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Reading List 2002 Page 2

Flummery by Jeff Sharp and Scott Mills- FLUMMERY-The 2001 anthology of comic shorts by Jeff Sharp, Scott Mills. Special guest artists include: Matt Feazell, James Kochalka, and Todd Webb. 80 pages of mini-comic madness. A true classic for only six dollars. Get it now! 5X 5 $6.00


Forlorn Funnies #1 by Paul Hornschemeier - 28 page standard size.  Full cover interiors. $3.95

Absence of Ink Comic Press P.O.Box 875 Lincoln CA 95648

Get Bent! #9 by Ben T, Steckler- 24 page 5-1/2X4-1/4 $3.00

Ben T. Steckler P.O.Box 7273 York PA 17404

Indy Unleashed #12 by Owen Thomas- Comic reviews 12 page 5-1/2X4-1/4  4 or 5 stamps

Owen Thomas P.O.Box 9651 Columbus OH 43209

Ineffables #2 by Craig Bogart- 28 page standard size $2.50

Rick's Cafe Publishing P.O.Box 13697 Columbus OH 43213-0697

The Book of Judith by Sean Bieri- "The Book of Judith" is a
16-page, silk-screened mini-comic adaptation of an apocryphal Biblical story: a pious widow beheads the general whose army is attacking her city. 4-1/4X5-1/2 ?

Sean Bieri  12033 Lumpkin Hamtramck MI 48212

Lizanne & Co. by D.K. Upshaw -8 page 5-1/2X4-1/4 50 cents

D.K. Upshaw 446 Olcott Ave. #C-5 East Chicago IN 46312

Lore #3 by Jennifer Hachigan- Robots, vampires and catholic high school. 32 pages 5-1/2X4-1/4 $1.50

Ragdoll Cat 4141 Kling St. #30 Burbank CA 91505

Maidenhead by John G. Balasundarram, Heath L. Williams, Mary Krueger,Rian Mookencherry, Jason Huddleston, Carla Glamb, Tood McCarthy, Stephen O'Neil and Keith Brownlee-Comics, poetry and photography anthology. 68 page standard size $12.00

Terra Acerbus Press P.O. Box 5649 River Forest IL 60305-5649

Bolt: Devil's Sermon #3 by Max Ink and Chad Wilson- Nicholas Roulande loses his wife, Savannah, in a fire and is approached by John  Guessoph, a sorcerer who helps him deal with his loss.  20 page digest $3.50 or 6 issue subscription $20.00.

Onward Studio 642 South Everett Ave. Columbus OH 43213-2724

Meat Haus #5 by Farel Dalrymplr, Chris McDonnell, Serge Marcos,Tomer Hanuka, James Jean, Brandon Graham, Zac Baldus, Tom Herpich, Theo Edmands, Jay Sacher, Steve Q. Stardog, Stephen Gilpin, Rich Mc Cullah, Esao Andrews, Mu Dafaka, Jed Alexander, Richard P. Masilamani, Vincent Stall, Kenichi Hoshine, Dave Crosland, Milan Zori and Rob Donnelly- Surreal anthology. 100 page 7-1/2X5-1/2  $6.00

Meathaus Enterprises P.O.Box 2045 New York NY 10009

Misc. by Elizabeth and Dan Jacobson- 16 page of social awkwardness.  16 standard size $2.00

Pants Press Comics P.O.Box 10121 Kansas City MO 64171

Modern Women by Sean Bieri- Sketches of Gertude Stein and Kiki of Montparnasse. 8 page and  2 screen print 8-1/2X5-1/2  ?

Sean Bieri 12033 Lumpkin Hamtramck MI 48212

More or Less by Tony Consiglio- The complications of a struggling young cartoonist’s life.  64 page 8-1/2X5-1/2  $4.95

Top Shelf Productions P.O.Box 1282 Marietta GA 30061-1282

Mr. Ebanks by Matt and Nick Mercer-10 page  4X8-1/2 ?

Nisha #1 by Robert Gavila- Something's up in the back woods of Montana. A neighborly visit to a sick friend develops into a nightmare for Mrs. Nikki Sanders. Oh, so she should be surprised! Never mind that she is a Russian refugee with psychic powers so vast that her protection is guaranteed by secret government treaties! Oh, but that's the next issue. 
Experience the terror when Nikki's past catches up with her and her quiet life is shattered in this premiere mini-comic by Crossover Comics. 28 page 8-1/2X5-1/2 $2.00

Crossover Comics 20-23 43 Street Astoria NY 11105

Out of the Blue #4 by Brian Canini, Ira Monroe, Claudio Parentela, Joel Orff, Steve Skeates, Yul Tolbert, Ryan Holgersen, Delaine, Ron Gibson, Larned Justin, John Miller, Bridget Reilly, Craig Champlin, Joe Shea- Small Press comics, stories samples etc. 36 page 8-1/2X5-1/2 $2.00

Larned Justin P.O.Box 471 House Springs MO 63051

The Path by Rich Watson- 16 page 5-1/2X4-1/4 $1.00

Rich Watson 172-32 133rd Ave. Jamaica NY 11434

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