mini-comic anthology features sixteen pages of all-new comics by John Herman, Mark Hensel, Cameron Callahan, Chris Tupa, Katie Omberg, Brad Foster and Carl Alessi. With a cover by Ray N. Only $1!






An alien tale of redemption, death, and a dash of holy revenge

by James Porter



Radio Free Gahanna #2
The story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground.  Live in a place long enough, and the memories will  linger in the air like ghosts. Long separated  friends Sam and Syd have reconnect while
taking a hauntological, suburban dérive that may plant the seeds for their future. More indie rock romantic comedy from 2 Headed Monster

Written by James Moore
Art by Joel Jackson
Twitter- @2hmcomics







Preganacy Scare by Eddie Delaney

"For only fifty cents, read the true story of a boy's first encounter with the possibility of bringing another (semi)human life into the the fifth grade."



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