Premiere Comics P.3

Black Ansaar and Other Stories vol. 2
 by Brian Cote, Louis Tyler Simmons, and Rebecca Hubble The second volume of Catalyst Comics anthology series. Tales of drama, suspence, and action. Includes the second installment of the sci-fi epic, the Black Ansaar.




Vagabond Comics Anthology #2

"Scraps is the second issue of the Vagabond Comics Anthology featuring edible adventures by eight different artists. Find more information at"



Packing Peanut Blues by Bob Corby

An unoffical Minicomics Day minicomic performed in 2 hours at this years Indie Comix Fair at the Ace of Cups. 8 page mini 25 cents.



Collision Course volume 2

by Marissa Luna and Melissa Mariko Kieselburg

The queer roller derby series continues! Abby finally feels comfortable on skates, but getting along with her teammate Sylvia is proving to be an even greater challenge.



The Terible Threes by Amy Coelho

There's nothing quite like the stress of parenting, especially when you have THREE kids hell bent on destruction! Read as The Terrible Threes best their mom and dad, over and over again, in hilarious new ways. If you like cursing children and dark humor,thisbook is for you!


Pie & Mischief 4 by Marcus Coleman

Pie and Mischief 4 is the fourth installment of comics from the web comic Pie and Mischief. This issue features the premiere of the comic Bae City. Bae City is the story of two couples living in California and a slice of their life together. Also featuring some comics about hip-hop, puns, and history (three of my many vices).



A person wakes up on a stage with no understanding of where they are or what's happening, as if they were just born into this world in the seconds prior. Follow their short experience being acclimated to a world where a person's role is all they have. Written and Illustrated by Alissa Sallah, this short comic is simple and binary; unlike the world we live in.

Grixly 35

24 pages, black and white, half sized.
Elegantly designed, jam packed
Cooking with Grixly
The Penny
Dogs of The Future (parts one and two)
Internet Merchant
Grixly On A Trip
The Pizza Dumpster

and oh so much more



Sinaloa Cowboys is a mini comic adapting the lyrics of a Bruce Springsteen song from his 1995 acoustic album "The Ghost Of Tom Joad". It's a tale of Mexican immigrants who travel to the United States in hopes of a brighter future but fall prey to the lure of more money in the illegal drug trade. It's $4 all black and white 



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