Premiere Comics P.3

Glimpses of Life #6

Comics! Witness the origin of a cartoonist and thoughts on the medium.
Discover the importance of a good comic shop, Jeff Smith, significant
others, and more!




Applewood Canyon #1
Welcome to Applewood Canyon, your typical All-American suburb in all
it's Americana goodness. A new satire from Brian Canini.




Far Tune 2 #1 by Terry Eisele and Brent Bowman
Part 2 of Far Tune begins!
Far Tune is the story of Fartun Hashi, a fourteen-year-old Somali refugee girl living in Columbus, Ohio, who is about to start her 9th grade year at a private school named the Columbus Girls Academy




Silber Media Minicomics

Minicomics by Brian John Mitchell and Violet Mitchell and friends.



Fat Girl Love Club Issue 4 by Gabby Metzler
Jesus who? Our shy and fearful Becky's too busy getting high with her friends to write her Jesus Christ fanfiction these days. And there's a certain eternal all knowing force that is starting to take issue with our little Love clubs antics. 




Cryptid Adventures Issue 1  by Matthew Enstrom -16 page comic -When some aliens invade earth it is up to Bigfoot to stop them with a little help from the Loch Ness Monster. Also there is a 2 page short story of Mothman vs the Flatwoods Monster.





Harvey Stone Private Eye issue 1 by Matthew Enstrom -a 12 page mini comic - A noir style detective comic. When Private Eye Harvey Stone takes a missing person case he soon comes to find out that it is a more bizarre case then what he thought


C.C. Saturn; Intragalactic Bounty Hunter is the first issue of a new series by award winning artist Brent Bowman. It is a retro Sci Fi adventure in the Buck Rogers/ Flash Gordon style. Join our hero and her robot sidekick Bob as they fight villains and monsters and make the galaxy a safer place.



Y.A.C.A. Premieres 




Aubrey  and J.M Hunter : Puzzle Girl! 




Amelia Hay and Cherry Jones: Lost Kir Kishima Chronicles




Sunday Levesque's : Sunday Comics

Ceriyah Barne's : Xveria Regine:
The Search Begins


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