Premiere Comics P.3
"Soulcial Anxiety 2” by Cailey Tervo

"As it turns out, life does does continue after death. Along with crippling social anxiety. How is one anxious little ghost to cope?"  

Spinkicking their way out of minicomics, anthology appearances, sketchcards and's The Cute Ninja Coloring Book! A new collection of ninja cartoon art, designed to help you relax by coloring the many intricate, iconic illustrations, or simply make you smile and chuckle at its absurdity and joy by Michael A. Carroll. These ninjas are here to Shhh! your stress! 50+ one sided pages, 8.5x11, B&W (no, really?!?) $10.


The ForceMen's Guide to Good Health! by Michael A. Carroll. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse offer up healthy living tips and puzzles, because good health ain't the end of the world! A 24 Hour Comic Day 2016 special! 24 pages, B&W, minicomic sized. $2

The ForceMen How to Cope in These Troubling Times by Michael A. Carroll. Timely tips for managing the crazy in the world around you. Plus they kill some Klansmen. A MiniComic Day Special! 8 pages, B&W, minicomic. $1 


"Vagabond comics is back with one of our biggest issues yet, featuring 10 comics jam packed with icky goodness. Features work by Theo BosakSequoia BostickLindsey BryanAlex ChautinAmalia DeGirolamoAllison GajewskiBrian GleineRon HillMallow, and Salem Powell

And get a load of this awesome cover art by John G!"



Minicomics by Bob Corby

A collection of 5 Minicomics Day mini’s featuring Small Collisions (2011), Peaches, SPF (2013), ZZZ… (2014), Packing Peanut Blues (2016) and E.D.C.L. (Easily Drawn Character League) (2017). The linoleum cut cover comes in your choose of colors as long as it’s either yellow or orange. 40 pages for a mere buck!


The Clump #4 by Steve Steiner

The Clump #4 brings you 20 pages of newsprint goodness - Featuring comics, humorous ads, made-up movie reviews, classifieds, and why I hate squirrels!  $7.00

Read past issues of The Clump for free here:


Terrible Comics I Made In High School by Steve Steiner

 Venture into the strange, unsettling world of a teenage boy growing up in the late 1990s with Terrible Comics I Made in High School! These artifacts of my youth have been locked away in my mom's attic for over a decade and are now finally seeing the light of day. Issue #1 contains my first solo comic - Lumpy: Canadian Demi-God! Issue #2 features The Diamond Knight! Issue #3 is the super hero parody The Educating 4! $3.00 ea. 


Dutchy Digest #11

Amos, incapacitated by a fever, nevertheless takes on a case involving a barber's missing scissors. Amos has to face some dark memories in hopes of solving the case! Also included are another "Who's in the Outhouse" as well as pinups by some wonderful gut artists! Twelve pages of action, mystery, and humor! And all this is only a buck!

5 new minis from Silber Media!

Make Mine, Lil' Monster by J.M. Hunter


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