Premiere Comics P.2

5 O'Clock Shadow #28, premiering at SPACE! 


Issue #28 of the legendary anthology minicomic 5 O'Clock Shadow, published by the Hamtramck Wednesday Night Cartooning art gang. Featuring new comics by Matt Feazell, Jerry Dombrowski, Lynda Lyshak, Jim Mackey, Craig Payst, John Pirog, and Aaron Trudgeon. Cover art by Craig Payst. 



Lorreign by Glenn Brewer
 what seemed like an ordinary day, Lorraine Williams headed to her job as an executive chef at a small restaurant, expecting nothing unusual. She planned to order some produce, finish up paperwork, and motivate her staff to reach their monthly goals.  Instead, the world as she knew it came to an end.  Someone or something has caused everything to literally crumble around her.  Now, the only job she has is to stay alive.

From the outside, there seems to be nothing special about Lorraine.  But below her inconspicuous shell, there is an extremely resilient woman – a woman who has developed an uncanny ability to remain calm, adapt to adversity and thrive in an increasingly cruel world.  But will Lorraine’s remarkable triumphs from the past be enough to survive new and present dangers and the unpredictable future? 

The Red Dot by Michael Fehskens


A graphic novel of international feline espionage. A satire of Cold War era spy intrigue and current events. SEE IT!!!!




COSINE CADETS Volume #3: The Galaxy Cup! by Lee Smith

40 pages black and white $1.00 

Those exciting teens, The Cosine Cadets get to go to the event of a lifetime--The Galaxy Cup--but THEY have to keep the score in this complex game! Can they do it?  





Sugar Creek by Travis Horseman & Brent Bowman

The village of Sugar Creek, Ohio is, at first glance, an unremarkable place, a "wide-spot-in-the-road" on the verge of its 200th anniversary. Yet the land contains a dark history far older than the village itself, one of repeated slaughter and bloodshed, that has nurtured an unspeakable horror at its heart.  This horror now threatens to burst forth into the light of day.
Based on a Concept by Will Graver







Creepy Guide by Micheal Neno
Creepy Guide is a 12 page (including covers),  digest-sized TV memoir packed with memories, illustrations and movie posters! B&W, with color covers. $3



Lovey Dovey in "Forbidden!" by Michael Neno
Lovey Dovey discovers what she's not allowed to do! 16 page minicomic, full color, $3






Granate & Ruby by Bob Corby with help from his friends

The Spanish version of Garnet & Ruby which is a comic experiment done using the words Bob's friends sent him back in Feburary 2015.




Dutchy Digest #13 by Bruce Rosenberger and Steven Hager
The Case of Uncle Lester’s Laboratory Surprise.




"Dangerous Birds - 30th Anniversary Edition" 

16-page B&W digest by Kel Crum  $200 

A remake of my very first small press comic. The story of two birds who attack humanity through the legal system. 


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