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SPACE 2008 was March 1 and 2, 2008 at the Aladdin Shrine Center, Columbus.


NOW AVAILABLE!  SPACE CON BAGS! Enough room to hold about 30 comics.  Hand printed at the SPACE World Headquarters.  $3.00 ea. or Free with an order of $5.00 or more of SPACE or Back Porch Comics stuff.

SPACE 2008 Premiere Comics

2008 SPACE Prize Entries -5/17/08

Indy Spinner Rack Podcast #120 - 5/3/08

Pictures by the Art Explorer Post 407 -4/17/08

Comic Related SPACE Podcast -4/2/08

Day Prize to become SPACE Prize Story at Cosmo's Corner -4/2/08

Zonetrooper Con Report Part 1 and Part 2 -4/2/08

AlienHead Comics SPACE Pics

More Con Reports-3/11/08 (update 3-16-08)

Ray Tomczak

Cosmo's Corner

Comic Artists Direct

 J. Caleb Mozzocco

Comics Comics

J Kevin Carrier

Jim Rugg

Max Ink

Max Ink again

Pictures from SPACE at up.-3/8/08

Also more pictures from Allen Freeman

Errata -3/8/08

We somehow missed placing the GemCity Comic Con ad in the program book. We are really sorry.  Please attend Gem City April 6 and check out their website for more info.

Anybody who purchased a copy of "Paper Flowers" from the Back Porch Comics table please e-mail us at  We accidentally printed page 14 twice and missed page 13.  We will send you a replacement page.

SPACE 2008 was another great show!  Thanks to all the exhibitors and comics fans who came.  Mark your calendars for next years show-- April 18 & 19, 2009 once again at the Aladdin Shrine Center. We'll be putting up our photos, reading list and more soon.  While you're waiting check out:

Comic Related Con Coverage

Dan Taylor's Photos

Allen Freeman's Con Report


Dave Sim interview live from Columbus on InkStuds Today 2/28/08 5:00PM
Radio feed or you can listen to the recorded version at the website if you missed it.

Dave Sim's Secret Project 1 is revealed!-2/26/08

Go to for a preview.

See Dave Sim and 30 original drawing from Judenhass here at SPACE this weekend.

SPACE Street Team. 
Go to to down load SPACE flyers created by Tom Williams. -2/24/08

The Open Mike, Insert Foot podcast -2/18/08
 Mike Leuszler  will be interviewing Bob Corby and some representatives of Columbus' Comics Collectives,
Panel and Sunday Comix about SPACE Wednesday at 9:25 PM
You can call in and join the conversation by going to
The show starts at 9:25 pm EST and runs for 1 hour.
And if you can't join us, you can download the show later on and listen in.


Local Comics Stuff this weekend in Columbus -2/13/08

Sponsor List Updated.  Please Support or Sponsors -2/8/08

The Official SPACE Blog "Cosmo's Corner" is up! -2/5/08

Dave Sim's "Secret Project #1" (no, not number 2) on exhibit at SPACE! Just a month before the release of "Glamourpuss, (Dave's Secret Project #2), he will be revealing his "Secret Project #1" to the public at SPACE.  30 originals will be on display at the show. -1/20/08

The first batch 2008 Premiere Comics are up - 1/12/08

2007 Day Prize Short List Announced- 1/8/08

The SPACE Forums are up-12/11/07

Check out the ComicSpace SPACE Page

The Mid-West's Largest Exhibition of Small Press, Alternative, and Creator-Owned Comics

Special GuestóDave Sim (Saturday only)!

Sponsored by Back Porch Comics  c/o Bob Corby P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220

March 1 & 2, 2008

Admission $5.00 for one day and $8.00 for both

Saturday 10AM to 6 PM

Sunday 10AM to 5 PM

Aladdin Shrine Complex

Multipurpose Room

3850 Stelzer Rd. Columbus OH

Off I 270 near the Easton Towne Centre

Check out the SPACE Shop
 where you can buy stuff from past shows.

Premiere Comics from 2007. Watch here for new comics coming for the 2008 show.

Exhibitor Information


 SPACE 2008 Line Up (to date)

Special Guest- Dave Sim (Saturday only) (Glamourpuss, Cerebus)

Exhibitors to date ( * New since last update):

Eric Adams (Lackluster World) Cincinnati OH

Robert James Algeo (Skull Pen) Philadelphia PA

Myke Amend (Some Ghouls Wander by Mistake) Neosho MO

Ancient Wisdom Comics (What's So Fun about No Fun Films?, The Documentary) Detroit MI

Clint Basinger (Cosmic Moustache Comics) Lewisport KY

Ray Basham ( Freaks-An American Family) Mt. Vernon OH

Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions) Hamtramck MI

Gary Scott Beatty (Seductions, Adam Among the Gods) Muskegon MI

Larry Blake (Psychozort, Kevin Cool) Reedsville OH

Pam Bliss (Kekionga, and many minicocmics) Valapariso IN

Nick Bliss ( Saturday Mornings) Valapariso IN

Bodega Distribution Jersey City, NJ

Craig Bogart (Ineffables, PANEL) Columbus OH

Nathan Bonner (Indavo) Energy IL

Boston Comics Roundtable  Boston MA (Canceled)

Brent Bowman Columbus OH

Michael Bracco (Birth, Novo) Baltimore MD

David Branstetter (Straw Man) Evansville IN

Kevin Breslawski (SUPER! mini comics, Mortekai Clothing, Mortekai is SUPER!) Albany NY

Brian Canini (Ruffians/ According to Satan ) El Cajon CA

J. Kevin Carrier (Fantasy Theater) Milford OH

Mike Carroll (Accidentals, AsthmaAttack!, Cinemall 101 Presents) Columbus OH

Christine Chiarelli (SUPER! mini comics, Mortekai Clothing, Mortekai is SUPER!) Albany NY

John Clellan (Sargent Death) Columbus OH

CCAD Explorer Post 407 Columbus OH

Megan Corby (Paper Flowers) Columbus OH

* Jade Corle (The Warren) Bedford PA

* Michael Corle (The Warren) Bedford PA
Chris Cornwell Pittsburgh PA

Crossover Comics (Nisha) Astoria NY

Leighton Connor (Esoterica) Cincinnati OH

Kel Crum (Cornelia Cartoonz, Ed Thud Comix) Fairborn OH

Duane Cunningham Kansas City

William Deeter (Coveted: The Anthology) Columbus OH

Matt Dembicki (Three Crows Press) Fairfax VA 

Kurt Dinse (One Year in Indiana) Des Plaines IL

Millard Draudt (Dog Eared Cartoons) Columbus OH

Yuri Duncan (Super Iffy) Indianapolis IN

Molly Durst (Symphony of the Universe) Hilliard OH

Jim8ball (Eight Ball Graphic) Cortland NY

Miltooth Press (The Little Graves, Embrace 2008) Centerville OH

Matt Feazell (The Death Of Antisocialman, The Amazing Cynical Man) Hamtramck MI

Alex Ferree Columbus OH

J.C Filer (Jaicore, Fish Ninja, ZMP) Bromley KY

Matt Finley (various mini-comics) Cleveland OH

Neil Fitzpatrick (Neil Jam) Wilmette IL

Terry Flippo (Eight Ball Graphic) Mt. Airy MD

Allen Freeman (Slam Bang, Drawings, Morgana X) Owensboro KY

* Troy Gillogly (Seagoat Comics) Westerville OH

 Bill Gladman( Zonetrooper Magazine)
Springfield OH

 Rickey Gonzales (Victims at the End of the World) Chicago IL

David Grant (According to Satan) El Cajon CA

Tim Hall (Blood and Justice) Dayton OH

Steve Hamaker (Fish N Chips) Columbus OH

John Hankiewicz (Asthma) Westmont IL

* Michael Harris Columbus OH

Matt Hawkins (Custom Paper Toys) Overland Park KS

Nik Havert (Dare, Act of Contrition) Nappanee IN

Greg Hyland (Lethargic Lad) Hamilton Ontario

Jonathan Hodges (Bad Place Productions) Cleveland Hts. OH

Erik Hodson (Melby Comics)

Micah Hornung (Super Iffy) Cincinnati OH

Jay Hosler (Optical Allusions, Sandwalk Adventures, Clan Apis)

Mike Indovina (Saytr, Chimera) Oak Forest IL

Max Ink (BLINK) Columbus OH

Mark Innes (The Comic Eye, Romantic Eye) Hamilton ON

Josh Johnson (The Spindletons) Indianapolis IN

Pat Kain (He Had It Coming) Dayton OH

Liam Kemp ( Fatalysia) Bethesda MD

Kyle Kershner (various mini-comics) Brunswick OH

 Killjoy Comics ( Pittsburgh PA

Matt Kish (Spudd 64) Beavercreek OH

Joe Kletz (Ferrule Comics) Cincinnati OH

Bill Knapp ( A Thorn in the Side, Faith: A Fable) Lafayette IN

Jack Knifley (Break the Line, Haunted) Columbus IN

Andy Kozlowski (Goldmine Anthology of American Comics & Drawings) Richmond VA

Robert Kraus (Chakan The Forever Man )Akron OH

Joe Kuth (Emberley Galaxy) Cincinnati OH

* Jon Kulczar ( Wicket and Imp) South Bend IN

Kris Lachowski (Mean Goat Comics) Toledo OH

Brian Lalley (Danger and the Dingo, ZMP) Bromley KY

J.D.Larabee (Beetoons, Mister Hero Guy, McSmudge) Hilliard OH

Sue Lense (Onion City)

Pat Lewis (The Claws Come Out) Pittsburgh PA

Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies, Alterna Tales) Rochester NY

William Messner-Loebs  (Green Arrow, Journey, Brave Old World) (Canceled)

Mike Lucas (Sunday Comix Jam) Columbus OH

Jim Mackey (SuperHappyDvD Comic Book Magazine) Mt. Clemens MI

Justin Madson (Breathers, Happy Town)  Bababoo WI

Main Enterprises  Brookfield CT

Jeremy Massie (The Deadbeat) Wise VA

Michael Marcus (Pulp Dreams and IF-X) Hamtramck MI

Jeremy Martinez (Organized Chaos) Lima OH

Mike Maydak  (The Blackbeard Legacy, Slimbone) Covington KY

Andrea "Sam" McEnaney (Chad Cleanly ) Columbus OH

Sean McGurr (Jury Rigged Comics, Panel) Urbana OH

* Pat McNutt (The Bizzare Expeditions of Makaveli Hammertoe) Canton MI

George McVey (Pulp Dreams and IF-X) Province MI

Anthony Meloro (Goldmine Anthology of American Comics & Drawings) Richmond VA

Doug Meyer (Napalm Pinata, Fish ninja, ZMP) Bromley KY

Microcosm Publishing Bloomington IN

Tony Miello (Gapo the Clown, Mr. Happy Pants)  Wyandotte MI

Kenn Minter (the Experts) Lexington KY

Lauren Monardo (Jesus Hates Zombies)

Gary Moreland (Stench of Summer Time Decay) Bromley KY

Joseph Morris (SDF) Clay City IL

Steven Myers (F.E.D.s) Sandusky OH

Dara Naraghi ( Ferret Press) Columbus OH

Michael R. Neno ( The Signifiers, Reactionary Tales) Gahanna OH

Adam Noble (various mini-comics) Parma Heights OH

Angry Dog Press (Whistle Blower, Potlatch) Westminister MD

* James Patrick (Crackurz, Lionxor, Death Comes To Dillinger) Vienna WV

Ed Piskor (Macedonia, Wizzywig) Munhall PA

Steve Peters  (Awakening Comics) Willow Grove PA

Kathy Peterson (Kidnapped by Gnomes) Ann Arbor MI

Nate Powell (Sounds of your Name, Please Release, Walkie Talkie) Bloomington IN

Jimmy Proctor  (Zombie Bob Gets a Job) Springboro PA

Brent Riches  Columbus OH

Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) Jefferson MD

* Jim Rugg (Street Angel, PLAIN Janes) Saturday only

Gabe Ryerson (XII) Dayton OH

* Frank Santoro (Storeyville, Cold Heat) Saturday only

Phil Skaggs Jr. ( Boom Fantasy) Valparaiso IN

Paul Schultz (The Serial Squad) Nappanee IN

Tom Scioli (Godland, Myth of 8-opus, Freedom Force) Pittsburgh PA

Ian Shires (Obscurity Unlimited, Mysterious Visions, Dungar) Madison OH

Aaron Shively Columbus OH

Eric Shonborn (Prevoiusly, Timeliners,Razorbaby) Dayton OH

 Joe Shover( Zonetrooper Magazine) Springfield OH

Rick Silva (Zephyr and Reginald: Minions for Hire) Osterville MA

Peter Simeti (The Chair, Spectrum, Risers) Levittown NY

Small Press Association

Jerry Smith (Miracle Force, Rattletrap) Morristown TN 

State of Mine Press Louisville KY (Cancelled)

Ben T. Steckler  (Get BenT, f-Art Joke) York PA

Gynn Stella (Zephyr and Reginald: Minions for Hire) Osterville MA

Kyle Strahm (Negative Burn, Clockwork Creature) Kansas City MO

Sunday Comix Columbus OH

Dan W. Taylor (Weird Muse Mini Comix,Symphony in Ink) New Lebanon OH

Ray Tomczak (Wasted Potential) Columbus OH

Carol Tyler (Late Bloomer) Saturday only

University of Cincinnati DAAP Comics Studio Class Saturday only

G.C.Warrick (AlienHead Comics) Dayton OH

Rhett Whittington (Break the Line) Columbus IN

Dylan Williams (Sparkplug Comic Books) Portland OR

Thomas Williams (S.P.B.Rise!, No Dead Time, Lola, Misa, Crash Comics) Columbus OH

Matt Wyatt (Katz 'N' Germ) Columbus OH

Mike Wytrykus (Grimstone) Griffith IN

Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn) Dayton OH

Jeff Zwirek (Burning Building Comix) Chicago IL

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues & Oh,Comics!) Columbus OH


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