Premiere Comics P.3


En Ténèbres

By Joseph Freistuhler

Based on a true story, En Ténèbres takes place during the waning days of the hundred years war. The people of France have been devastated by seemingly never ending war and turmoil, but a horrific mystery is unfolding that is more terrible than anything they have ever encountered before. Something is preying on their children.

En Ténèbres is a gothic horror story set in 15th Century France, complete with werewolves, demons, and ghosts.



 With work as wide-ranging as rock posters, book covers, comics, T-shirts, and wedding invitations, Dorian Lafferre's brand of visceral design and energetic illustration is a young breath of fresh air in the world of graphic art.
DORIAN DRAWS! contains varied projects from 2011 to 2014, including the short comic Sunken and an excerpt from an adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's classic story, The Tell-Tale Heart.

8.5" x 11"
Full color
42 pages



Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores

Adapted from a true to life story about meeting The Ramones by Bela Koe-Krompecher from his popular blog about the Columbus punk and indie rock scene of the 90s. Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores is a story about the punk and indie rock scene of the 90s, from the record stores to the seedy bars. It harkens back to a day before celebrity culture made our idols unapproachable caricatures. On the edges, this comic is about a couple of goofy record store kids meeting the Ramones, at its core this comic is about a part of our past culture that is sorely missed.
Do You Remember Rock N Roll Record Stores will be a 24 page, B&W comic written by Bela Koe Krompecher, adapted by Ken Eppstein and illustrated by Andy Bennett.



ZZZ! by Bob Corby

A Minicomics Day minicomic produced at the Columbus Indie Comics Fair on March 8, 2014 at the Ace of Cups.  An existential drama featuring a packing peanut.  (What do you expect for 8 pages and 25 cents.)



"BAM TOO! :(Big Ass Mini-Comic), is 400 plus page undeground comics anthology featuring over 60 contributors including legends Matt Feazell, Jeffery Brown, and Tim Seeley as well as other creators such as Dave Degrand, Andy Hartzell and many more!"



Page Turner by Danny Ferbert
A writer dives into his subconscious to solve his writer's block where he comes face to face with his creation, Page Turner. Page Turner is on a mission to save his creator from falling into the wrong hands. Jump into a sci-fi surrealist story that resembles a prog rock record at times.



Electric Transit Vol 3 by Danny Ferbert
 The third volume collection of short story comix and bio comix. You'll find stories about my hitch hiking adventures. My observations of my family in New Hampshire and more

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