Premiere Comics P.5

In 'My Hot Date', Noah delivers a great autobiographical comic. Covering his youth in suburban Phoenix as a poor, skateboarding, poser who gets his first 'hot date', this comic contains all the humor, sadness, empathy, and honesty we've come to expect from every comic this guy puts out. A true classic. 

Coming  to SPACE in July 2015, 40 pages, full-color, saddle-stiched.




On the streets, vengeance isn’t always wrong, and justice doesn’t always wear a badge. Sometimes justice wears a mask…

New from the writer/artist duo known as the Spicer Brothers, comes a three tale cycle of punishing vengeance and vigilante justice unleashed upon the uncaring streets of America. Two of the tales feature PLB Comics’ signature character, The Fall, while two of them feature the Spicer Brother’s own creation, the pyromaniacal vigilante Mulciber!

The Mean Goat #3: Expanded Horizons

by Kris Lachowski 

Life is too short to work a dead-end job. Unfortunately it only gets shorter for people who meet the Mean Goat. This experimental comic allows readers to stretch the few moments remaining in a young man's life.  $3.00




Where Is Document No. 30?
Google "Document No. 30" and "China" for info on this hidden document.
Mini comic sized; approx, 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". 8 pages. Color $1.00




Possum At Large just got smaller! Debuting at SPACE 2015, it's P@L #1, a new ongoing mini comic from Chad Lambert and Joe Gravel. P@L #1 is a tribute to the creators' favorite minis of all time! All in 8 little pages

"Things That Happen". 14-page minicomic by Kel Crum with strips featuring Ed Thud, Steve the Hungry Bird and others. $1.00. 

Stick Figure Presidents, 11 x 17 color poster depicting all 49 stick figure Presidents of the United States... starting with Ben Franklin


“Join Troy Boyle at his table for the premiere of “A Doctor for the Enterprise” a Star Trek / Doctor Who parody mashup drawn by Boyle and written by none other than David Gerrold (Star Trek original series episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.”) Each collector’s item is a signed, numbered and individually bagged edition.
















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