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Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo 2000

An Exhibition of Small Press, Alternative, and Creator-Owned Comics

Sponsored by

Back Porch Comics c/o Bob Corby P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220.

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Indymagazine or Amazing Montage Magazine.

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SPACE '00 Reading List - Read the books.

Pictures from SPACE

More Pictures from SPACE

Here's our short run down of our first show:

On April 15, 2000, forty nine small press comics artist, writers and publishers converged on the Rhodes

Center at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio for the first annual Small Press and Alternative

Comics Expo . Exhibitors came from as far as Illinois, North Carolina and Connecticut.

The comics exhibited ranged from Alex Robinsons slice of life book, Box Office Poison to Carla Speed

McNeils story of relationships in a future civilization, Finder to Barry Buchanans gothic western,

The Ballad of Utopia. The assembly also included two Xeric Grant winners, Jay Hostler, creator of

Clan Apis and Thomas Scioli, mastermind behind the Kirby-isk The Myth of 8-Opus and Ignatz

Award winner, Rachel Hartman, creator of Amy Unbounded.

All manner of comic formats were represented from mini comics to trade paperbacks. There was also a

wide variety of genres and something for all age groups.

Attendance was less than expected probably due to the first sunny day in Columbus for over two weeks.

However the crowd that showed up was very interested and enthusiastic about small press comics. Most

exhibitors reported that sales were about at a level reached at most regular comic conventions.

A humble beginning but a good foundation to build on. 

If you have any comments about the show please send them to  We're interested in

finding ways to make it better.

If you attended this years show, we're really interested in finding out where you heard about it.

 If you heard about it but didn't come we're still interested in finding out where you heard about it too.

Please us drop a line.

List of this years exhibitors:

Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions)

Larry Blake (Psychozort, Kiss Hell, Afterworld)

Pam Bliss (B-36)

George Broderick, Jr. (Comic Library International, Courageous Man)

Barry Buchanan (The Ballad of Utopia)

J.Kevin Carrier (Fantasy Theater, Glorianna, Lady Spectra)

Mike Carroll (Virtual Asthma)

Cartoon Books (Bone)

Sal Cipiziano (Altered Realities)

Tyim Courts (Experiencing Technical Difficulties)

Tim Corrigan (Small Press Comics Explosion)

Kel M. Crum (Sanity-Impaired Cat)

Quirk and Garb (Cats Wear Mittens)

Matt Feazell (Cynical Man)

Shawn Granton (Ten Foot Rule)

Rachel Hartman (Amy Unbounded)

Ryan "Holgie" Holgersen (Crazy Puppy)

Paul Hornschemeier (Sequential)

Jay Hosler (Clan Apis)

Kevin Huizenga (Supermonster)

Illusion Studios Co-Op (Jonathan Savior, Vistage, Dragonstake,Prime, Major Mogul & Soulwatcher)

Max Ink (Ameoba Adventures)

Bill Knapp (Faith: A Fable, The Furies)

William Messner-Loebs  (The Electrifying Exploits of Boreanna, Enigma of the Frozen North, Brave Old World)

Sean Kelley McKeever (The Waiting Place)

Carla Speed McNeil (Finder)

Michael R. Neno  (Reactionary Tales, Murder By Crowquill)

Keith Newsome, Shawn Prince, Marcus Rollie, Jamie Snell Broken Glass Studio

Larry Nibert(The Ruz)

Steven M. Noppenberger (Whistle Blower)

L. Neil Pierce (Flyin' Ralph, Psychic Monkey, Reverie)

John Porcellino (King-Cat)

Brent Riches (The Electrifying Exploits of Boreanna, Enigma of the Frozen North, Rev. Riches Tabernacle of Terror)

Alex Robinson(Box Office Poison)

Thomas Scioli (The Myth of 8-Opus)

Ian Shires (Dimestore Productions)

Ben T. Steckler (Get Bent, Ska-Toons, Unshaven Chi)

Ray Tomczak (Dr. Bob and Irving)

 Aaron Trudgeon  (Ancient Wisdom Comics)

Robert K. Ullman (From the Curve)

Rich Watson (Ronnie and David, Celebrity)

Tom Williams (Crash Comics)

Chris Yambar (Mr. Beat, Fire-Breathing Pope, Aqua Cat)

Joe Zabel (The Trespassers)

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues & Oh,Comics!)

Laughing Ogre (Official Retailer)

Big apologies go out to Ray Tomczak and Kevin  Huizenga whose names I spelt wrong on this website

and thousands of flyers.  Sorry, it won't happen again.