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The Chronicles of the Tal Nor #1 will premiere at SPACE 2015 with an exclusive pre-release SPACE edition. The regular edition is scheduled to be released Fall 2015.
The Chronicles of the Tal Nor is a high adventure fantasy comic written by T. Perran Mitchell with illustrations by Kelsea Jewell. Founded over 1,000 years ago by Lord Roderick the Wise, the Tal Nor is a force for Order in the Realms of Wynsel. From regional strongholds they send out their Rytiers to enforce order in the manner they see fit. They owe no allegiance to any King or Country but are respected and feared by all.  Our comic follows the adventures of a particular group of Rytiers from Western Kren and weaves together elements of criminal drama, inventive fantasy, and realistic heroes bringing justice to a lawless world.  For more information and free web comics head over to
This Limited Edition Exclusive comic will only be available to purchase at SPACE and with a print run of just 120, will be sure to go fast. If you want to reserve a copy please email us at with SPACE as the subject.
Cemetery Plots #1, a horror anthology, will be premiering at S.P.A.C.E. from new publisher, Empire Comics Lab.  Featuring talent from comics veterans, Dan Johnson (Dennis the Menace, Charlton Neo), Rodney Bennett (Charlton Neo), Barbara Johnson Kaalberg (Marvel, DC, Warp) and  Andy "Shaggy" Korty (The Manor) as well as new talent Alexter Albury, Gary O'Donnell, Eric Bowen, Rob Gant and Dave Hearn.  Empire Comics Lab celebrates creator-owned work and is preparing new comics for sale in the Fall of 2015 as well as a follow-up to Cemetery Plots in early 2016.



That Damned Cat - a supernatural black comedy inspired by the true story of the cat that knows when you are going to die. Available in Issue 1 ashcan, and two 88 page volumes collecting issues 1-6.

You Chose Right The First Time - a 240 page crime-noir epic set in 60’s Chicago



Dinner Date - a one-shot wordless horror fumetti about having someone over...for dinner




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