Premiere Comics P.3

Multi-  by Patrick Lay and Nick Dutro

Issue 1

RUMOR and GREGOR EDISON are searching the multi- for their parents and enlist a superhero, ARTIST-MAN, to guide them on their journey. Join us for the first issue of mult-, an all-ages reality spanning tale, premiering exclusively at SPACE 2015.

Issue 2

The first adventure continues in issue two. Rumor and Gregor Edison take Artist-Man for his first trip across the multi- to a dangerous world full of the tribal CAZTEKS. Find out in multi- #2, premiering exclusively at SPACE 2015.



The Washington Tragedy Part One by R. Hendricks

Description: Daniel Edgar Sickles was a rising political star in the United States in the years leading up to the Civil War. He had achieved both personal and professional success. He had many close and powerful friends in Washington D.C. including President James Buchanan. Yet, Sickles’ world was about to be turned upside down by a series of events…



Stranger Two Stranger Volumes 5 by R. Hendricks

Description: A sixteen page mini comic featuring stories of missed connections found on Craigslist from the cities of Detroit, Chicago, New York and San Francisco.



The Disappearance of Gordon Page, Jr. 

Description: Gordie Page, 28, vanished from his bedroom at a foster care home in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the night of May 27, 1991. Page left no clues as to where he was going or why he left the home. He was not carrying any identification or cash when he left. The case remains unsolved.


Drink More Water 3  

 The third installment of this series takes a turn for the better focusing on short stories and a more well rendered finish unlike it's predecessors. Featuring storie like "Weird Wild Weekend", An unlikely tale from a summer camp, "Birding", a Jedvis and Chris-head story, "Pussies in Topsville" a tormenting look at self defeat, "The Detective and McGill" A mystery turned twistery, "Bowling" A story about the author being a dick, and more!



Woodstalk #5 by Bruce Worden

Woodstalk is the forgotten story of the zombie outbreak at Woodstock in 1969, told one band at a time. In "Evening Raga" a pair of streetsmart hippies lose almost everything they own, but receive a message or two from beyond. Is it a prophesy? A calling? Or maybe just all the sitar music in the air...

R is an all ages time travel comic adventure series where two unlikely partners are hunted through time by an alien race, and fight to ensure the safety of the planet, without altering history and destroying the planet themselves by Alex Healey & Kim Wallin

Dawn is the story of a young man who is forced to live his life out of sequential order, trapping himself between the mental institutions of his past and the oncoming dragon apocalypse of the future. By Alex Healey & John McCoy



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