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SPACE 2009 April 18 & 19, 2009 at the Aladdin Shrine Center, Columbus.

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday and
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Sunday

Admission $5.00 for one day and $8.00 for both

Aladdin Shrine Complex

Multipurpose Room

3850 Stelzer Rd. Columbus OH

Off I 270 near the Easton Towne Centre

Exhibitor Tables are SOLD OUT.
Exhibitors Info


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Carol Tyler Exhibit -3/18/09
Carol Tyler's Exhibit of Original Pages from her new graphic novel,

"You’ll Never Know Book One: A Good and Decent Man"
 will be on display on Saturday, April 18 at SPACE.

Interviews from SPACE 2008 -3/18/09

2008 SPACE Prize Winner- Bill Knapp -1/11/09

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2008 SPACE Prize Finalists -8/25/08


The Mid-West's Largest Exhibition of Small Press, Alternative, and Creator-Owned Comics

Sponsored by Back Porch Comics  c/o Bob Corby P.O.Box 20550 Columbus OH 43220

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Premiere Comics for the 2009 show.

More SPACE News at Cosmo's Corner

Exhibitor Information

 SPACE 2009 Line Up (to date)

Exhibitors to date ( * New since last update):

Eric Adams (Lackluster, WorldReflection, Stuart) Cincinnati OH

Dave Arhar (Penny Dreadful Press) North Ridgeville OH

Shawn Amberger (Tales of Questionable Interest) Clawson MI

Angry Dog Press (Whistle Blower, Potlatch) Westminister MD

Clint Basinger (Cosmic Moustache Comics) Lewisport KY

Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions) Hamtramck MI

Beehive Comics (Left-Handed Sophie) Columbus OH

Drew "Mad Dog" Beharelle (Vampires, Love and Loss)

Andy Bennett (PANEL) Columbus OH

Marek Bennett (Mimi's Doughnuts Zine) Henniker NH

Larry Blake (Psychozort, Kevin Cool) Reedsville OH

John Bintz (A Moment of Clarity, Dawn's Dictionary Drama, WebComic Planet) Towson MD

Pam Bliss (Kekionga, and many minicocmics) Valapariso IN

Nick Bliss ( Saturday Mornings) Valapariso IN

Mark Bloodworth (Nightstreets Deadworld) Romulus MI

Blue Line Pro / Comics XP

Craig Bogart (Ineffables, PANEL) Columbus OH

DOC Boucher  (INTER-FANthology) Marengo IL

Troy Boyle (PINNACLE) Elsmere KY

Michael Bracco (Birth, Novo) Baltimore MD

Nate Bramble (Hermit Hill the Comic Strip) Allen TX

David Branstetter (Straw Man) Evansville IN

Tim Broderick (Cash & Carry) Chicago IL

Wade Busby (Mr.Emergency)

Siobhan Calnan Macungie PA

J. Kevin Carrier (Fantasy Theater) Milford OH

Mike Carroll (Accidentals, AsthmaAttack!, Cinemall 101 Presents) Columbus OH

Dustin Carson (No Gods) Lancaster OH

CCAD Explorer Post 407 Columbus OH

Karen Chen (The Adventures of Dexter Breakfast) New Orleans  LA

Adam Christopher (Heavy) Dayton OH

Ryan Claytor (Elephant Eater Comics) Lansing MI

John Clellan (Sargent Death) Grove City OH

 Colossalcon Sandusky OH

Megan Corby (Paper Flowers) Columbus OH

Josh Corren Columbus OH

Matt Corrigan (White Stallion Comix, South Star) Houghton NY

Nate Corrigan (Captin Spectacular, Gumshoe Comics) Houghton NY

Tim Corrigan (Tim Corrigan's Comics & Stories,Mighty Guy, Fred 'N' Marvin) Houghton NY

Duane Cunningham Kansas City

Kel Crum (Cornelia Cartoonz, Ed Thud Comix) Fairborn OH

Victor Dandridge (Arena Con) Columbus OH

Phonzie Davis (Left-Handed Sophie) Columbus OH

Matt Dembicki (Three Crows Press) Fairfax VA 

Kurt Dinse (One Year in Indiana) Des Plaines IL

Matt Dow (CRIC, Race Car Comics)

Ryan Dow (Introspective Comics, Weekends With Carl) Minneapolis MN

Millard Draudt (Dog Eared Cartoons) Columbus OH

Mason Easley (Psychic Soldier Kai) Columbus OH

Michael K. Easton (Axiom Digital Media) Marietta OH

J.D. Elder (Loose Cannons and Other Weapons of Mass Political Destruction) Troy OH

Matt Feazell (The Death Of Antisocialman, The Amazing Cynical Man) Hamtramck MI

Alex Ferree Columbus OH

J.C Filer (Jaicore, Jaicore, Scared Ya, Rustbots) Bromley KY

Tim Fischer (Space Pilot Girl) Columbus OH

Free Lunch Comics (Bigger, Only in Whispers, Blood Rider et al...) Granby CT

Allen Freeman (Fan-Atic Press) Owensboro KY

John Frizzelle (Empty) Philadephia PA

Tomm Gabbard (PINNACLE; Mysterious Visions After Hours) Elsmere KY

Sam Gafford (Monster World, Fearbook)

 Melissa Spence Gardner (XO) Madison WI

Chris Garrett (Side Passage, The Drift, The Leftovers) Lenexa KS

Gary Gibeaut (Guard Dawgs) Pt. Pleasant WV

Tony Goins (PANEL, Downs, Guns of the Nightchild) Columbus OH

 Rickey Gonzales (Pretentious Comics Presents) Chicago IL

Ralph Griffith (Oz, Realm, Deadworld) Romulus MI

Steven Hager (Dutchy Digest) Lansford PA

Brian Hagen (Open Mind) Cincinnati OH

Chris Hallbeck (The Book of Biff) Lombard IL

Hamtramck Idea Men: George McVey and Michael Marcus Hamtramck MI

John Hankiewicz  Westmont IL

Nik Havert (Scared Ya!, Big Breasted Vampire Death, The 3 Keys) Nappanee IN

Matt Hawkins (Custom Paper Toys) Overland Park KS

Alex Heberling (Garanos) Columbus OH

Beth Hetland (Population 8600, Sunday, Ants) Chicago IL

Dan Hill ( The Fifty Flip Experiment) Urbana IL

 Stephen Hines (Hocus Focus, Valedictorian USA, Clyde the Redneck) Troy OH

Jonathan Hodges (Bad Place Productions) Cleveland Hts. OH

Erik Hodson (Melby Comics) Sterling Heights MI

Jay Hosler (Optical Allusions, Sandwalk Adventures, Clan Apis)

Mike Indovina (Saytr, Chimera) Oak Forest IL

Max Ink (BLINK) Columbus OH

Lora Innes (The Dreamer) Columbus OH


Joey Jacks (You Call Me Child, So I am Child) Chicago IL

Jay Jacot (COMICS OBSCURA, The Tao of Snaky) Lansing MI

Mason Johnson (Geekocracy) Desplaines IL

Nick Jones (Tiny Life) Charlotte MI

Paul Jurczak (Camatose, Zombie Monkey Planet)

Larned Justin (Candid Cartoons) House Springs MO

Richard Katterjohn (UVN: Behind the Counter) Kenton OH

Pat Kain (Mumblypeg) Dayton OH

Jon Kulczar (Wicket and Imp) South Bend IN

Evan Keeling (CrumbSnatchers) Washington DC

Stu Kerr (Oz, Realm, Deadworld) Romulus MI

Kyle Kershner (Kids! Throw this away before you get home!) Brunswick OH

Matt Kish (Spudd 64) Beavercreek OH

 Bill Knapp (A Thorn in the Side) Lafayette IN

Jack Knifley (Haunted, Break the Line) Columbus IN

Brian Koscienski (Fortress Presents) Lemoyne PA

John Kovaleski (Bo Nanas, Jack N. Box) Gettysburg PA

Robert Kraus (Chakan The Forever Man )Akron OH

Joe Kuth (Emberley Galaxy) Cincinnati OH

Kris Lachowski (Mean Goat Comics) Cleveland OH

Pat Lewis (Lunch Break Comics) Pittsburgh PA

Jordon Lowe (Axiom Digital Media) Marietta OH

Jim Main (Chase!, Comic Fan!, Satyr, Boot Hill, Phantascape, Cavaliers, ACK!,
Cosmic Man, LeChance) Brookfield CT

Mike Maydak  (The Blackbeard Legacy, Slimbone) Covington KY

Brian Maze (Freak Central) Annandale VA

Jeremy Martinez (Organized Chaos) Lima OH

Jason Meadows (Lead Slinger Studio) Lancaster PA

Ren McKinzie Reynoldsburg OH

Russell Merritt (Banshuwa Studio) Newark OH

Doug Meyer (Zombie Monkey Planet) Bromley KY

Brian John Mitchell (Lost Kisses, XO, Worms) Raleigh NC

Microcosm Publishing Bloomington IN

Kat Mitchell  Phoenixvile PA

T. Perran Mitchell Phoenixvile PA

Kenn Minter (the Experts) Lexington KY

Chuck Moore (Comic Related) Winchester, KY

Nick Moose (Kids! Throw this away before you get home!) Medina OH

Joseph Morris (SDF) Clay City IL

Joe "Hot Shot" Myers (Dress-up Yaoi)

Steven Myers (F.E.D.s) Sandusky OH

Dara Naraghi ( Ferret Press) Columbus OH

Howie Noel (Mr. Scootles, Vincent:  The Painter of Death) Pasadena, MD

Michael R. Neno ( The Signifiers, Reactionary Tales) Gahanna OH

New Baby Productions (Elemental Fources) Clawson MI

Daniel Olson (Super Fantastica Comix) St. Paul MN


Paping New York NY

Randall Paré (Speakeasy Primtaes - Buddha Monkey, Into The Dark, Revamp, Gulliver Brimstone, Saint George) Orillia,Ontario

Steve Peters  (Awakening Comics) Willow Grove PA

Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole, Sounds of your Name, Please Release, Walkie Talkie) Bloomington IN

Bruce Rosenberger (Dutchy Digest) Lansford PA

Randy Sargent   (Lead Slinger Studio) Ohio

Paul Schultz (The Serial Squad) Nappanee IN

Tom Scioli (Godland, Myth of 8-opus) Pittsburgh PA

Jeff Seiler (CRIC) Tulsa OK

Ian Shires (Obscurity Unlimited, Mysterious Visions, Dungar) Madison OH

Shmuck Comix (Shmuck Mini-Comix) Royal Oak MI

 Joe Shover( Zonetrooper Magazine) Springfield OH

Rick Silva (Zephyr and Reginald: Minions for Hire) Osterville MA

Ascot Smith (The Leftovers) Kansas City MO

Vernon Smith (The Adventures of Dexter Breakfast) New Orleans  LA

Gynn Stella Silva (Zephyr and Reginald: Minions for Hire) Osterville MA

Self Publisher Association

Ben T. Steckler  (Get BenT, f-Art Joke) York PA

* Justin Stewart (Pop Stew Comics!) Nicholasville KY

Kyle Strahm (Clockwork Creature, Negative Burn, Big Q) Kansas City MO

Studio Akumakaze (Scrap) Dayton OH

Sunday Comix Columbus OH

Grant Sutherland  (Greetings from Wonderland) Richardson TX

Dan W. Taylor (Weird Muse Mini Comix) New Lebanon OH

Ray Tomczak (Wasted Potential) Columbus OH

Carol Tyler (You’ll Never Know Book One: A Good and Decent Man, Late Bloomer) Saturday only

University of Cincinnati DAAP Comics Studio Class Saturday only

Shawn Wagner (Lead Slinger Studio) Lancaster PA

Derek Watson (Mutant Cactus custom buttons and magnets) Galloway OH

Mike Watson (Freestyle Komics) Rreynoldsburg OH

Dave Watt (Woodboy, SafeWords, Invisible World) Cleveland Hts. OH

Casey Williams (Ravilob) Canton OH

Thomas Williams (Comic Book Tattoo, Hide, Lifelike, SPB:Rise!, No Dead Time) Columbus OH

Eric Wilmoth (Archetypal Images Sponsorship Special) Howell MI

Rhett Whittington (Break the Line) Columbus IN

Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn) Dayton OH

Matt Young (Rose-Coloured Cubicles, T.G.C.) White River Junction VT

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues & Oh,Comics!) Columbus OH


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