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SPACE 2002 was our first year with panel discussions and the first Day Prize presentation.  Below is the program.


12:00PM Panel Room "Small Press Syndicate" 

Hosted by J. Kevin Carrier, Ray Tomczak and Ian Shires


1:00PM Panel Room:  "Where It All Began: Minicomix History 1972-1983"

 Hosted by Bruce Chrislip, with Matt Feazell, Joe Zabel and Dave Sim. They will cover such things as Gary Arlington's series of off-the-cuff minicomix featuring big names from the underground comix world, Clay Geerdes Comix World, Cascade Comix Monthly and (Bruce's own publication) City Limits Gazette. They will also discuss minicomix artists like Jim Valentino, Brad Foster, Jamie Alder, etc. Matt Feazell drew the best-selling minicomic of all time (well over 20,000 copies sold) - Zot 10-1/2! Dave Sim took people like Valentino and Bill Loebs from small press new wave comix to regular comic books. Joe Zabel was publishing minicomix and digest comix back in 1972-73 so he is one of the founding fathers of this whole comix field.


2:30 PM Main Auditorium: First Annual Day Prize Presentation with Dave Sim, Gerhard and Bill Knapp

2:45 PM Main Auditorium: CBLDF Raffle and Door Prizes.  CBLDF raffle tickets for $1.00 donation.  All proceeds go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Prize is a stack of comics donated by the SPACE exhibitors.  Door prizes will include Cerebus "Phone Books", a SPACE Tee shirt and a set of Oh,Comics!


3:00 PM Panel Room: "The Treatment of Time in Comics"

Hosted by Stuart Sayger with Marcel Guldemond and Dylan Williams.


4:00 PM Panel Room:  "Small Press Publishing"

Hosted by Keith Newsome with Tom Galambos and Robert Ullman