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Kalanchoe Outlaws is a concept art zine set in a dystopian desert future. In this fictional world live the Kalanchoe Outlaws, bad babes on dirt bikes shooting cactus ray guns and never dropping their smokes. "Stay Dry, Aim High, and remember Kalanchoes 'r' Kweens!" by Nola Lee






Valedictorian USA #6 by Stephen Hines
An eclectic cast of American teenagers is assembled to match wits on Valedictorian USA, a fiercely competitive reality television show. As contestant after contestant is eliminated, the stakes get higher and higher. But the show's cast, crew, and audience could never have prepared themselves for the catastrophic fallout when one of the teen stars commits suicide.


Multi- Issue #3

written by Nick Dutro art by Patrick Lay

 Multi- is back with the third issue in the universe-hopping tale of two kids and a superhero. Rumor, Gregor, and Artist Man are still on the trail of the kids' missing parents when they end up on a world where no living person is supposed be!  Will they find the next clue to their parents' whereabouts? Will they be able to escape the ghastly world before they become spectres themselves? Find out in the next kid-friendly adventure!

Adventure Man #1 

22 pages Black and White $4.99
Plot: Matt Brassfield
Script: Jeremy Hoyt
Artist: Jeff Potter
Cover Colors: Wheeler Hall

Based on the 80's knock-off toy, Adventure Man springs to life to defeat evil in all its forms in this debut issue from Sparkle Comics!





William Purrburger - Bad Cat Burglar! By Michael Fehskens

What happens to a bad cat burglar? He goes to JAIL! A comic-children's book hybrid about the economy and justice system of the town of cats! Glows in backlight.





Conjuring Day By Michael Fehskens

A spooky story for Halloween & the autumn season. Spencer Giblin the Goblin child goes go-karting with his monster friends on his conjuring day.




"Mr. Trout" by Andrew Davis

Mr. Trout is a friendly surface-dwelling fish who wants to live a life of peace. Too bad Martin the Worm won't let him! 

This zine contains a complete short cartoon pitch that was presented to Nickelodeon. 48 pages of frantic fish follies and adorably homicidal earthworms. Also contains strips from the author's Samantha Comics website that inspired the tale of the dapper Mr. Trout and his worm nemesis!


E.D.C.L. (Easily Drawn Character League) by Bob Corby

Bob tackles a super group for the first time in 20 years and solves the problem of drawing all those characters in every panel. Performed at the Unoffical Minicomics Day at the annual Indie Comics Fair at the Ace of Cups in Columbus OH. Price: Just ask Bob for one at the show and if he deems you worthy you shall recieve it.

P.S. This comic was drawn while standing up. You've been warned.



















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