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Paradise Prison, #1

Capstan Comics

Incarceration now takes place within a virtual reality world. The public knows it as "The Grid." The inmates call it "Paradise Prison." This is all part of the government's latest attempt at rehabilitation--to make prison a dream world so everyone will be paroled as model citizens. But Billy Flood and the rest of the inmates soon discover that parole is the equivalent of death. Someone, or something, doesn't want them to leave






Radio Free Gahanna#5- Written by James Moore,Art by Joel Jackson.Special note:This issue is a flipbook with two covers.The indie rock romantic comedy enters it second half as we see the the fallout of last issues turning point. Our leads are divided, and so is this issue.



Children These Days-Written by James Moore, Art by Lisa Sterle It’s 2076, do you know where your children are? In the cyper-punk fantasy retro-future it’s the same as it ever was. Teenage kicks right through the night! A limited a edition mini-comic. Part of the Elfpunk 2076 short story sequence.




Dutchey Digest #8 By Steven Hager , Bruce Rosenberger

In the 10 Anniversary issue, Amos Dingledorffer the dutchy detective tries to solve the Case of the Fear Market. Will Amos retrieve BW Scrappleson's most prize possession? Will Wilhelmina find all her buttons? Will Duke the chicken learn to type? Find out in Dutchy Digest #8! Plus surprise pin ups and a return of "Who Is In Das Out Haus".




The world is OVER SATURATED with superheroes. Most have moved to New York or L.A., bringing their dreams of world renown along. Some just can't leave the midwest behind. Taking place in Chicago, Rocket Monkey tells the tale of a self-centered, alcoholic primate who turns invisible when exposing himself and his quest to become the greatest hero the world has ever known."




"THE UNDAD by Stu Rase and Collin Hillyard


 The Undad is a lighthearted story of a daughter and her reanimated father. With the zombie plague is all but over, imagine the surprise as this new family moves into the quiet residential neighborhood. Will the Undad's memories of his previous life return? Or, at least, will he be able to control his undead impulses?"


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