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11:00 Panel Room: "WHAT NEXT"

hosted by Stuart Sayger with Farel Dalrumple and Pete Stathis

"So you've put out your own comic book, so what next..? Come join a round 
table discussion of the business end of small scale publishing.
Participants are invited to share their personal experiences with printers and manufactures as well as make recommendations for good places to make small  run orders of buttons, stickers, t-shirt, posters etc.. well also discuss how to get your book picked up by Diamond and Cold Cuts...What advertising on the web works and what doesn't. This meeting is for anyone who ever wanted to turn that xeroxed mini from a hobby, into a business! come to talk, or just to listen!


12:00 Panel Room: "Spirituality VS. God"

With Dave Sim and Steve Peters

 Dave and Steve will discuss and contrast various theological, metaphysical, and/or spiritual themes that appear in their comics.  Steve will be asking Dave about several ideas that have been put forth in Cerebus in recent years, focusing primarily on Latter Days, Rick's Story, and Sim's From Hell correspondence with Alan Moore.



1:00 Panel Room: Minicomix History: The 1980s. 

Hosted by Bruce Chrislip with Tim Corrigan, Matt Feazell and Michael Neno.

 The 1980s was the decade that saw Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird go from obscure minicomix artists to multimillionaire creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Two of our panelists published major review zines of that era and we will be covering such phenomena as: Matt Feazell & stick figure comix, Steve Willis and Morty the Dog, Tim Corrigan and his (for real) Small Press Comics Explosion, the rise of Starhead Comix, Michael Neno's early small press creations, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle  influence,  Michael Roden & the Cincinnati minicomix scene, the City Limits Gazette and the Seattle minicomix/ alternative comix scene.  Panel moderator Bruce Chrislip promises to shamelessly name-drop most of the prominent cartoonists he met during the era.  Find out what Peter Bagge, Robert Crumb, Gary Larson,Harvey Pekar and others are really like.

 2:15 PM Main Auditorium: 2002 Day Prize Presentation with Dave Sim, and Tom Williams

2:30 PM Main Auditorium: CBLDF Raffle. 

CBLDF raffle tickets for $1.00 donation.  All proceeds go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Prize is a stack of comics donated by the SPACE exhibitors. 

 3:00 PM. Panel Room: 1st Annual SPACE Cartoon Carnival. (Mature Audience)

Hosted by Bob Corby.  Featuring the cartoon stylings of Kel M. Crum and Stan Yan.  Kel and Stan will narrate slide presentations of some of their stories.

 “An Ed Thud Story” by Kel M. Crum.  Art, words and narration by Kel M. Crum.  Color by  Bob Corby.

“A Cornelia Story by by Kel M. Crum.  Art, words and narration by Kel M. Crum.  Color by Bob Corby.

“The Wang” by Stan Yang. Art, words and narration by Stan Yan.


4:00 PM Panel Room: Open Minds: How do you get someone to try a small press comic?

Today there are more and more high quality independent comics available, yet every week, they must fight for shelf space with the corporate comics for readers' attention. This panel will discuss possible solutions for raising awareness and interest in independent comics. Topics will include the reasons why some fans and retailers don't bother with them, including common stereotypes (and what's being done to combat them), and activism both in print and online. The panel will consist of:

- Sean McKeever, writer of The Waiting Place (Slave Labor) and the forthcoming Sentinel and Inhumans (Marvel )

- Pam Bliss, creator of Dog & Pony Show and the forthcoming Fox Acre (Paradise Valley), and online columnist for

- Jimmy Gownley, creator of Amelia Rules! and Shades of Gray (Renaissance)

- Max Ink, artist of Amoeba Adventures (Protoplasm) and founder of the comics cooperative Sequentially Speaking

The moderator will be Rich Watson, online columnist for