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infiREM is a journey into your own dreams, as you explore your own colorful unconscious mind in this first person graphic novel. (Part 1) by Alex Healey

Rock of Pages is one part semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story, and one part time travel sci-fi adventure! The story unfolds through a series of vignettes that combine to form a heartfelt and subversive portrait of life as both creator and creation. This volume collects the entire series, originally published at, plus exclusive bonus material
When The Heart Betrays The Blood is the story of a young Jewish girl’s escape from sexual abuse at the hands of her uncle via her strange relationship with the son of a white supremacist. Beyond this seemingly lurid setup the book raises complex ethical questions; is worse evil in actions or ideology? Is an otherwise benign man carrying a banner for an evil cause worse than a man who puts up an honest front while perpetrating terrible things? All these questions are answered and more in When The Heart Betrays The Blood, 120 pages of sumptuous black and white beauty and truth!
















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