Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo


SPACE 2007 is scheduled for April 21 and 22, 2007 at the Aladdin Shrine Center, Columbus.

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday and
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Sunday

Admission $5.00 for one day and $8.00 for both

Go to Exhibitors Info for exhibitor table information.


Indie Spinner Rack Podcast #83

Indie Spinner Rack Podcast #84

SPACE 2007 Pictures -5/6/07

SPACE CON 2006 2 disk DVD set! -4/17/07

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Can't make it to SPACE?  You can still check it out at the live SPACE Cam on ComicSpace -4/19/07

Special Thanks to Ray Tomczak (Cartoonist Extradinaire) for accompanying me on the OSU Flyer Blitz last Sunday! - 4/17/07

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New Paul Hornschemeier Book to Premiere at SPACE-3/4/07

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2006 DayPrize

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Now Up-The Adventures of Bob & Cosmo or "How Not to Run a Small Press Comics Convention".  A Jam Comic by the SPACE exhibitors.


The Mid-West's Largest Exhibition of Small Press, Alternative, and Creator-Owned Comics

Special GuestóDave Sim (Saturday only)!

Sponsored by Back Porch Comics  c/o Bob Corby P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220

April 21 & 22, 2007

Admission $5.00 for one day and $8.00 for both

Saturday 10AM to 6 PM

Sunday 10AM to 5 PM

Aladdin Shrine Complex

Multipurpose Room

3850 Stelzer Rd. Columbus OH

Off I 270 near the Easton Towne Centre

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 where you can buy stuff from past shows.

Premier Comics '07

Mike Roden

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that fellow Ohioan and veteran small presser Mike Roden is having some serious health problems and a benefit is being organized to aid him.  Here's a link with info:
Matt Dembicki is trying to get together some items on his table for a raffle / silent
auction at SPACE this year to aid in the benefit.  
Mike's been involved in small press since the 1970's.
Matt will be holding a silent auction/raffle to benefit Mike.  He would like to
have donations of comics or original art.  Please let him know if you can donate
anything by April 1.  His e-mail is
Anything you can do to aid this effort would be GREATLY appreciated.

At the show please drop by the benefit table (near the Admission table) and bid on items and buy some raffle tickets. Thanks.
 Check out some of the great stuff up for auction right HERE

 SPACE 2007 Line Up (to date)

Special Guest- Dave Sim (Saturday only) (Cerebus)

William Messner-Loebs  (Green Arrow, Journey, Brave Old World)

Josh Roberts (ComicSpace,

Exhibitors to date ( * New since last update):

Eric Adams (Lackluster World) Cincinnati OH

Robert James Algeo (Skull Pen) Philadelphia PA

Kreig Alkire (Ghost Girl) Columbus, Ohio

* Steve Appleby (Portable Sam & Henry, My Rubber Ducky) Pittsburgh PA

David Arhar (Gothic Romance, The Faustians)  Ridgeville OH

Noelle Barby (Bizmar, Small Town Big City, Photocopied Hearts)

Doug Baron (Jump Back Adventures, Sugar Ray Finhead) Flanders NJ

Ray Basham ( Aheadabove Comics) Mt. Vernon OH

Clint Bassinger (Backseat Drivers) Lewisport KY

Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions) Hamtramck MI

* David Beame (RDC) Columbus OH

Andy Bennett ( Panel, Moonstone Books) Worthington OH

Larry Blake (Psychozort, Kevin Cool) Reedsville OH

Kristin Blank (Hate Your Friends) Pittsburgh PA

Pam Bliss (Kekionga, Dog & Pony Show, B-36, & Lots of Mini's) Valapariso IN

Nick Bliss ( Saturday Mornings) Valapariso IN

Bodega Distribution Jersey City, NJ

Craig Bogart (Ineffables) Columbus OH

Tony Brandl (Phaser-Face, Seven Dollars Later) Sheboygan WI

Kevin Breslawski Smithtown NY

Nathan Brewer (Slackmatic, Kitty Litter) York, SC

Brian Canini (Plungerboy, Ruffians, Home for the Summer) San Diego CA

J. Kevin Carrier (Fantasy Theater) Cincinnati OH

Mike Carroll (Accidentals, AsthmaAttack!, Cinemall 101 Presents) Columbus OH

Greg Carter (Abandon, UpDown Studio, Mini-Komix) Atlanta GA

M. Carter (Gentlemen of Fourtune, UpDown Studio) Atlanta GA

CCAD Explorer Post 407 Columbus OH

Michelangelo Cicerone (Ozone Jones) Harper Woods MI

Matt Chicorel (Night Light Comics) Milwaukee WI

John Clellan (Sgt. Death) Columbus OH

Megan Corby (Paper Flowers) Columbus OH

Chris Cornwell (Questor) Pittsburgh PA

Matt Corrigan (White Stallion Comix, South Star) Houghton NY

Nate Corrigan (Gumshoe Comics) Houghton NY

Tim Corrigan (Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories,Mighty Guy, Fred 'N' Marvin) Houghton NY

Crossover Comics (Nisha) Astoria NY-Cancelled

Kel Crum (Cornelia Cartoonz, Ed Thud Comix) Fairborn OH

DC Conspiracy  Washington DC Area

William Deeter (Coveted: The Anthology) Columbus OH

Deftoons Comics (School: A Ghost Story)

Matt Dembicki (Attic Wit, Mr. Big) Fairfax VA 

Carolyn Dew (Rhythmic Disorder 2007)  Cincinnati OH

Richard De Wylfin (Foxes and Grapes) Bloomington IN

Elliot Dombo (Legend of Terror, UpDown Studio) Columbus OH

Matthew Dow ( Racecar Comics) Two Rivers WI

Millard Draudt (Dog Eared Cartoons) Columbus OH

 Yuri Duncan (Super-Iffy) Indianapolis IN

Chris (Dunz) Dunsmore (Quid and Dunz) Fort Gratiot MI

Molly Durst (Symphony of the Universe) Hilliard OH

Michael K. Easton (Paradox City) Marietta OH

Jim8ball (Giant Robot Attacks) Cortland NY

Erik Evensen (Erik Evensen's Sketchbook Diary) Columbus OH

Kevin Fagan (Bum Action Comics) Avon Lake OH

Jubal Faircloth (The Fifth Circle) Dry Ridge KY

Josh Farkas (Welcome to Pixelton Mini) Lombard IL

Matt Feazell (Not Available Comics, The Amazing Cynical Man) Hamtramck MI

Anthony Feinman (Escape in a Dirigible, The Teddy Bear Conspiracies, Tears of the Prophets) Bloomington IL

Jaimie C. Filer ( The Story of Pick & Rat, Project 606, Jaicore) Bromley KY

Brendan Firem (Bad Place Productions) Cleveland Hts. OH

Terry Flippo (Flipped)

Molly Forker (Bad Place Productions) Cleveland Hts. OH

Subborn J. Foster (Neo-Pompeii) Chicago IL

Allen Freeman (Fan-atic Press) Owensboro KY

Brian Fugett Kettering OH

John G (Wheelchair Riot, Caveman Diaries) Avon Lake OH

Ryan Gelatin (The Orgasmic Faces of Lucifer) Kettering OH

Randolph Gray II (Lil Dude Comics) Louisville KY

Rickey Gonzales (Victims at the End of the World) Hammond IN

David Grant (Home for the Summer)

Shawn Granton (tfr Industries/ Ten Foot Rule Comix) Portland OR

John Hankiewicz (Asthma) Westmont IL

Matt Hansen (Medis Play) Ann Arbor MI

Ian Harker (High Treason) Thorofare NJ

 * Michael Harris (Impossible Tales, Comictron) Columbus OH

Steve Harrison (Fabricari) Avon Lake OH

Nik Havert (Act of Contrition) Nappanee IN

Ken Henson (The Haunt of Horace!) Cincinnati OH

Nate Higley (Deadcore, Photocopied Hearts, That Poison Bunnie, Bizmar) Okemos MI

Jonathan Hodges (Bad Place Productions) Cleveland Hts. OH

Ryan Holgersen (Slackmatic, Kitty Litter) York, SC

Paul Hornschemeier ( Three Paradoxes,.Forlorn Funnies, Mother Come Home) Chicago IL

Mike Indovina (Saytr, Chimera) Oak Forest IL

Max Ink (Sequentially Speaking) Columbus OH

Insomnia Studios. (Tezlon) Port Huron MI

Josh Johnson (The Spindletons) Indianapolis IN

Mason Johnson (Geekocrazy Comics) DesPlains IL

Larned Justin ( Nut, Candid Cartoons)House Springs MO

Cassandra Kimmel (Strange Chronicles) Chicago IL

Douangchith Khamsitthisach (Saritima: The Emissary) Woodlawn IL

Joe Kletz (Ferrule Comics, The Punch 'Ems) Cincinnati OH

Jack Knifley (Break the Line) Columbus IN

Jared Koon (Farlight Saga) Dublin OH

Robert A. Kraus (Chakan, The Foreverman) Akron OH

Jon Kulczar (Wicket and Imp) South Bend IN

Kris Lachowski (Mean Goat Comics) Cleveland OH

Chad Lambert (Potlatch#6, Possum At Large) Hamilton OH

Joe Lee (The Seer) Indianapolis IN

Pat Lewis (Lunchbreak Comics) Pittsburgh PA

David Lillie (Dream Keepers) Columbus OH

Tom Lin (Dark Signs, Ergo(Sum)) Columbus OH

Jordan Lowe (Paradox City) Marietta OH

Michael Mallis (Isle of Retards) Pittsburgh PA

Dave Mancos (All American Comics) Succasunna NJ

Sean McGurr (Jury Rigged Comics, Panel) Reynoldsburg OH

Tim McClurg (Jury Rigged Comics, Panel) Reynoldsburg OH

George McVey (Actual Comics, Diverse Images, Terra 2920, Toddle Town, Wotta Life, Dawg, Campan Cronicles, Startle, YSYL Heroes?, Legends of If) Hamtramck MI

 Paula Menetrey Cinicinnati OH

Christoph Meyer (28 Pages Lovely Bound with String, What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Mean Zine Submarine, Molly the Popsicle) Danville OH

Herbie Meyer (Molly the Popsicle, Mean Zine Submarine) Danville OH

Krystle Mickael (Lucille Brawl) Chicago IL

Mark O'Neill (The Haunt of Horace!) Cincinnati OH

Microcosm Publishing (2000, Various) Bloomington IN

Tony Miello (Gapo the Clown)  Wyandotte MI

Joseph Morris (SDF) Clay City IL

Ryan Morris (SDF) Clay City IL

Bryan Moss (Strange Things Happen When the Wrong People Die) Columbus OH

Steven Myers (F.E.D.s) Sandusky OH

Dara Naraghi ( Big City Blues, Panel) Columbus OH

Michael R. Neno ( Quacky Pig Coloring Book) Columbus OH

Keith Newsome (Ghost Girl, Godsent, Dragons Tale) Columbus OH

Larry Nibert(The Ruz) Hamilton OH

Britton Nicolson (Alive Guy & Zombie Girl) Avon Lake OH

Steven M. Noppenberger (Whistle Blower, Potlatch) Westminister MD

Orange Blossom Studios Hamilton OH

Michael Parla (Galactic Grem) Succasunna NJ

Keath Patterson (Bear Island Adventure, UpDown Studio, Mini-Komix) Cleveland OH

Steve Peters  (Awakening Comics) Willow Grove PA

Ed Piskor (American Splendor, Isolation Chamber) Munhall PA

Stephen Polczynski (Saki the Panda) Chicago IL

Rainbow Bridge Productions (Thief: The Adventures of John Argent) Louisville KY

* Kevin Rapp (RDC) Columbus OH

Brent Riches  Columbus OH

Todd Ritter (Slam Bang)

Nan Roberts (Plastic Farm) Hagerstown MD

Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) Hagerstown MD

Liz Samuelson (Rhythmic Disorder 2007)  Cincinnati OH

Stuart Sayger (Shiver in the Dark) Indianapolis IN

Paul Schultz (The Three Keys) Nappanee IN

* Tyrone Schmidt ( Geekocracy)

Tom Schumacher (Geekocrazy Comics) DesPlains IL

 Thomas Scioli (Godland, The Myth of 8-Opus) Pittsburgh PA

J Alan Shelton (Heaven / Hell) Woodlawn IL

Ian Shires (Obscurity Unlimited, Mysterious Visions, Dungar) Madison OH

Aaron Shively Columbus OH

Rick Silva (Zephyr and Reginald: Minions for Hire) Osterville MA

Jeff Sims (Heilig Wald) Columbus OH

Randy Sinsel (High Treason) Thorofare NJ

Paul Sloboda (Salvager Kain, Exit at the Axis, Fool's Errand, Power Moves) Carbondale IL

Small Press Association

Jerry Smith (Miracle Force, Rattletrap) Morristown TN 

Vernon Smith (Typical Black & White Indy Comic, The Adventures of Dexter Breakfast) Carriere MS

State of Mine Press Pensacola FL-Cancelled

Gynn Stella (Zephyr and Reginald: Minions for Hire) Osterville MA

Will Sullivan (Sampson and Momba) Pittsburgh PA

 Robert Swinton (Lil' Nikke) Indianapolis IN

* Dan Taylor  (Weird Muse Mini Comix) New Lebanon OH

* Sean Taylor (Alive Guy & Zombie Girl) Avon Lake OH

Liz Thomas (Dream Keepers) Columbus OH

Ray Tomczak (Wasted Potential) Columbus OH

Twisted Gate Entertainment Cincinnati OH

* Carol Tyler (Late Bloomer)

  * University of Cincinnati DAAP Comics Studio Class

Adie Victor (Anthem) Champaign IL

David Wachter (Scar Tissue)Chicago IL

Wakka (Sihm) Yellow Springs OH

Shawn Warren (Dragon Songs) Beavercreek OH

David Watt (Bad Place Productions) Cleveland Hts. OH

Thomas Williams (S.P.B.Rise!, No Dead Time, Lola, Misa, Crash Comics) Columbus OH

Glenn Whitmore (Captain Clockwork) Succasunna NJ

Rhett Whittington (Break the Line) Columbus IN

Michael Wood (Hate Your Friends, Love in a Time of Super-Villians) Pittsburgh PA

Matt Wright (The Haunt of Horace!) Cincinnati OH

Adam Zwirek (BlackStar) Chicago IL

Jeff Zwirek (BlackStar) Chicago IL

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues & Oh,Comics!) Columbus OH


In Memoriam John Styrk, Jr.

SPACE exhibitor John Styrk, Jr. was killed by a drunk driver on Fri, Dec 1, 2006. His partner at Boomtown Press,  Brett Pinson,  was also injured in the accident . Brett is currently at home with a broken leg.
The  condolences of everybody at BPC go out to all John's friends and family.



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