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Oh,Comics! #22 "Time"

15 time-based strips by Craig Bogart, Tony Goins, Kel Crum, Bianca Alu-Marr, Steve Peters, Matt Feazell, Ben Small, Derek Baxter, Brian Canini, Michael A. Carroll, Pam Bliss, Steven Myers, Dale Martin, Sue Olcott, Matt Levin Brent Bowman and Bob Corby.  84 pages.  A mere $5.00 at SPACE. Most of the contributors will be at the show!


"Art War" combines the collectible card game with
artists' trading cards.  Twelve artists each did a
series of nine cards this first version of the
concept, which is based on the traditional card
game WAR.  Buy decks, duel, and the trading begins.
New decks are in the works, including "Comic Art
War," which will feature cartoons from each of the
participating artists, and "Performance Art War,"
featuring photos of fire-spinners, dancers,
magicians and others as they amaze their crowds.
Interested in joining the Art War?  Ask Michael for
more information.



IRON HORSE is a gritty western story with lots of bandits, bullets, and blood! Book One (of Nine) is 32 pages in full color written by KT Swartz with artwork by Mikey Crawford, and is the first comic from Blazing Sofa of Columbus, OH. Cover price is $4. It is for mature readers



Persia Blues, by Dara Naraghi & Brent Bowman
Published by NBM Publishing

Minoo Shirazi is a rebellious young Iranian woman struggling to define herself amid the strict social conventions of an oppressive regime and the wishes of an overbearing father.
Minoo Shirazi is also a free-spirited adventurer in a fantasy world, a place where aspects of modern America and ancient Persia meld into a unique landscape.
Blending Eastern and Western civilization with elements of ancient Persian mythology, Persia Blues explores the intersections of guilt and freedom, family and self, ancient myths and modern enigmas.




Crackerstacker #4:
One sixteen year old, one flowing, stylish mullet, one box cutter…follow the true misadventures of Stephen Hines over the span of his twelve year career in the grocery business.


Mixed Feelings vol. 6
Mixed Feelings is back with St. Louis' biggest--and daresay
best--collection of local indie comics yet.  MF6 packs a punch with
works from comic perennials such as Matt Bryan, Mike McCubbins, Aaron
James Ford, Jeff Elden, Marie Enger, Joe Bufalo, Kita Parnell, Steve
Higgins, Corey Tyson, Jeanie Bryan, and many more!
112 pages

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