Friday July 17

4:00 PM-5:00 PM: Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Tour
Caitlin McGurk, curator, will host a tour behind the scenes at the Billy Ireland Museum.  There’s incredible original cartoons around every turn.  Please show up a few minutes early.

7:30PM-11:00PM SPACE Pre-party at the Laughing Ogre Comic Shoppe
Laughing Ogre, 4258 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43214 - Meet and talk to many of the SPACE exhibitors before the show. Watch while the annual Jam Panel is created.

All Weekend

Persia Blues Exhibit- Persia Blues, written by Dara Naraghi and drawn by Brent Bowman, is a graphic novel trilogy about, Minoo Shirazi. Minoo Shirazi is both a rebellious young Iranian woman struggling with the strict social conventions of an oppressive regime and a free-spirited adventurer in a fantasy world. Original pages from the soon to be released volume two will be on display.

Saturday July 18

10:00AM- Exhibitor Room Opens

12:00 Noon: The Ins and Outs of Comic Book Anthologies
What makes up a comic book anthology? What all goes in to compiling one? How does one get accepted into a comic book anthology? Learn all the ins and outs of making anthologies from Jason Rodriguez and Trico Lutkins.

1:00 PM: 2014 SPACE Prize Awards
hosted by Bob Corby. 

2:00 PM: Joyce Brabner-Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas, Divas, and Dealers Plotted Against the Plague
Joyce will talk about her latest book, which has recently won a Lambda Literary Award.  Also she will talk about collaborating with her late husband, Harvey Pekar, on his American Splendor series and the Harvey Pekar Park which will be dedicated July 25

3:00 PM: Sequential Artists Workshop
Tom Hart of the Sequential Artists Workshop will briefly discuss his start-up school and then give a July 4-themed storytelling workshop for any age. No drawing skills necessary! Everyone will walk away with a finished book.

4:00 PM: Epic 21 Card Game
Hosted by Michael Watson.

6:00 PM- Exhibitor Room closes

Saturday Night

8 PM-? SPACE After-party!
Kafe Kerouac 2250 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 299-2672
Join us for the 4th annual SPACE after-party at Kafe Kerouac, with music, booze, and live-comics readings featuring cartoonists Sophie Goldstein, Nate Powell, Tom Hart, and more! Music by Columbus's own horrorpunk band Mummula!

Sunday July 19

10:00AM- Exhibitor Room Opens

11:00 AM: Spirits Of Independents Tour - 20th Anniversary Panel
 In 1995, as part of a world-wide promotional tour for their monthly title "Cerebus", Dave Sim and Gerhard organized a series of independent focused comic conventions and participated in other small press shows under the banner of "Spirits of Independents." Columbus was an early and prominent part of the tour, and that same 'spirit' has continued for many years with SPACE. This panel will reflect on the turbulence of the comic book market of the mid-1990s, and offer personal and professional reminiscences from members of the vibrant central Ohio comic book community who were active in the artistic, publishing, and retail spheres. Moderated by Jason Trimmer, participant in Spirits '95 stops in Austin, Bethesda, and Columbus.

12:00 Noon: Music & Comics
Bruce Worden (Woodstalk, Goodnight Keith Moon) and Ken Eppstein (Nix Comics) discuss the historical connection between music and comics, as well as some of the common (and less common) techniques used to represent music visually in comics.

1:00 PM: Root, Hog or Die: John Porcellino bio video
 Shot over five years, 'Root Hog or Die' is a full length (108 minutes) documentary about independent cartoonist John Porcellino. For 25 years, John has self published 'King-Cat Comics & Stories', and has steadfastly held to his DIY roots. This film, which includes interviews with over twenty of his fellow cartoonists, friends & fans, digs into how an independent artist attempts to live and work in our modern world.

3:00 PM:  Diversity in Comics
Diversity has always been an issue in media. Recently, the Big Two have made attempts to address their audience's concerns, resulting in a female Thor, an Muslim Ms. Marvel, and an African-American Captain America. However, there have always been strains within the indy comics community who have addressed these issues. Come see Dara Naraghi, Victor Dandridge, Jr., Canada Keck, and Bill Campbell discuss diversity in the comics industry.

4:00 PM: Presenting CXC
Tom Spurgeon (Festival Executive Director) and Caitlin McGurk (From the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, A CXC Council Member) offer up a description of Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, a yearly Fall festival of comics for Columbus beginning with a smaller-version launch event in October 2015. Spurgeon and McGurk will talk about how the show came into being, what they feel it can mean for Columbus, its comics scene and the world of comics more generally in the years moving forward. Find out why they're so excited!

5:00 PM- Exhibitor Room closes


The SPACE Prize,




...and a Surprise or Two!