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SPACE 2003 Reading List

Here's the meager list of comics I took home from SPACE 2003. Sorry I didn't have enough time to pick up more.

Attic Wit #4: The Polish Anthology
Matt Dembicki brings together some of the best
small-press talents in Poland with work by Marek
Turek, Rafal Gosieniecki, Mariuz Zawadzki and
Krzysztof Kaluszka.
32 pages, B&W, color cover (by Gosieniecki) 
$1.50 (

WASP Comics 3148 Hartwick Lane Fairfax VA 22031

Candid Cartoons presents " Charlie Chong" ( The worlds
greatest Chinese detective) in CHONG vs KONG
Art by Larned Justin Story by Larned Justin. A large
GOrilla is terrorizing the city, Charlie is called in
to help solve the crimes, however things get
complicated when Charlie's number one daughter is
kidnapped by the Gorilla! 20 pages 7X8-1/2 Full color cover. $2.50

Candid Cartoons c/o Larned Justin P.O.Box 471 House Springs MO 63051


Days of Wine and Anthrax by Dale Martin
The second “Continuity and Vine” collection, documenting the year following September 11.  28 pages 7X8-1/2 $3.50

Smeary Soapbox Press P.O.Box 442612 Lawrence KS 66044


Deep Fried #1 by Jason Yungbluth

Fun with Beepo and Roadkill!

36 pages Standard size Full color cover.$2.99 

Death Ray Graphics 96 West Northrup Pl. Buffalo NY 14214


Slackmatic #3:The Evil DVD by Ryan Holgersen

An evil DVD player tries to kill us and just maybe succeeds.
20 pages 4-1/4X2-3/4 $? Just send us a stamp for this one. Or a coupon for beer.
Crab Grass Comics P.O.Box 2795 Monroe NC 23111

Hope 7 Series 2 #2 &3 by Tim Shea, Ed Loven, Seraphire and Darryl Sheakley
An ancient nameless world is dying. Two strangers must fight a schizophrenic dark queen, ferocious drears, and solve the riddles of the prophetic echoes to save a planet they can never truly call home.

44 pages Standard size $3.95

Shadow Song P.O.Box 370 Hamburg NY 14075

Stories of Kiwi Trade Paper Bag by Jeffery J. Manley

I found this on the floor after SPACE.  It pays to be the guy who sweeps up.  Sorry, Jeff, it's mine now.  A bag of S.O.K. #1,2 &3 and Feast of Scrapes plus about 6 S.O.K Strips minis for only $4.00.  Check with Jeff first. I think he only offers this at conventions.

Fruity Comics 1092 E. US10 Scottville MI 49454

Mr. Big # 2 by  Matt Dembicki and Carol Alt

A  snapping turtle and his pond.

WASP Comics 3148 Hartwick Lane Fairfax VA 22031

Out of the Blue is a bi- monthly 48 page, digest size zine, showcasing the talented cartoonists, writers, and artists, currently working in the movement known as "Small Press". Issue #15 was not actually at SPACE but has reviews on a lot of the comics that were there.
It is available for $3.00 ppd per issue or via subscription at $18.00 for 6 issues from: Larned Justin (Please make checks payable to: Larned Justin)
PO Box 471
House Springs, MO 63051

PANEL is the debut anthology of the Columbus-area writers' and artists' collaborative of the same name. 40 black & white pages of dynamic stories and artwork by some of the area's brightest talents.  Featured Panelists include:  Andy Bennett, Steve Black, Tim Fischer, Tony Goins, Tim McClurg, Dara Naraghi, Dansen T. Stahl, and Tom Williams.  Pick up this digest-size anthology and discover the future of sequential storytelling.

Ferret Press 600 Markview Rd. Columbus OH 43214

Possum At Large #1 by Chad Lambert and Joe Gravel

A self-contained 32 page epic tale of the paradox of life as seen through the eyes of a short, fat and sassy omnipotent possum named Jake.  Possum At Large #1 picks up where the 1994 University of Rio Grande comic strip left off: At the beginning. Jake is having constant nightmarish visions involving cyborg assassins and a time-traveling stick figure superhero named FlyBoy. Does Jake hold the key to human existence, or is he just a jerk with a wild imagination?  32 pages Standard size $3.95

Old School Comics 3610 Stockbridge Lane Hamilton OH 45011

Spudd 64 #1 by Matt Kish

Surreal Science Fiction story about the birth of the greatest hero the cosmos has ever known.
36 pages 5-1/2X8-1/2 Original cover art on each copy.

Stylish Vittles: I Met a Girl by Tyler Page

I Met a Girl is the beginning of Tyler's journey. He imagines his last year of college will be about partying with friends, making memories, and producing his senior show before graduating into the real world and the struggle to find his own artistic voice. Then he meets Nanette and everything changes... Witness the birth of A Life in Comics.

208 pages. $15.00

Dementian Comics 4849 Emerson Ave., S        
Minneapolis Minnesota 55409

Tales from the Seventh Galaxy #1 by James Rubino and Larry Blake

TALES FROM THE SEVENTH GALAXY is now available! In the collector’s item debut edition readers will encounter the first appearance of the weird CACTOR THE UNBELIEVABLE a gigantic sentient cactus who stomps the living daylights out of Lost Vegas! Plus two other off-the-beaten-path sci-fi tales! 32 big black & white pages with moody gray tones and BEAUTIFUL full-color covers! With art by legendary underground artist Larry Blake and James Rubino! 

 Standard size $3.00

James Rubino P.O.Box 880561 Boca Raton Florida 33988-0561

Things form Nowhere by Richard Kolkman 20 pages

pop culture and history dissected into bite-size pieces. A samlper of newspaper strips.

Watusi The Talking Dog #4 by Dale Martin et al

Great jam comic that was done during SPACE with work by Dale, Eric Wilmoth, Cathy Craig, Douglas R. Meyers, Ray Tomczak, Elisa M. Comons, Tim Corrigan, Matt Corrigan, Matt Feazell, Jim Wolf, Matt Levin, Mike Carroll, Jennifer Hachigan, Scott Roberts, James V. West, Matt Dembicki, Randy Zimmerman, Drew Boynton, Larned Justin, Paul Foresta Jr., Michael Neno, Steve Peters and Pam Bliss.  It includes a con report and a great back cover shot of all the books Dale went home with.

16 page 5-1/2X8-1/2 $1.00

Smeary Soapbox Press P.O.Box 442612 Lawrence KS 66044