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Scheduled so far:

11:00 AM: Webcomics hosted by Brian McFadden & Rob Balder  with Jason Lex and Steve Conley

12:00 Noon: Support System: The Role of the Co-op in Small Press

For the novice self-publisher, having a group of like-minded colleagues to bounce ideas off and provide constructive criticism can be an invaluable resource towards creating mini-comics and building a body of work. In this panel, we will discuss the advantages of being part of a small press co-operative, or 'co-op,' for beginners as well as veterans. We will discuss the history of co-ops as well as share decades worth of experiences. The panelists will be:

- Larry Blake, creator of Nightstar, Psychozort, and other titles and a small press veteran of over 30 years
- Ian Shires, webmaster of, one of the most valuable small press resource sites on the net
- J. Kevin Carrier, creator of Fantasy Theater, current member of the United Fanzine Organization and former chairman of the Small Press Syndicate
- Michael Carroll, creator of The Accidentals and other titles and current member of the Small Press Syndicate
- Tim Corrigan, former publisher of Small Press Comics Explosion

The moderator will be Rich Watson, columnist for

1:00 PM: 2004 Day Prize Presentation with Dave Sim & Gerhard

1:30 PM Dave Sim Interview Video. Interview conducted by Bryan Erdy.

2:00 PM: The Antique Minicomix Roadshow: 1972-1982. Hosted by Bruce Chrislip

View covers and interior pages from the Golden Age of Minicomix featuring such early pioneers as Jamie Alder, Bruce Chrislip, Tim  Corrigan, George Erling, Matt Feazell, Rick Geary, Carol Lay, Joel Milke, Rick McCollum, Michael Roden, Jim Valentino, Bob Vojtko, Gary Whitney,  Steve Willis and Joe Zabel.  See rare works from well-known underground cartoonists like Justin Green, Victor Moscoso and Art 
Spiegelman.  Hear the behind-the-scenes stories from an actual antique minicomix cartoonist! 
Like the regular Antiques Roadshow, Chris will be revealing values of some classic minicomix that have sold from $45.00 up to $150.00 each on eBay!

3:15 PM: CBLDF Drawing

3:30 PM: 2nd Annual SPACE Cartoon Carnival. Hosted by Bob Corby.  Authors will narrate slide presentations of some of their stories.  Kel Crum will be back with a new "Cornelia Story" and Bob Corby will take a shot with "Why I'm Not Musical" (Unless we get enough requests to stop him.)  The big finale will be Cynicalman by Matt Feazell

4:30 Self Publishing hosted by A. David Lewis with Steve Conley, Chris Pitzer, Millard Durant,  and Ian Shires.