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Untitled #8

For the 8th year in a row, the Art Explorer Post 407 is back with a new anthology.  20 pages

. All proceeds in benefit of the Art Explorer Post to pay for art supplies and trips.  $2.00

TITLE: Plunger-Man and the Super Plumbers #2
AUTHOR: Ryan Dow
Scatmancer, Master of the Scatological Arts, and the 
Super Plumbers must defeat Fekofeliak before things
really hit the fan!
24 pages




Circuit Rider #1.
Take an adventure with the Circuit Rider. He is a pioneer preaching Christian journeyer. He travels through thick forests and dangerous mountain passes, to share the word of the lord.
Written and Drawn by Clint Basinger.


Tricker #1.
Drawn in 24-hours.
A great power lies in the flame of a Jackolantern. A man’s soul will be broken and reborn within that power. The Black-Seeds seek to extinguish it. The Tricker’s mission… To protect the flame of light.
Written and Drawn by Clint Basinger.




DC Conspiracy's MAGIC BULLET #2, features comics from some of the finest artists that our nation's capital has to offer (as well as from cartoonists from parts elsewhere). This second issue has a cover by Mike O'Brien and includes comics from Steve Becker, Carolyn Belefski, Lonny Chant, Andrew Cohen, Kevin Czapiewski, Matt Dembicki, Troy Jeffrey-Allen, Mal Jones, Evan Keeling, Stephen Loya, Jeff McClelland, Jeff McComsey, RM Rhodes, Rafer Roberts, Jim Rugg, Jake Warrenfeltz, Scott White, JT Wilkins (and more!).





Quinn's Adventures: A young rocket pilot and her best friend find adventure in the unknown of space. By Elaina Porter


The PANEL collective proudly presents the 17th volume of their PANEL anthology.

Like a ray gun to the face, like a shotgun blast from the past, like the deadly kiss of the Spider Queen -- this is Panel: Pulp. The 17th installment of the long-running indie comics anthology takes on the fast fiction of the past and force-marches it into the 21st century. Whether you're on the interurban train after a three-martini lunch, on break from making dive-bombers to blast the Ratzis, or huddled under the blankets with a flashlight, this mag's for you.

60 pages



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