Premiere Comics P.2


Blister: Hot for Teacher

By Eric J Cockrell


Things don’t go exactly as planned when Blister, Harv, and the crew try to garner some extracurricular publicity, by playing a show on the roof of their school. The story takes place in 1993, a couple years before the previous Blister comic and is fun for your whole family, as long as they aren’t fucking kids.


Dulce: The New Guy
Created and Written by Eric J Cockrell & Gene Hoyle
Pencils & Inks by Gregory Woronchak | Colors by Avery Ferdinand
Letters by Michael Waggoner | Edited by Chuck Pinea
What if it turned out that every supernatural conspiracy theory was true? Roswell happened, Area 51 is real, Aliens are conducting experiments on Earth, Big Foot exists, and strange things occur two miles below the surface of the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico at the mysterious Dulce Base.  Is it everything they say, or is it worse?

Marcus begins his first day at the mysterious base. With reptilians, fear deities, chimera, monsters, and a variety of races of aliens as friends; who needs enemies? Well, of course there’s one of those too!

"Cornelia Cartoons #15" 16-page B&W digest by Kel Crum. 

 Cornelia explores her inner super-heroine in a mash-up comic featuring art by Larry Blake. All that and other odds and ends. $2.00




E.D.C.L (Easily Drawn Characters League)- Limericks of Death:

Another Unofficial Minicomics Day minicomic by Bob Corby performed at Gem City Comic Con. Will the E.D.C.L survive? Find out by just asking Bob for a free copy at SPACE.



TRIAGE No. 1 (The Collected Tabula Rosetta)

Sarah Allen Reed's "Tabula Rosetta" is a tour-de-force in experimental and surrealistic horror. Melding together a diverse range of influences--including the stylistic tendencies and storytelling prowess of early wordless novelists and early underground comix, the works and mindsets of the Pre-Raphaelite, Art Deco and Art Noveau schools of artistic thought, and her own passion for esotericism, theology, and the occult--in a dark, moody, and surrealistic drag through the darkest parts of the collective unconscious, Tabula Rosetta is a must-read for anyone with a refined taste for the blackened mire of horror and noir. This trade paperback of the first three issues of Sarah's work, complete with art gallery and a thorough symbolism explanation, is a moonlit pool packed full of symbolism, mystery and intrigue that will leave you both gasping for air and wanting to be plunged back under the waters.


Far Tune Book 1 Autumn
by Terry Eisele and Brent Bowman

Far Tune is the story of Fartun Hashi, a fourteen-year-old Somali refugee girl living in Columbus, Ohio, who is about to start her 9th grade year at a private school named the Columbus Girls Academy


Treading Water by Nola Lee

"Treading Water" is a collection of curated journal comics from 2017 to early 2018. The journal pages reflect on staying afloat in the twilight of your twenties, swimming against the turmoil of societal standards, and the age old question every young adult asks- "What am I supposed to do now?" 

Staunch Industries is the leader of technological advancements in energy, teleportation, and space travel, thereby becoming the prominent provider of Earth’s consumer energy. The "Ambition” is their preeminent space station that resides in the most hostile environment known to man, the Sun’s corona. Staunch Industries is also in the business of creating genetically engineered worker clones who possess a low-capacity for sentience. In an curious turn of events, Staunch Industries has inadvertently revealed themselves to be the subject of an outside force that has been, presumably, steering them towards a greater purpose.


Issue 3:

Exploring a new dimension, Azarus becomes vulnerable and must battle for possession of one's most cherished asset.



 "Bitchin' Columbus" is the autobiographical mini comic series by Mike Eshelman exploring life in Beechwold, a tiny section of Columbus that was later absorbed into Clintonville.  See what the neighborhood looked like to a teenager in the early to mid 80s.


Frankenstein For Mayor is 76-page comic book about partisan politics.

Transylvania is not the territory you know. Situated around a castle, this Transylvania has endured for centuries under one man's rule, Count Dracula. The city has grown divided over time by three factions. The vampires have become the upper class and rule in their own favor. The witches have stopped voting since the leader of the coven was taken by the Nazis during World War II. The werewolves live in the outskirts of the city and are continually oppressed by the vampire police force. 

Myron, son of the Wolfric who is head of the werewolf clan, has demonstrated and stirred the city to unrest. To peacefully quell any rebellion, Dracula has decided to hold the first election in Transylvania's history for mayor of the city. Unfortunately,  Myron has been charged with killing another vampire while in werewolf form. With few other options, Wolfric has asked Indigo, head of the witch's coven, to resurrect Frankenstein in hopes of convincing him to run in the election. 

Plastic People #5:
Who is Shaniqua Jackson? Gabe and Liz report to there superiors to
develop a game plan on what to do about the first murder in LA in
twenty years.


Glimpses Of Life #5:
Cats! Celebrate those lovable, monstrous fur balls. Witness the
trickery, sneakiness, snuggles, scratches, and more!



Sam and Mickey feel like their lives have slipped out of their hands
so they've decided to leave it all up to chance by playing a deadly
game to find out which of them still has any luck left.










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