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Bang Bang Goes Hunter by Danny Ferbert
 A story about bounty hunters that can never catch a break. Either it's celebrity chefs trying to get their revenge or reaching their final destination before their favorite movie has ended they have the worst luck.





J.T. Dockery's Despair volume 2 is the second of three volumes of Dockery's hybrid solo/anthology comic. This second volume includes new art and comics by Robert Beatty, Max Clotfelter, Dunja Jankovic, Matt Minter, Mark Rudolph and the titular J.T. Dockery.


Sham Posters by Tim Fuller



"Walt Doodley's Crocks and Stories". A 14-page digest featuring your friends from Doodleyland. Mucky Mess faces his most formidable foe, Gyro Gearless gets inventive, Gallstone Gander is up all night to get lucky, Ronald Muck wonders how the hell he got left out, and even Cornelia and Ed Thud stop by. What's not to love?"




Tell Tale Heart

 Hot young illustrators KC Anderson, Connor Brown, Dorian Lafferre, and Hannah Ploechl offer their idiosyncratic approaches to this modern-day update of Edgar Allen Poe's classic horror tale!

5.5" x 8.5"
Black & White
12 pages

The End #5
If the world was going to end in one week, how would you spend your remaining seven days alive? That is the question asked in this series of short stories, which shows how ordinary people react (or refuse to react) to their own impending doom. This series features two stories centered around the theme of Survival.
“At All Cost” – A group of astronauts hijack a space ship to try and hide at a space station, hoping that when the Earth is destroyed, they can return to it afterward. But, is survival at any cost worth the price?
“Deep Inside” – One man has a theory, to hide deep underground in the caves to wait out the end. Right or not, he begins his descent and starts planning for the future.
Both Stories Written by Shawn Padraic Murphy. 'At All Cost' Art by Sonia Liao. 'Deep Inside' Art by Kathleen Parker. Cover Art by Robyn Haley. Website:


When The Heart Betrays The Blood is the story of a young Jewish girl’s escape from sexual abuse at the hands of her uncle via her strange relationship with the son of a white supremacist. Beyond this seemingly lurid setup the book raises complex ethical questions; is worse evil in actions or ideology? Is an otherwise benign man carrying a banner for an evil cause worse than a man who puts up an honest front while perpetrating terrible things? All these questions are answered and more in When The Heart Betrays The Blood, 120 pages of sumptuous black and white beauty and truth!

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