Premiere Comics P.6


TTRX Presents: Friction
Magazine Sized
44 pages 2 Bucks
Art and Stories by JTW 

Do you like Robots? Maybe..? Maybe Not. Frankly, I'm
scared of them. Not so much as what they are, just at
what they can do. This comic is about Robots.


Magazine Sized
16 pages
Art and Stories by JTW 

Did Inkblot 1 blow your mind? never got it? We got it at our table
too for free! but, incase you have it and can't get enough, Inkblot
2 is here, continuing the story of "Curb Stomp" , and containing more
tales to quiet your troubled mind.




Space Prize nominees SPUD & HARRY return in First Strike Part 2 (of 3). When a shipment of contraband is hijacked by Spud & Harry, our hero embarks on a mission to apprehend the criminals and reacquire the lost evidence needed to incriminate the accused in a police sting operation. But it isn't going to be easy. Also contains a two page backup story that originally appeared in the SPACE ANTHOLOGY 2010 called SPY GUY: The Death Of The Floppies.



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