Premiere Comics P.2


A cyberpunk slice-of-life following two aging hackers-for-hire on a job to commandeer a space-based advertising platform. Written by Eric Adams, Art by Jerem Morrow.




An Amish family feud escalates into a battle of giant-sized, wooden robots! It’s the world’s first entry into the exciting Amishpunk genre!  Written by Eric Adams. Art by Jeremy Treece.


Oh,Comics! #23 “Music”- The 2015 edition featuring comics by Bianca Alu-Marr, Steve Peters, Craig Bogart, Pam Bliss,  Matt Levin, Kate E. Lore,  Jared Wenzel, Erik McAlister, Steven Myers,  Michael Anthony Carroll,  Kel Crum, Ben Small,  Troy Verasis, Tanmoy Das, Nick Schley and Bob Corby.

Disposable Fiction is a one-shot anthology of 15 self contained stories ranging from five to twenty pages each. The book is 126 pages long, including credits. All of these stories are in black and white. Each story has a different artist, but the same writer. The material of each story is quite different. In one story, a schizophrenic homeless man is driven to save a young boy in peril. There's a story where a gay man and a bachlorette move in together once the government passes a law that states that all single people must be married to someone of the opposite sex by the age of thirty. In another story, a forest nymph becomes human and takes over the corporation that is poisoning her forest. There's also an action tale about a race across town to get into a secret spy organization. All this and still eleven to go.


Modern day Transylvania is a wonderful tourist destination for people provided they don’t look too hard. Should you peek through the magical veil you would find a place inhabited by the monsters of local lore. The city has been divided by the greedy vampires, the cowardly witches and the disenfranchised werewolves.
Dracula has traded his Count title for that of Mayor and it’s been that way for far too long. The werewolves and the witches have joined together to bring about a new leader. He’s the only person to ever stand up to Dracula, but he’s been dead for over 200 years. Get your ballots ready for the new mayor in the first of six issues for FRANKENSTEIN FOR MAYOR!

Dax by Jess Boudrie

Dax is a hardened Space Mercenary who's used to being his own boss. At least until he discovers a stowaway aboard his ship. The overly-energetic 11-year old hacks his controls, eats his snacks and steals his room before charming her way into his family's dinner.

The Oven
by Sophie Goldstein.
Published by AdHouse Books
Ozone depletion and dwindling resources have driven the human race into domed cities where population controls are strictly enforced. When a young couple goes looking for an anti-government paradise in the desert they may have found more than they bargained for.















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