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Picures from SPACE

Matt Feazell gets in some early shopping. Mike Carrol and his sister inspect his set up.

Looking east from the BPC table during set up. Shawn Granton in the middle with hat.

Looking west from the BPC table during set up. Top Shelf set up between the orange banners

The BPC Staff (the Corby Clan) talk to Charles Brownstein (CBLDF) during set up.

The Art Explorer Post 407

Dave Sim just off the plane and starts gathering a crowd.

Robert Gavila checks out Stuart Sayger's table.  Stuart hidden behind guy with Daredevil shirt. Comics Carnavel (of Indianapolis) manager to left.

Robert Gavila and a friend

Left: Chris Youngblood and Shawn Durnin (Dark Crossroads).  Right: Charles Brownstein at the CBLDF table

Bob Kraus (RAK Graphics) talks to Bob Hickey (Blue Line Pro)

All photos this page by Kathy  and Megan Corby

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