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Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo  

An Exhibition of Small Press, Alternative, and Creator-Owned Comics

Sponsored by Back Porch Comics  c/o Bob Corby P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220  

2003 Day Prize Entries

SPACE was a ball again this year.  Thanks to everyone who attended. Check out our pictures and the articles and pictures below. Come back for the reading list.


Associated Press form Columbus Dispatch

Transcript of Rich Watson's Panel "Open Minds: How do you get someone to try a small press comic? "




If you couldn't make it to SPACE 2003 you can still get a copy of our great program.  We have a stock of copies autographed by our special guest, Dave Sim. 


Cover by Dave Sim and Tom Williams.  First look at the really really old Cerebus

Day Prize 2002 Announcement

A Glimpse into the World of Williams, Creator of Misa  Interviewed by Matt Dembecki

SPACE Exploration: Comic Book Publisher? Local indie artists don't need no stinkin' publisher by J. Caleb Mozzocco (Originally published in Columbus Alive)

A Chat with Dave Sim
Interveiwed by Matt Dembecki

Comics by Jeff Zwirek, Jason Young and Alexis E. Fajardo

Only $5.00 send to Back Porch Comics P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220 or use Pay Pal




Also get our color poster designed by Tom Williams, the 2002 Day Prize winner. Printed on archival  heavy stock and measuring 11X17. All posters will be mailed flat.  $10.00 from Back Porch Comics P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220 or use Pay Pal



See more of Tom's great designs for SPACE at Draw Robot Designs

Check the comics that premiered at SPACE on our Premier Comics page. Support our sponsors !

2002 Day Prize Winner and Finalists

A Trip to S.P.A.C.E by Christoph Meyer

On march 20, 2003 Kristene and Joe  Onyskow (former SPACE exhibitors) received a small bundle of joy. Sarah Natalie Onyskow was born at 12:50am and she weighed 6.8lbs and is 19.75 inches long. They are all doing great, except for lack of sleep! Congratulations!

Exhibitors (in reverse alphabetical order in odd years)( * New since last update): 

Late Additions:

* Randy Zimmerman (Spank the Monkey)

* Chris Youngblood (Dark Crossroads)

* George McVey

* Bob Kraus (RAK graphics)

* Charles Goren ( OSU Manga Club Winter Anthology, Bizobo the Chimp)

* Shawn Durnin (Dark Crossroads)

* CCAD Explorer Post 407


* Jerry Bonkowski

* Blue Line Pro

* Kyle Albert ( OSU Manga Club Winter Anthology, Bizobo the Chimp)

Jeff Zwirek (Jack Rabbit Maverick Dick)

Dan Zettwoch (Iron Clad)

Joe Zabel (Modern Tales)

Jason Yungbluth (Deep Fried)

Jason Young (Francis: Prom Queen Maggot)

Robert Yeager (Newtown PD)

Stan Yan (Squid Works)

Pam Wright (Small Town Girl) cancelled

Jennifer Wray (Rated Rookie)

Eric Wilmoth (Archetypal Images)

Thomas Williams (Crash Comics, Hades Indecision, Misa, Poof!...)

James V. West (Random Order Creations)

Rich Watson (Elbow Room, Rat, Celebrity)

Kenneth A. Vanzant (Edgrrr Posey)

Robert K. Ullman (From the Curve, Atom-Bomb Bikini, Squirrel Boy)

Pete Trudgeon (Bathing in the Blue Light)

Dick Troutman (Street Angel, Outfitters)

  Top Shelf Productions

Ray Tomczak (Dr. Bob and Irving)

Merlinna Thompson

Raina Telgemeier (Take Out Comics)

Ben Swinson (Dwarven Tales, Byrds of Prey)

Mark Stinson (Void Pulp)

Ben T. Steckler 2001 Ignatz Awards Nominee (Get BenT, Unshaven Chi, f-Art Joke)

Pete Stathis (Evenfall, previously titled The Fallen)

Daniel Spottswood (Shuck and Jive Comics)

Kyle Sowash (Rated Rookie)

Robert M. Socha (Fightin' Fun Comics, Buck-Toothed Ghost Stories)

Vernon Smith (Port Authority)

Laura Sarco-Smith (Port Authority)

Ian Shires (Obscurity Unlimited, Mysterious Visions, Dungar)

Timothy Shea (Hope 7)

Jeff Sharp  (Flummery Comics)

Thomas Scioli (The Myth of 8-Opus)

Jay Sacher (And My Also, Meathaus)

Stuart Sayger (Shiver in the Dark)

Dave Roman (Teen Boat, Quicken Forbidden)

Alex Robinson (Box Office Poison, Tricked)

Scott Roberts (Patty Cake)

Carlos Rivera (Newtown PD)

Will Riley (Sink Hole)

Brent Riches (The Electrifying Exploits of Boreanna, Enigma of the Frozen North, Rev. Riches Tabernacle of Terror)

John Redmon

David Reddick (Reddick's Rhetorics)

Roxanne Ratterman  (Colonia)

Chris Radtke (Gabagool)

Stephanie Pulford (6:35)

Ken Picklesimer Jr. (Fightin' Fun Comics)

Steve Peters  (Awakening Comics, Everwinds)

Doug Paton (Status Quo)

Douglas Paszkiewicz ( The Arsenic Lullabies, Laughter of the Damned, Too Much Coffee Man Magazine)

Tyler Page (Stylish Vittles)

Steven M. Noppenberger (Whistle Blower, Potlatch)

Jeff Nicholson  Six-time Eisner nominee and first-year Xeric Award Recipient (Colonia)

Travis Nichols (Aw Snap, Gas Money, Johnny Punchcard)

Marc Ngui (Enter Avariz)


Ben New

Michael R. Neno  Xeric Grant Award Winner( Reactionary Tales, Quacky pig and Friends)

Dara Naraghi (AKA, Big City Blues, Digital Webbing Presents)

Joanne Ellen Mutch (Rummblestrips)

Amanda Morley (Dirty Dee & the Thunder Sheep)

Jacqui More (Insomniac Machine)-cancelled

Scott Mills (Trenches, The Master Plan)

John Miller (Sanguine)

Douglas R. Meyer (Naplam Pinata)

Christoph Meyer (28 Pages Lovely Bound with Twine)

Sean Kelley McKeever (The Waiting Place, Hulk, Inhumans?)

Tim McClurg (Panel)

Ted May (It Lives)

Dale Martin (Continuity & Vine,  Watusi-The Talking Dog)

Jeffery Manley (Stories of Kiwi)

Justin Madson (Happy Town)

J. Mackey (Available  Light Workshop)

Brendan Mcdonald (Humble Pie)

Andy MacDonald (NYC:Around, The Life of the Party)

Jeffery Manley (Stories of Kiwi)

Marcus Lusk (Tales from the Bog)

Larry Lonsby Jr. (Tales of Tezlon, Wasteland, The Slug)  Kilm, Midtown)

Edna Lifensurnz (Flagwaiver)

Jason Lex (The Gypsy Lounge, Aweful Science Fair)

Layla Lawlor (Raven's Children)

Chad Lambert (Possum At Large)

Richard Kolkman (Things from Nowhere)

Bill Knapp Day Prize Winner (Lost Tales of Erin, Faith: A Fable, The Furies)

Matt Kish (Spudd 64)

Larned Justin (Out of the Blue, Charlie Chong)

Patrick Jones  (Works & Days, Illustrated)

Onsmith Jeremi (Bomb Time for Bonzo Anthology)

* Joel Jackson (Krazy Katz)

Dan and Elizabeth Jacobson (Pants Press Comics)

Max Ink (Sequentially Speaking)

Antonio Hutton (Demond Comics)

Paul Hornschemeier (Sequential) cancelled

Ryan Holgersen ( Slackmatic)

Nate Higley (Photocopied Hearts)

Highwater Books cancelled

 John Hankiewicz (Tepid)

Chad Halcom (The Calling)

Jennifer Lynn Hachigian (Lore, Pocket Editor)

Marcel Guldemond Xeric Grant Award Winner (Aporiatica, dot dot dot)

Justin Grimbal (Gibous Productions)

Shawn Granton (Ten Foot Rule, Modern Industry)

Brandon Graham (Meathaus, Universe So Big)

Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules!)

D. Tony Goins (Guns of the Nightchild)

Jay Geldhof (Hey, Sally, Grendel, Threat!)

Robert Gavila (Nisha, Wally W. Weber)

Mike Gagnon (Mason Unforgiven, Why Me?, Life of Death)-cancelled

Wred Fright (The Pronographic Flabbergasted Emus)

J. Zoe Frasure (Spaced Out)

  Andrew Foster (Tiny Bunny, Life of Death, Flaming Wing-nut Comics)-cancelled

Tim Fish (Cavalcade of Boys) cancelled

Tim Fischer (Unusual U)

tv-fisch (Feline Vendetta, If I Were a Serial Killer, Bokko)

Matt Feazell (Not Available Comics, The Amazing Cynical Man)

Alexis E. Fajardo (Plato's Republic, Kid Beowulf)

Millard Draudt (Dog Eared)

Chris Dunsmore (Kilm, Wasteland)

Marco Dileonardo (Detour, The Twins Chronicles)

Richard De Wylfin (Foxes and Grapes)

Joe Denny (Gibous Productions)

Matt Dembicki (Attic Wit, Mr. Big)

Evan Derian (Insignificant Gods)

Derf (My Friend Dahmer, Trashed, The City Comic Strip)

Phonzie Davis (Young Phreak-Hoppers in Love)

Mike Dawson (Cabaret, Gabagool!)

Farel Dalrymple Farel Dalrymple Xeric Grant Award Winner(Pop Gun War, Meathaus)

Anthony D'Alesando (Midtown, Chemical Visions)

Jeff Crowther (Sketch Book, Samuri Bowling, Puppethead)

Mark Crnolatas (Laughter of the Damned / Fatguys Comix)

Randy Crider (Laughter of the Damned / Fatguys Comix)

Toby Craig (Stone Cold Fish, Death Swamp)

Tim Corrigan (Small Press Comics Explosion)

Nathan Corrigan

Matthew Corrigan

  Jim Coon (Dead End)

Tony Consiglio (Double Cross)

Leighton Connor (Fuzzball & Scuzzball)

Ron Conley (Fedus)

Sal Cipriano (Potlatch,Altered Reality Comics, Broken Donuts))

Dovovan Cater (Null and Void) 

Rich Case

Mike Carroll (Accidentals, AsthmaAttack!, Cinemall 101 Presents)

J. Kevin Carrier (Fantasy Theater, Lady Spectra & Sparky)

Justin R. Carmien (Beth)

Brian Canini (Drunken Cat Presents, Plungerboy, The End)

Barry Buchanan (The Ballad of Utopia)

Nathan Brewer (Slackmatic)

Glenn Brewer  (Askari Hodari)

Anthony E. Brandl (Phaser-Face, Philosophy Comics)

Ryan Bowling (Sanguine, Dirty Dee & the Thunder Sheep)

Craig Bogart (Ineffables)

Pam Bliss (Dog & Pony Show, B-36, Fox Acre)

Larry Blake (Psychozort, Kiss Hell, Afterworld)

Matt Blackett (m@b)

Steve Black (AKA, Big City Blues, Digital Webbing Presents)

 Sean Bieri 2001 Ignatz nominee ( Jape) cancelled
but he will be there in spirit as represented by Jerry Bonkowski and George McVey

Suzanne Baumann (Turtle Boy, Fridge Magnet Concoctions) 

Carol Ault ( Attic Wit, Mr. Big)

Esao Anders (Meathaus)

 Michael Altman (Mr. Clue, Nick Thermos)

Aaron (Ancient Wisdom Comics)

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues & Oh,Comics!)

Laughing Ogre (Official Retailer)