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This is a list of all the comics I took home from SPACE.


Michael Carroll 4753-H Olentangy River Rd. Columbus OH 43214

The Accidentals: Shade of Evil- The Accidentals in Hell. Sweet-toothed

demons plan to take over Holloween. 8 page mini 50 cents and a stamp.

Assault & Battery #3 - The Lost Holiday Stocking Stuffer Issue. A

battery and a salt shaker do battle with Satan Claws and the Gift Wrapper.

16 page mini 75 cents & a stamp.


Ryan “Holgie” Holgersen Crab Grass Comix P.O. Box 752 Indian Trail NC 28079

Turnip Joe Marmet: Inventor Extraordinaire #1- World’s best

advertisement for eye drops. 16 page mini. Free send a stamp.


Suzanne Baumann Fridge Magnet Concoctions P.O. Box 1097 Farmington MI 48332

Whitehead- Water cooler talk and calander humor. 16 page micromini

25 cents and a stamp.


Matt Feazell Not Available Comics 2627 Pulaski Hamtramck MI48212

Re-building the 20th Centry from Scratch with the Amazing

Cynicalman- Sounds like a good idea. Cynicalman- say no more. 12 page mini $1.50


Sean Bieri 1028 Vinewood Detriot MI 48216

Arch Eopt Eryx Funnies- evolution can be fun. 8 page mini. 25 cents and a stamp.


Aaron Trudgeon  Ancient Wisdom Comics P.O. Box 24894 Detroit MI 48224

Mutant Carpet Cleaning- Real life adventures of a former carpet cleaner.

8 page mini 50cents and a stamp.

Coffee House Sketches #5 - Jam comic 8 page mini 50 cents and a stamp.

A Mini Comic of stupid Stuff - Jam comic 8 page mini 25 cents and a stamp.

Time Travel is Like a Bad Acid Trip- A hippie from the future travels back

to Roswell. 8 page mini 25 cents and a stamp.

Satan’s Salad Bar- Jam comic. 8 page mini 50 cents and a stamp.

The Big! Big! Mini-Comic Jam of 5-15-99- Jam comic. 8 page mini 25

cents and a stamp.

Greatest Jam of 10-23-99- Jam comic. 8 page mini 25 cents and a stamp.


Tim Corrigan New Voice Media POB 25 Houghton NY 14744

The Legend of Gargus Book One- A cosmic tale in the Kirby style. 96

page mini $3.95.


Max Ink Onward studio 1685 Spruce Dr. Columbus OH 4317-1030

Ink on Paper Vol. 1 No. 1- Max’s update on his upcoming graphic novel

Bolt along with some of his thoughts. Send a stamp.


Kevin Huizenga 1940 Oakfield Ave SE Grand Rapids MI 49507

Supermonster #8- Real life episodes re: haircuts, visits, schwinns, blue

moons and Neil Young. 28 page digest $2.00.


Paul Hornschemeier Sequential 1701 Summit St. Columbus OH 43201

Sequential #4 - Surreal stories re: Porn, penncils,vasectomies,late fees,

straws and more. 36 page digest $1.50 and a stamp.


Shawn Granton Ten Foot Rule 170 Beaver St. Ansonia CT 06401

Left of the Dail: A Ten Foot Rule Special . APE 2000 music special. 12

page digest 50 cents and a stamp.

Ten Foot Rule #5- Personal storiesdealing with the city, work, heat and old men.

20 page digest $1.00 and a stamp.

Modern Industry #1 Anthology Comic with 11 srtips by as many

contributors. 40 page digest $2.00 and a stamp.


Thomas Scioli 5645 Hobart St. Apt. 1 Pittsburgh PA 15217

The Myth of 8-Opus #1 and 2 - Otherworldly story with Kirby-isk art.

These are digest sized but standard sided will be out on comic shop shelves in July.


Brent Riches Scrawing Eye Comics P.O. Box 141439 Columbus OH 43214

Reverend Riches Tabernacle of Terror#0- Macabre Merriment for

Morbid Malcontents Little Fears issue. 24 page digest 50cents and a stamp.


Ben T. Steckler P.O.B. 7273 York PA 17404

Get Bent #6- The adventures of Sidney Skalinowicz: Man in Space

with tributes to Deforest Kelly, Don Martin, Gil Kane and Screamin’ Jay

Hawkins. 32 page digest $2.00.


Brian Garber 5465 Northbend Rd. Box 141 Cincinnati OH 45247

Reactor #1- Space invasions, molecular reconstruction, God and

talking flowers. 24 page digest $1.00 and a stamp.


John Porcellino Spit and a Half P.O. Box 881 Elgin IL 60121

King-Cat Comics and Stories #55 and 56- real life observational comics with

possums, owls, football, halloween,spring signs, VCR tapes, ultra juice

and eyeballs. 28 page digests $3.00 each or both $5.00.


Yuri Duncan 6171 Rosslyn Ave. Indianapolis IN 46220

The Giant machine in the Sky #1- Science Fiction with a man in the

moon, TV from other dimensions, suburban sea monsters, beer and

pizza. 24 page digest write for price.


L. Neil Pierce P.O. Box 868 London OH 43140

Reverie- Fun with Flyin’ Ralph and Psychic Monkey. 8 page digest 40

cents and a stamp.


Steven Myers First Issue Comics 530 Superior St. Sandusky OH 44870

the F.E.D.s #1- The Federation of Extra-normal Defenders. Superheroes.

16 page digest write for onfo.


Rachel Hartman 5465 S. Harper #2D Chicago IL 60615

Amy Unbounded Book 10: The Flash- In which Amy finds out why it’s

called a crush. 36 page digest $2.00.


Kieth Newsome Broken Glass Studios 1710 Little Ave. Columbus OH 43223

Godsent#1 Christian Superhero Group. 32 page digest $1.50

Dragon’s Tale - Prose legend with illustrations. 12 page digest $2.00

In July Broken Glass Studios will be taking over the reins of Voltron.

Watch for it at your local comic shop.


Ray Tomczak SRD Studios 4050 N. High St. Columbus OH 43214

The Adventures of Dr. Bob and Irving #1- Inventor Dr. Bob, his associate,

Irving, Jimmy Ryan, Boy Hero, and Teddy take on Dr. Victor

Frankenstein IV and the Prince of Upper Atlantis. 28 page standard size $2.50


Steven “Noppie” Noppenberger Angry Dog Press 74 Carroll View Ave. Westminster MD 21157

Whistle Blower #1- An ex-marine rats out the government contractor he

works for and gets canned meanwhile strange things are happening at the

local chemical dump. 20 page stamdard size $2.95 plus 50cents postage.


Tyim Courts Magnetic Ink P.O.Box 6611 Cincinnati OH 45206-0611

Narcoleptic Man #1 - A superhero whose power is falling asleep at

unexpected times. 44 page standard size. $2.95 plus 50 cents postage.


Alex Robinson 208 W. 23rd St. Dept.1616 New York City NY 10011

Box Office Poison #17- I didn’t read this issue yet (I’ve read the first TPB

and issues #14 & 15) but it’s about relationships, life, death, book stores

and comics. 36 page standard size $3.50 postage paid.


Sean Kelley McKeever 1691 Hickory Creek Lane Columbus OH 43229-7034

The Waiting Place #4- Small town kids kill time until they can move on.

28 page standard size $2.95 plus 50 cents postage.


Tom Williams Crash Comics 730 Riverview Dr. Apt #C7 Columbus OH 43202

Crash Comics#6-The adventures of Satanic Paperboy and Guston Philips,

Cyclops Cowboy. 36 page 7-1/2 X11 $2.00 plus 55 cents postage.


Illusion Studios P.O.Box 403 Defiance OH 43512-0403

Jonathan Savior #1- A dead rock star comes back to fight demons on earth.

36 page standard comic $2.50


Bill Knapp Carbon-Based Books 2304 Oakland Dr. Kalamazoo MI 49008

Faith: a fable- The story of a 12 year old girl in whose presence the insecure

feel confident the cynical feel optimism, and those who have lost

hope feel a renewed sense of purpose. 66 page graphic novel TPB $8.95

plus $1.00 postage.


J. Kevin Carrier 8913 Eldora Dr. Cincinnati OH 45236

Lady Spectra and Sparky Volume One 1991-1995- A collection of the

first 5 years worth of stories about the only mother and daughter superhero

team. 162 page TPB $6.00 postage paid.


George Brodrick Jr. Comic Library International 2049 Alfred St. Pittsburgh PA 15212

Comic Library International #2 - A quarterly anthology of all ages comics

featuring Click Track by Scott Roberts, Amy Unbounded by Rachel

Hartman, Stardust and Thor by George Brodrick and 5 other stories.

152 page TPB $12.95 plus $3.20 postage


Ian Shires Dimestore Productions 6733 Erie Ave. Madison OH 44157

Obscurity Unlimited Vol. 2 #1- Small press reviewzine. $2.00 for sample issue.


Michael R. Neno M.R.Neno Productions P.O.Box 151303 Columbus OH 43215

Quacky Pig and Friends: A Coloring Book by Michael R. Neno- Quacky Pig

and his friends, Sally Mouse, Lovey Dovey and Psyhoid have fun. 40 page

coloring book. $5.65


Carla Speed McNeil Light Speed Press P.O.Box 448 Annapolis Junction MD 20701

The Mystery Date Companion- All the original MD stories which ran in

Mythography which have not appeared in the MD regular series.

Write for info. Watch for Mystery Date and Finder on the comic shopshelves.


Owen Thomas P.O.Box 9651 Columbus OH 43209

Indy Unleashed #8-Reviewzine reviewing of all kinds. 16 page digest $1.65


Barry Buchanan Black Daze Publishing P.O.Box 817 Golconda IL 62938

The Ballad of Utopia #1- A gothic western. The local stagecoach station

is burned down and the station keep Charlie Burnette is shot. Deputy

Samuel David investigates the twisting mystery. 28 page standard size $2.95.


Joe Zabel Amazing Montage P.O. Box 18959 Cleveland Hts. OH 44118-0959

Oracle a Trespassers Mystery- The story that details how series regulars

Ray and Finn first met. Researching a ghost story in a quiet college town,

Ray stumbles across a deadly secret, with terrifying results. 96 page

standard size $7.45 postage paid.


Pam Bliss ParadiseValley P.O. Box 304 Valparaiso IN 46384

The Big Digby Flip Book-The origin of Digby plus Digby and Bob in the

Himalayas. 28 page digest $2.00 postage paid.


Bob Corby Back Porch Comics P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220

Bunny Blues / Leaves #2- Mike, Kit and Marcel encounter their first

setback on the road while Rex has an upsetting dream of his past. 32 page digest $2.00


Rich Watson Horizontal Comics 172-32 133 Ave. #11A Jamaica NY 11434

RAT #1 & #2- A rat becomes a women’s confidante and strange things begin to

happen. Something different from Rich. 28 page digests $2.00 each


Aaron Trudgeon Ancient Wisdom Comics P.O. Box 24894 Detroit MI 48224

Aaron sent me a pile of mini-jam comics that were produced at SPACE.

The Smallest Comic Jam of 4-15-2000

The Excessively Big Jam of 4-15-2000

Just a Comic Jam Done at SPACE Con 4-15-2000

The Greatest Comic Jam of 4-15-2000

All 8 page minis for 25 cents and a stamp.