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Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo


SPACE 2006 was another great show. Check all the vids and pics of the show.

SPACE 06 Video on MySpace by Chris Moshier and Allen Freeman

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2006 SPACE Photos By Ron Corby
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2006 Premiere Comics

2006 Panels

The Mid-West's Largest Exhibition of Small Press, Alternative, and Creator-Owned Comics

Special GuestsóDave Sim and Gerhard!

Sponsored by Back Porch Comics  c/o Bob Corby P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220

May 13, 2006

Admission $5.00

10AM to 6 PM

Aladdin Shrine Complex

Multipurpose Room

3850 Stelzer Rd. Columbus OH

Off I 270 near the Easton Towne Centre



The SPACE Launch Party

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Premiere Comics

Exhibitor Information


2005 Day Prize Short List

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 SPACE 2006 Line Up (to date)

Special Guest- Dave Sim  & Gerhard (Cerebus)

Exhibitors to date ( * New since last update):

Amory Abbott (Rogue Robot) Indianapolis IN

Eric Adams (Lackluster World) Cincinnati OH

Ancient Wisdom Comics (Mini-Comics, Hamtragic) Detroit MI

Rik Angels (Opening Shots)

Michelle Arcand (See Dick Die) Kansas City

Liz Baillie (My Brain Hurts) Brooklyn NY

Rollie Barnes (Journal of Brain Decay, Flatcap Fiction, Toledo OH

Ray Basham Mt. Vernon OH

Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions) Hamtramck MI

Bengal (Sihm) Yellow Springs OH

William Binderup (Superbill and Buster) Overland Park KS

Jeff Benham (Various) Santa Fe NM

Sean Bieri (Jape) Hamtramck MI

Larry Blake (Psychozort) Reedsville OH

Kristin Blank(Hate Your Friends) Pittsburgh PA

Pam Bliss (Kekionga, Dog & Pony Show, B-36, & Lots of Mini's) Valapariso IN

Nick Bliss ( Saturday Mornings) Valapariso IN

Craig Bogart (Ineffables, Panel) Columbus OH

David Branstetter (Straw Man) Lawton OK

T. Casey Brennan

Nathan Brewer (Slackmatic, Kitty Litter) York, SC

Jason Brooks (Frontier) Oak Creek WI

* Terra Burris (Camel City Cartoonist) Winston Salem NC

Buyer Beware Comics  Dayton OH

Lorena Caiazzo (Statutory Grape (Side A)) Columbus OH

J. Chris Campbell (Zig Zag, Superior, Wide Awake Press) Greenville SC

Brian Canini (Plungerboy, Ruffians, Home for the Summer) San Diego CA

Kieran Carew (One Block Down) Cincinnati OH

John Carr (The Strange But True Tale of Planet Steve) Thorofare NJ

J. Kevin Carrier (Fantasy Theater) Cincinnati OH

Mike Carroll (Accidentals, AsthmaAttack!, Cinemall 101 Presents) Columbus OH

C.K. Casazza (WHA?) Indianapolis IN

* Adam Casey (Arguably Comics) Winston-Salem NC

CCAD Explorer Post 407 Columbus OH

Shawn Cheng (Partyka) Brooklyn NY

Michelangelo Cicerone (Ozone Jones) Harper Woods MI

John Clellan (Sgt. Death, Cheeks O' Chafenrump) Columbus OH

Andrew Cohen (Howzit Funnies, Law Monger) DC

Leighton Connor (Esoterica) Cincinnati OH

Jim Coon (Beaver, Lola& The Spaceman) Cortland NY

Megan Corby (Paper Flowers) Columbus OH

Corkey Comics (Zed: Backstage Pass) Carrollton OH

Matt Corrigan (South Star) Houghton NY

Nate Corrigan (Gumshoe Comics) Houghton NY

Tim Corrigan (Mighty Guy, Tranquilizer) Houghton NY

Keith Cousineau (Stiletto Heights, Johnnie Zombie) Columbus OH

Crossover Comics (Nisha) Astoria NY

Kel Crum (Cornelia Cartoonz, Ed Thud Comix) Fairborn OH

Duane Cunningham (Band on the Sun) Kansas City MO

DC Conspiracy  Washington DC Area

Tony D'Alesando (Midtown Productions) Port Huron MI

Phonzie Davis (The Life and Death of Tanique Octagon) Columbus OH

Mike Dawson (Freddie and Me, Superior Showcase) Brooklyn NY

Deadcity Comics (Insignificant Gods) Hamtramck MI

William Deeter (Coveted: The Anthology) Columbus OH

Jason DeGroot (Kreetor)

Matt Dembicki (Attic Wit, Mr. Big) Fairfax VA 

Joseph Denny (Americanjism) Sag Harbor NY

Al Dorantes (The Ballad of Rocky the Crab, Retribution) Herkimer NY

Matthew Dow ( Racecar Comics) Two Rivers WI

Millard Draudt (Dog Eared Cartoons) Columbus OH

Chris (Dunz) Dunsmore (Dark World of Fantasy, Mariah & Grandpa, Kilm) Fort Gratiot MI

Sara Edward-Corbett  (Partyka)Brooklyn NY

Eve Englezos (Icecreamlandia) Kansas City MO

Robin Enrico (Stupid and Unkind) Brooklyn NY

Joanna Estep (Roadsong, Robots 2006) Hamilton OH

Matt Feazell (Not Available Comics, The Amazing Cynical Man) Hamtramck MI

Sid Field (Americanjism) Sag Harbor NY

Jaimie C. Filer ( The Story of Pick & Rat, Project 606, Jaicore) Bromley KY

Neil Fitzpatrick (Neil Jam) Wilmette IL

Terry Flippo (Axel & Axex)

Subborn J. Foster (Neo-Pompeii) Chicago IL

Daniel Forrester (Komikai) Toronto ON

Allen Freeman (Fan-atic Press) Owensboro KY

Friends of Lulu

Sean Frost (Johnny Public) Manchester MI

Wendi Strang-Frost (Johnny Public) Manchester MI

Joe Fuentes (Rocket Girl) Nappanee IN

Elton Gahr (Random Ink) Joplin MO

Robert Gant Westerville OH

Jay Geldhof  ( Hey, Sally) Kent, OH

Steven Gellman (The Enchanters) Germantown, Md

Curt Gettman (Unicorn Mountain) Pittsburgh PA

Jennifer Gordon (Stilletto Heights) Columbus OH

David Grant (Home for the Summer)

Shaun Gray  Kansas City MO

John Grosvenor (Cheeks O' Chafenrump) Mason OH

Chad Halcom (The Calling)

Steve Hamaker (Fish N Chips) Dublin OH

Ian Harker (The Epic + True Story of Che Guavara) Thorofare NJ

Nik Havert (Agent Z, The Three Keys, Rocket Girl) Nappanee IN

Matt Hawkins (Macon Bacon) Kansas City MO

Matt Hawkins (Unlucky ) Allendale NJ

Brad Higginbotham (Dream Keepers) Columbus OH

Nate Higley (Photocopied Hearts, Pop Art Funnies, Bad Ideas) Okemos MI

Erik Hodson (Melby Comics) Royal Oak MI

Ryan Holgersen (Slackmatic, Kitty Litter) York, SC

Paul Hornschemeier (Forlorn Funnies, Mother Come Home) Chicago IL

Barbara Houck (Photocopied Hearts, Pop Art Funnies) Okemos, MI

Dustin Hutton ( Komikai) Toronto ON

Benjamin Ilka (A Boy and His Shadow) Tucson AZ

Mike Indovina (Saytr)

Max Ink (Sequentially Speaking) Columbus OH

Josh Johnson (The Spindletons) Indianapolis IN

Michael Jones ( Gary IN

Nathan Judah (Random Ink) Joplin MO

Phil Juliano (The Ballad of Rocky the Crab, Retribution) Herkimer NY

Larned Justin ( Nut, Candid Cartoons)House Springs MO

Evan Keeling (Death by Sexy, League of Lincoln)

Amy Key (Dark Signs, Ergo(Sum)) Columbus OH

Matt Kish (Spudd 64) Dublin OH

Jack Knifley (Break the Line) Columbus IN

Jared Koon (Farlight Saga) Dublin OH

Chad Lambert (Point Pleasant, Possum At Large) Hamilton OH

A. David Lewis (Mortal Coils, The Lone and Level Sands) Boston MA

 Pat Lewis (Lunchbreak Comics) Pittsburgh PA

David Lillie (Dream Keepers) Columbus OH

Tom Lin (Dark Signs, Ergo(Sum)) Columbus OH

Seth Lyons (Stilletto Heights) Columbus OH

Justin Madson (Happy Town, Sorrel)  Bababoo WI

Jeff Manley (Manley Days) Manistee MI

Ryk Martinez (Various) Santa Fe NM

Sean McCarthy (Partyka) Brooklyn NY

Tim McClurg (Jury Rigged Comics, Panel) Columbus OH

Sean McGurr (Jury Rigged Comics, Panel) Reynoldsburg OH

Sean Kelley McKeever (The Waiting Place, Hulk, Inhumans?) Columbus OH

Bram Meehan (Raised by Squirrels) Santa Fe NM

Monica Meehan (Raised by Squirrels) Santa Fe NM

Mental Note Press (Hoax, Chromosome Crossroads) Grand Rapids MI

Christoph Meyer (28 Pages Lovely Bound with Twine) Danville OH

Tony Miello (Gapo the Clown, Mr. Happy Pants, Bone Yard Studio Presents)  Wyandotte MI

Gary Moreland (Stench of Summertime Decay, Sally's New Friend) Bromley KY

Joseph Morris (SDF) Clay City IL

Ryan Morris (SDF) Clay City IL

Joshua E. Moutray (Icecreamlandia) Kansas City MO

Dara Naraghi ( Big City Blues, Panel) Columbus OH

Larry Nibert(The Ruz) Hamilton OH

Steven M. Noppenberger (Whistle Blower, Potlatch) Westminister MD

Jim Pack (Comet Tales) Cinncinati OH

Tod C Parkhill (Mighty Offenders, Snakepit) Lansing MI

Matt Parmenter (Cheeks O' Chafenrump) Mason OH

Erin Parsons Grass Lake MI

Steve Peters  (Awakening Comics) Willow Grove PA

Brett Pinson (Boomtown Scabs) Belleville MI

Mark Plaid (Journal of Brain Decay, Flatcap Fiction, Mike Spike, Toledo OH

Ed Piskor (American Splendor, Isolation Chamber) Munhall PA

Stephen Polczynski (Saki the Panda) Chicago IL

Paulette Poullet Pittsburgh PA

Rainbow Bridge Productions (Thief) Louisville KY

MK Reed (Catfight) Allendale NJ

Brent Riches  Columbus OH

Todd Ritter (Fan-atic Press)

Alex Robinson (Tricked, Box Office Poison) New York, NY

Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) Hagerstown MD

Ben Roe (Rogue Robot) Indianapolis IN

Lorenzo Ross (Complicated Hair) Chicago IL

Andy Runton (Owly)

* Michael San Giacomo (Phantom Jack, Tales of the Starlight Drive-In) Cleveland OH

Rob Schamberger (Band on the Sun) Kansas City MO

Paul Schultz (The Three Keys) Nappanee IN

Kevin Scott (The Atomic Tomorrow) Pittsburgh PA

Ray Scott (Trixy Girl, The Portal, Man of Prey, Cemetarious, Kyrpt Kiddies) Cincinnati OH

Jeff Sharp  (Caesar, Flummery ) Odenton MD

Ian Shires (Obscurity Unlimited, Mysterious Visions, Dungar) Madison OH

John Schuler (What Animals Think) Overland Park KS

Aaron Shively Columbus OH

Erik K. Siano (The Devil's "T" Table) Frenchtown NJ

Small Press Association

Ben Smith (Statutory Grape (Side B)) Columbus OH

Eric Smith (Glimbit) Dublin OH

Vernon Smith (Typical Black & White Indy Comic, The Adventures of Dexter Breakfast) Carriere MS

Uko Smith (Bombshell) Columbus OH

Ben T. Steckler  (Get BenT!, Peeps et Beans) York PA

Tracy Stoops (Dark Fury, Soul Vamp) Belleville MI

Kyle Strahm (Grizzled Comics) Kansas City MO

 John M Styrk (Adventures of Carl) Belleville MI

Will Sullivan (Sampson and Momba) Pittsburgh PA

Robert Swinton (Blow Ave of Escape) Indianapolis IN

Benjamin Thompson (No-Rights Productions) Mansfield OH

Ray Tomczak (Wasted Potential) Columbus OH

Top Shelf Productions Marietta GA

Twisted Gate Entertainment Cincinnati OH

Rob Ullman (Atom-Bomb Bikini, Supermodel) Richmond, VA

Rosemary Van Deuren (Rosey Girls' & Other Daydreams, Rosey's Underground) Okemos MI

Robert Venditti (The Surrogates)

David Wachter (Scar Tissue)Chicago IL

Wakka (Sihm) Yellow Springs OH

Christina Wald (Fan-atic Press) Cincinnati OH

Rich Walker (Cheeks O' Chafenrump) Mason OH

Jacob Warrenfeltz (The Alberic Heresies, Plastic Farm, The Hurricane Katrina Relief Anthology, Red Chapel,
Slambang and Potlatch Project)

Jason "JTW" Wilkins (Think Tank RX Comixzines) Washington DC

B. Wilkison (WHA?) Indianapolis IN

Thomas Williams (S.P.B.Rise!, No Dead Time, Lola, Misa, Crash Comics) Columbus OH

Rhett Whittington (Break the Line) Columbus IN

Seth Wolfshorndl (Random Ink) Joplin MO

Michael Wood (Hate Your Friends, Love in a Time of Super-Villians) Pittsburgh PA

Stan Yan (The Wang) Denver CO

Adam Zwirek (BlackStar) Chicago IL

Jeff Zwirek (BlackStar) Chicago IL

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues & Oh,Comics!) Columbus OH


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