Friday April 8

7:30PM-11:00PM SPACE Pre-party at the Laughing Ogre Comic Shoppe
Laughing Ogre, 4258 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43214 - Meet and talk to many of the SPACE exhibitors before the show. Watch while the annual Jam Panel is created.

Saturday April 9

10:00AM- Exhibitor Room Opens

12:00 Noon: 2015 SPACE Prize Presentations
Hosted by Bob Corby and Mike Carroll.

1:00 PM: Carol Tyler- Solider’s Heart
Award winning American cartoonist, painter, writer, educator and comedian Carol Tyler has garnered acclaim and notoriety from both her peers and the public for her vision and unabashed openness. Her illustrated autobiography Soldier’s Heart: The Campaign to Understand My WWII Veteran Father, A Daughter’s Memoir” (2015) describes the relationship she had with her father and how his PTSD shaped her childhood. The adverse affects of her upbringing results in a tale of truth, connection, and finally resolution. The recent release of the book and the tangible culmination of ten years of work come to fruition as we find Tyler exploring the next chapter of her creative endeavors. This exhibition serves as the purging of the past with fragments of past projects, objects from her past and her fathers work shop. In addition, we present a collection of artifacts from her life and studio practice, which provides a look into the mind and spirit that molds her vision of the world.

2:00 PM: Live Comics Reading
Hosted by Stu Rase (Prince Delight Comics) with
Ted Sikoro (Apama),  Lauren McCallister (Bad Sex) and Kel Crum (Cornelia). 

3:00 PM:  Con Season - Year One
Hosted by
Landon Faulkner.
Tips, Tricks and Tactics for the first year exhibitor.
Covering the basic to help any new artist or creator prepare themselves for the experience, trials and tribulations of setting out upon the convention scene the first year. From loading the car and setting up your table to making your first sale and returning home. I plan to give you advice to help you make things as smooth as possible.
4:00 PM:
Don't be like me!
What mistakes to avoid when making comics" Just to explain some of the pit falls and problems that arise when making indie to avoid them, what to expect, etc... Hosted by Varian Grant

6:00 PM: Exhibitor Room Closes

Saturday Night:
8:00 PM: 2016 SPACE After – Party
Kafe Kerouac - 2250 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201

Sunday  April 10

12:00 Noon: Tim Corrigan Celebration and Self Publisher Hall of Fame Induction
Hosted by Ian Shires with
Pam Bliss, Matt Feazell, Michael Neno and friends.

1:00 PM: Mind Your Business. The History of Comic Book Publishing & Distribution.
Hosted by King Chan.
King will discuss major turning points in comics, INDY marketshare, how do we compete with the top five Publishers, and what comics Underground Distribution is doing for all INDY creators.

2:00 PM: Watercolor in Illustration—Examples and Practices
Hosted by Nate Dray.

A crash course in the history and practice of watercolor as media and as an approach to graphic design with an emphasis on late illustrators using watercolor—presented  by the highly inexpert but sincere Nate Dray. We'll take a sweeping chronological look at classic examples of watercolors and then go into more detail about some specific techniques and practices of illustrating with watercolor.

3:00 PM: Self promotion as Indie Artist/Creator.
Hosted by Mike Watson. What can be done prior to the show, at the show and after. The mentality of positivity.

4:00 PM: Boosting Creativity.
Hosted by Michael Marcus.
We have all had moments where creativity is at ebb.  Michael Marcus will demonstrate methods of unblocking and boosting creativity.  WARNING:  These methods have been shown to be entertaining in their own right.  Smiling may result.

5:00 PM- Exhibitor Room closes


The SPACE Prize,




...and a Surprise or Two!